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Everyone knows summer doesn’t happen in the world of beauty until Dior says so. Well, dust off your favourite oversized sunglasses and start dreaming of sugar sand beaches, because those halcyon days are here again – the Dior Milky Dots summer make-up look has just launched at Escentual.com.

Inspired by the whimsical side of Dior’s couture shows, Milky Dots explores the contrasts, the colours and the fantasy of the classic polka dot pattern. Those understated dots have provided Creative and Image Director of Dior Make-up, Peter Phillips with a really original basis of inspiration for this look; in the collection he touches on everything from tone-on-tone milky pastels all the way through to bold brights, with an abundance of interesting textures in between. He meant for there to be endless possibilities, and there really are!

So, it’s time to start experimenting, Dior style. Here are some of my favourite pieces from the Milky Dots collection…


5 Couleurs Polka Dots

in 366 Bain de MerDior 5 Couleurs Polka Dots in 366 Bain de Mer - Dior Milky Dots Summer Look

Like a vivid underwater seascape, the brand new 5 Couleurs colourway, 366 Bain de Mer, really captures the contrasting yet perfectly harmonious colours that can be found beneath the waves. From the deep turquoise of the tropical sea, to the vivid hues of the coral reef, Bain de Mer’s uplifting colours are such a perfect ode to the season. Which is just as well, because summer is the perfect time to be a little braver and bolder with your colour! As well as the beautiful harmonious contrast of its colourway, Bain de Mer presents a really interesting mix of finishes including iridescence, satin and metallic.

From the top left we have a beautiful coral pink satin; top right is a delicate shell gold with an iridescent shift; at the centre is rose gold with a metallic finish, the bottom left is an iridescent sea foam blue; and at the bottom right is a bold turquoise satin.

As the colours are so varied, there’s a plethora of ways to wear this palette. For day, I’ve used the central rose gold hue all over as a base, with a coral pink liner accent. For night, I’ve plumped for the blue shades to create an unusual summer-inspired smoky eye, with a touch of pink on the inner corner. There are so many different combinations to explore.

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow

in 001Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow in 001 - Dior Milky Dots Summer Look

Dior’s Nude Air Summer Glow isn’t your average glow enhancer. Not only is it presented as an airy loose powder rather than pressed into a compact, it also focuses more upon the glowy side of the highlighter/bronzer spectrum, creating an irresistible almost-metallic pearlescent finish on the skin. In other words, it’s absolutely perfect for summer.

The only colourway in the range is 001, an enticing shade of rosy amber. It’s an effortlessly glamorous hue, kissing the complexion with warm and radiant light that really accentuates a tan. Apply with a fluffy brush to the high points of the face including cheekbones, plus your décolletage – or to cause a stir, apply it down the centre of your shins. This versatile product can be applied anywhere you want your skin to look bronzed and glowy.


Polka Dots Manicure Kit

in 001 PastillesDior Polka Dot Manicure in 001 Pastilles - Dior Milky Dots Summer Look

The playful heart of the Milky Dots collection lies in its new nail launch: the Polka Dots manicure. This joyful twist on a summer nail really captures the essence of the collection with its contrasting pastels and bold hues. Simply apply your base colour and use the tool included in the kit to create your unique pattern.

The duo above is 001 Pastilles, a glorious turquoise and peachy nude pairing. Use the turquoise as a base and the peachy nude as an accent to create a vibrant look, or swap them around for a more understated take on the trend. The kit is also available in 002 Confettis, a sunset-inspired coral and hot pink duo, and the pastel-perfect 003 Plumetis with its shades of lilac and mauve.

I’ve talked about the formula of Dior Vernis many times before; it’s one of my favourites, applying smoothly and evenly with its specially cut brush and plump, glossy formula. It has fantastic longevity, and the pigment is always on point. Just what you want for vibrant summer nails.


Dior Addict Milky Tint

in 286 Milky Plum and 376 Milky PopDior Milky Tint in 286 Milky Plum and 376 Milky Pop - Dior Milky Dots Summer LookDior Milky Tint in 286 Milky Plum and 376 Milky Pop Swatches - Dior Milky Dots Summer Look

And for lips, a brand new texture to explore. Somewhere between a gloss, a balm and a liquid lip colour is Dior Addict Milky Tint, a lightweight formula that gives lips beautiful colour and shine with absolutely zero stickiness. This new launch has an extraordinary texture – it’s thin, so it doesn’t feel filmy on the lips like glosses tend to, and it glides over lips with the tactility and nourishment of a balm. It has light-to-medium opacity with a signature milky finish, offering a fantastic pop of colour that’s less juicy, and more opaline.

In the capsule collection of shades is 026 Milky Pearl (opal), 126 Milky Pure (cool nude), 156 Milky Pastel (nude pink), 286 Milky Plum (nude mauve), 356 Milky Peach (coral peach) and 376 Milky Pop (coral pink). Above I’ve swatched Milky Plum and Milky Pop: Milky Plum is a super cool-hued pink, while Milky Pop gives a pretty flush of rosy coral.

The wear time of the Milky Tint is similar to that of a balm or gloss, although the nourishment lasts for hours longer.


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What’s your favourite product from Dior’s Milky Dots collection?


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