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Sometimes I feel as if I’m stuck in a rut with skincare. But when it comes to not stepping into new skincare terrain, can you blame me? Trying new skincare can be scary! There’s often so many questions floating around your mind. Will it make me break out? Is it worth the money? But it’s often these questions that stop us from discovering something great, like a game-changer product or brand that will take you to the gates of skincare heaven.

If, like me, you’re tired of staying in the safe zone with skincare and want to try something that’s far from boring, then I have just the thing! This month Escentual.com launched Hylamide, an innovative skincare collection that prides itself on offering next-generation technologies. I’m not the only one that thinks this brand is worth talking about though, there’s a whole host of bloggers that agree! Intrigued? Let me shed some light on why Hylamide is unlike any other…


About The Brand

Hylamide Collection

Hylamide is a part of Deciem, an umbrella of amazing beauty brands. Dubbed the ‘first skincare treatment range that delivers actives to every depth of your skin’, it’s safe to say it’s a somewhat high-tech range! Their focus is on formulation, creating formulas that offer results not only on the surface but also to the skin’s subcutaneous levels. The way they do this is by using a range of molecular sizes in their formulas, which have the ability to penetrate multiple layers of the skin, meaning the right ingredients get to where they need to be.

Deciem call themselves the ‘abnormal beauty company’ and I can definitely agree with that. They’re anything but normal – in a great way of course! They break conventions and create next-generation products that always have something interesting and intelligent to offer. If you’re yet to try any of their products, then now is your chance. You don’t want to be left behind, do you?


Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age

1. SubQ Anti-Age

One of the most talked about Hylamide product online, Sub-Q Anti-Age, is loved by many. In the words of Hylamide, Sub-Q Anti-Age is ‘a highly active concentrate of advanced hyaluronic complexes, next-generation peptides and biotechnological technologies to target rehydration’. And in my words?*** It’s a serum that contains 5 forms of hyaluronic acid of differing molecular weights to combat all types of dryness and rehydration, including fine lines, wrinkles dullness and sagginess.

The rehydrating serum is a part of the Hylamide Core Collection, which is designed to become a key part of your skincare routine. So, if hydration and dryness are at the top of your skincare agenda this could be just the thing for you. Lightweight and soothing on the skin, the serum will restore the skin’s plumpness, elasticity and most importantly health.


Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster

2. Glow Radiance Booster

A part of the Booster series, the Glow Radiance Booster was the first Hylamide product that jumped out at me. How could it not when it promises to give skin a healthy, sun-kissed look in just 2-3 days? Enriched with keto-sugar, glutathione, melanin pepties and radiance pepties and no DHAs (a common ingredient in self-tanning products), the serum-like formula is the perfect treatment if you want to counteract dullness and even out the skin’s tone and texture.

It works by boosting the skin’s natural pigments, which builds colour over time for a sunkissed effect. Even popular beauty blogger, A Model Recommends can’t fault its effect on the skin,  “Glow Booster had me checking my face to make sure that it was really makeup-free – I looked so healthy and glowing, as though my skin had a little layer of complexion enhancer or BB cream on it!”

I put the Glow Radiance Booster to the test myself, and it’s safe to say it did not disappoint. I applied it twice daily as a part of my regular skincare routine before my moisturiser, and after 2 days  my skin looked so healthy and definitely more glowing (results pictured above). This isn’t a self-tanner per se, but you could definitely call it a very, very gradual tanner. A little tip though, I recommend washing your hands after application to avoid your palms gaining a very gradual tan too! I think this may become a staple for me in summer, it’ll be a great product to use to keep your face matching the rest of your body.


Hylamide Sensitive Skin Fix

3. Sensitive Fix

If you have sensitive skin it can be both painful and noticeable. From bouts of redness to uncomfortable itching, sensitivity can really drive you around the bend, so finding a product that works to minimise that is like finding a pot of calming gold! Queue Hylamide Sensitive Fix, a product that promises to target all signs of sensitivity and visible redness. So, what is it about this skin-soother that makes it a must-try?

