5 Fragrance Articles You Need To Know About

5 Fragrance Articles You Need To Read

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We love exciting, interesting and fabulously smelly fragrance content here at Escentual and we like to think that we do a pretty nifty job of creating it, but we’re not the only ones!  The internet is awash with blogs and resources that publish amazing content on the gigantic subject of fragrance.  You can find pretty much everything you need, whether it be a witty list of perfume pairings, a think piece on the state of perfumery or even a tribute to an individual’s favourite perfume, or brand, it’s all there to be digested and enjoyed.  If you can’t find what you need, then I encourage you to be the person to write it – the more voices the better.

Today is National Fragrance Day – a day set aside to celebrate the importance of perfume and we thought, what better way to celebrate this day than by highlighting some wonderful fragrance content that has been published on the fragrance blogs and websites over the last year.  Below you will find my five picks, ranging from the hilarious to the devoted, and all that’s in between.  So, I wish you a Happy National Fragrance Day (you best be wearing some fragrance today!!) and present to you five pieces of superb fragrance content.  Now pop the kettle on and get reading!


Odettetoilette - 5 Fragrance Articles You Need To Read


The Creative Genius Read

The Smell of FREEDOM! – Scenting the American Presidential Race by Laurin Taylor for odettetoilette.com

I love just about everything Laurin writes, whether it be an irreverent tweet or an article such as this, in which the current contenders for the highest office in America are matched with some intriguing scent choices.  Only Laurin could pen a line as hilarious and on point as: “Oily and brash, Joop! smells like a speeding Porsche 911 driven by Steven Seagal’s ponytail, crashing through the guardrails before crashing into the valley below and exploding into flames.”  What further encouragement do you need to give it a read?  None, I say!  None!


The Aspirational Read

An Interview with Estée Lauder’s Karyn Khoury by Persolaise

Persolaise is one of my favourite fragrance writers.  He is thorough, knowledgeable and always armed with a strong, informed opinion.  On his blog, Persolaise regularly interviews key players within the perfume industry, from Perfumers to Creative Directors.  In this piece, he delves into the illustrious career of one of the industries unsung heroes, shining light on her work for Estée Lauder and her relationship with the brand’s founder.  It’s a truly fascinating insight into one of the perfume industry’s most important companies and is therefore, a must read.


Fragrance - Now Smell This


The Essential Read

100 Fragrances Every Perfumista Should Try by Now Smell This

Now Smell This has long been the Emperor of perfume blogs and this classic, must-read piece is further evidence that the site’s authors have their fingers firmly on the pulse of perfumery.  There is no better list of essential perfumes to sniff out there and this guide serves as a gateway for those that are just catching the perfumery bug and looking for somewhere to start, or those old timers who just want to check that they haven’t missed anything out.  Read it!


The Insightful Read

What is Really Going On With EU Fragrance Regulations by Pia Long for basenotes.net

In one of her many insightful pieces for Basenotes, the planet’s biggest fragrance resource, trained perfumer and freelance writer Pia Long dives into the complex world of regulations within the perfume industry.  This is a thorough, well-researched and informative piece that really gets to grip with what’s going on with the ever increasing regulation of cosmetics within the EU and questions whether this is a good or bad thing.  It’s on the longer side, but Pia has a talent for presenting complex information in an interesting and accessible way.  Also, as you can see from the comments on the post, it caused quite the discussion!


Fragrance - Monsieur Guerlain


The Impassioned Read

Collection by Monsieur Guerlain

OK, so this isn’t technically a blog post or even a written piece with many words but it does serve up something utterly irresistible: lots and lots of Guerlain.  As his name would suggest, Monsieur Guerlain (who is unaffiliated with the brand) is a Guerlain addict and what he doesn’t know about this legendary perfume house isn’t worth knowing.  He also has an amazing collection of classic and modern Guerlains, each of which are photographed beautifully in this piece.  If you don’t finish reading it feeling either; a) jealous; b) a bit breathless and overwhelmed; and c) all of the above, you are dead inside.  Do check out the rest of his site for more fascinating insights into the historic world of Guerlain.



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