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Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil, DHC Scalp Massage Pack, Alterna Bamboo Mask

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Our hair may be made up of dead cells, but it doesn’t have to look like it! Whether it’s celebrities on the red carpet or hair flicking adverts, glossy-looking locks are everywhere. So, it’s no wonder that we’re always looking for ways to transform our tresses. No longer can we just get away with a bog-standard shampoo and conditioner… not if you want Elle Macpherson-worthy hair, anyway!

It’s all about the treatments, and if your current haircare routine doesn’t have any, then you’re missing out.  Hair can get damaged on a daily basis, and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only heat styling tools that are to blame. Not protecting your hair in the sun and the chemicals in swimming pools can also cause damage to our locks. And the solution isn’t to avoid sunlight or never step foot in a chlorinated pool again – it’s ensuring we replace the nutrients that hair loses on a regular basis with treatments that nourish, hydrate and more.

So where do you start? All hair types crave different attention, so it’s important to find a treatment that’s specific to your needs. And that’s where this blog post comes in. I’ve collated the treatments and hair masks that will work with your hair, and help get you well on your way to swoosh-worthy strands in no time.

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Fine and Oily

The common misconception with fine hair is that people think that they don’t have much of it, when it’s actually quite the opposite. Those with fine hair actually have more hair than any other hair texture, simply because they have more room for it due to the diameter size of each strand. This influx in the number of strands also increases the amount of oil that’s produced, as each strand has an oil gland attached to it. This increase then causes fine hair to become oily much more quickly than any other texture.

The DHC Scalp Massage Pack is a great option for removing this excess sebum from the scalp. Formulated with natural clays and botanical ingredients such as olive, avocado and macademia nut oils, the mask will deep cleanse the scalp as well as add vital bounce and volume to thinner locks.


Hair Treatment

Thick and Coarse

Because coarse hair has the largest diameter of all hair types, it can often be prone to dry ends. The best treatment options for those with coarse hair are ones that restore moisture and smooth. A weekly treatment, the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Intense Moisture Masque has a rich, nourishing formula full of moisturising ingredients, making it the perfect fit. Enriched with organic bamboo extract to strengthen the hair follicles and organic kendi oil to smooth the hair’s lipid layer, the Intense Moisture Masque makes your style more manageable.

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Dry and Damaged

Whether you’ve over-styled or sizzled your hair in the sun, dry and damaged hair is calling out for moisture. If you want to completely revitalise your mane, the L’Occitane Repairing Mask For Dry & Damaged Hair  should be top of your list. The mask’s nourishing formula will help to restore the hair’s capillary fibre, stimulate the scalp and protect it from external aggressors. To be used once or twice a week depending on the damage of your hair, the Repairing Mask will get your hair back on track.

Quick Tip: The Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash is great to use with a hair mask! Use the brush to equally distribute the mask throughout the hair, from root to tip.

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Long Hair

The most important thing to remember with long hair is that the longer it is, the older and drier it can be. Adding the Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil to your haircare regime may be just the trick to restore its hydration levels. Packed with a powerful protein blend of sea buckthorn, sunflower seed oils, rosemary leaf extract and nourishing argan oil, the Hair Oil will strengthen weakened strands and infuse hair with replenishing fatty acids.

Quick Tip: If you have long hair you may find that you cross-over into two of the categories in this guide. If this is the case you may want to dabble in a bit of multi-hair-masking (yes, it’s a thing!). Pick a hair mask that treats your hair type to use once weekly and then use an oil like the Sachajuan Intensive Hair through the ends after every wash.

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Colour Treated

Colouring your hair will reduce its ability to stretch, and therefore make your hair more prone to breakage. Another factor to consider when deciding care for colour-treated hair is stopping colour fade. A match made in heaven would be the Rene Furterer Okara Mask Protective Radiance Conditioner. Infused with vitamin B5 and its signature ingredient okara, the mask repairs, hydrates and – most importantly – sets your colour in place.

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Afro Caribbean Hair

Due to its structure, afro hair is the most vulnerable of all hair types. This vulnerability is due to a weakness in the hair shaft where ‘twists’ occur. These twists in the hair can also cause the hair to tangle easily, so finding a treatment that strengthens as well as de-tangles is vital. A breath of fresh air for the hair, the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repaire Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment  will combat all these issues, helping to strengthen, hydrate and make more manageable. Infused with Biomimetic hair repair technology, the mask works to replenish the hair’s inner fibre structure, helping you to maintain a healthy-looking head of hair.

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