Sensitive Fix is formulated with patented Marvel of Peru, which targets a multitude of sensitivity issues, as well as pH balancing golden-eye grass, which restores calm to irritated skin. A part of the Hylamide booster collection, the serum is designed to float in and out of your skincare routine as and when you need it. And what do bloggers think? British Beauty Blogger has hailed it as a “liquid pep for the complexion, you could say. If I could drink this, I would.”


Hylamide Pore Delete

4. Pore Delete

So many people struggle with enlarged pores and are constantly searching for products to perfect the appearance of their skin. If that’s you, then Hylamide have answered your prayers with Pore Delete. The skin-perfector aims to enhance the overall appearance of your complexion with an intelligent fractionated light diffusion spherical suspension, which in simple terms reflects light away from the skin to minimise the appearance of pores and imperfections.

The promise of an even, flawless base was too hard for me to resist and I had to put Pore Delete to the test too! Although I don’t have very enlarged pores I really enjoyed the results of Pore Delete, my skin felt softer and smoother and it had an almost air-brushed finish to it. The watery serum formula glides over the skin with ease and sinks in to a matte finish. The finisher can be used alone as the final step in your skincare routine, or after makeup in-between applying your foundation and powder. If pores are a constant issue I would recommend giving this a try. Although it won’t get rid of them, it does offer a beautiful base for makeup and make your skin feel supremely soft.


Hylamide Transparent Foundation

5. Photography Foundation in Transparent

Whether you have a job that’s in front of the camera or you just want your skin to look more even and healthy, the Hylamide Photography Foundation is one you should definitely look into. I’m all about trying interesting products that are unlike anything on the market, and the Photography Foundation is definitely that. Designed to enhance your skin for the camera’s lens, the lightweight formula contains a fractionated silica suspension that diffuses light to blur fine lines and pores (similar to Pore Delete).

In the age of selfies, Photography Foundation seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it? Available in three shades, transparent, golden and dark tan, they should be applied before makeup to perfect your base. And unsurprisingly this has received rave reviews among bloggers too, with Really Ree commenting; “I love the way it gives the skin a soft golden glow – it is sheeny without being metallic.” Sign me up!


Which of these Hylamide products are you itching to try? Comment below or tweet us @Escentual!



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  • Sue Hibbert

    Would the sensitive fix help my sons breakout of acne it’s not a bad case but at 17 I think it’s important to look after you skin. He’s training to be a chef so he’s in hot sweating conditions.

    • escentual

      Hi Sue, thank you for your comment! I will pop you over an email with more information, keep an eye on your inbox. Ceryn

  • jazzypom

    The radiance booster is always something I’m looking for, tbh. Thanks for the reviews and the heads up. I’ll try the hylamide products when I have a few extra bob.

    • escentual

      You’re very welcome, Jazzypom! You’re definitely in for a treat when you do. Be sure to stop back here or tweet me @EscentualCeryn and let me know what you end up trying! Ceryn

  • Sarah Jackson

    Hi really want to try these products but what would the skincare routine be? I have searched for a daily moisturiser in this brand but can’t seem to find it. Do I use my own cleanser and moisturiser? Would appreciate the advice. Thank you x

    • escentual

      Hi Sarah, Hylamide products make great additions to your skincare routine. So, I would recommend if you already have products, like a cleanser or moisturiser that you enjoy using then keep using them, but add in a few Hylamide products to boost your routine. In particular, the Hylamide Booster collection are designed to be added to your routine seasonally and as and when you need them ( for example the glow booster in summer). If you tell me a little bit about your skin and your main concerns I can recommend a few products for you? Ceryn.

      • Sarah Jackson

        Hi Ceryn thanks for getting back to me. My main concern are lines around the eyes and forehead. My skin is combination, it’s ok but would like it to be glowing, if that makes any sense. X

        • escentual

          No problem at all, Sarah! Always happy to help. If fine lines are one of your main concerns I would recommend trying the SubQ products, there’s one for the face and another that’s specifically designed for the delicate eye area (http://escentu.al/28YeyIZ) – you could add either of these to your existing routine. Also, if you want glowing skin then I highly recommend the Glow Booster, it’s an easy addition to your current routine and you can use it as often or as little as you like (http://escentu.al/290Dog9). My one tip is just remember to wash your hands after application! I hope this helps, Sarah! Ceryn.

          • Sarah Jackson

            Thanks Ceryn for the advice helps a lot.