5 Reasons Why You Need Darphin L’Institut Facial

Darphin L'Institut Facial

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When facial experts Darphin announced the launch of a brand new device that would mimic the massaging fingertips of an expert esthetician, at first I was delighted. But then that turned into confusion. How on earth would they manage to recreate that unique experience at home?

I made it my mission to find out… and promptly fell in love.

Darphin L’Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging is a very different sort of facial device. Sure, you’ve probably tried a cleansing brush before. Perhaps even several. But this little number has a really interesting point of difference: it creates a fully-realised facial experience thanks to two different heads, one for cleansing, and one for massaging. In other words, it’s pretty magic.

Here’s why you need one (apart from the fact that it’s 1/3rd off until the end of July!)…


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1) Its cleansing brush is pretty innovative

By now you’re probably well aware of the benefits of a cleansing brush. It provides a gentle yet deep cleanse whilst working to stimulate cellular turnover, making for smoother, fresher-looking skin. In true Darphin style, they’ve approached it a little differently.

Most cleansing brushes have a circular rotation, or the bristles sway side to side. The Darphin cleansing brush does a little of both, oscillating in a sort of oblong shape to more gently and efficiently buff the skin with 100 sonic waves per second. Its 42,000 bristles are ultra-soft with rounded ends, and there are plastic nubs nestled into the brush head that mimic the massaging action of a therapist’s fingers.

So as well as achieving a deep cleanse and light exfoliation, your skin gets some light massaging action, too.

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2) It makes facial massage oh-so easy

Is there anything like the glow you get after a really, really good massage? Darphin certainly doesn’t think so, so they’ve included a second facial massage head that’ll allow you to replicate that deep tissue massage at home.

Darphin’s love for application techniques goes right the way back to its founder, Pierre Darphin. He was a kinesiotherapist who believed that facial massage was key (he even created his own rudimentary facial massage device way back when). His approach showed that skincare didn’t just need to be effective – it could be pleasurable, too.

When you’re sat at your dressing table, popping on your moisturiser like you do every day, you can’t help but feel inspired by Darphin L’Institut Facial’s ceremonial approach to application. The massaging process really feels special. Each gesture works to amp up microcirculation, improve oxygenation and relieve tension in facial muscles, helping to tone and smooth skin. It also aids the absorption of your serum and moisturiser to maximise their results. And all you need to do it switch on the device, and pass it over your face. Easy!

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3) It’s perfect for all skin types

And I mean all. Sensitive, dry, oily – the only thing to take into account is just how often you use it! Sensitive types may like to use L’Institut Facial every other day to avoid overstimulation, while oily types might want to use it daily, both morning and night. It’s completely up to you.

Each bristle of the brush head is buffed with diamond stones for an ultra-rounded finish that won’t irritate skin. Darphin has also made them longer than the average bristle at 12mm, which provides more flexibility and softness. Another thing that’s worth mentioning – the bristles are infused with silver to provide an antibacterial action. So to wash the brush head, you simply use soapy water and leave it to air dry. The massage head is made from surgical grade steel, which is also easy to keep clean – great for reactive types and the blemish-prone!

You can use any of your existing cleansers, serums and moisturisers with the device, so it really doesn’t matter what your skin type or concern is – Darphin L’Institut will superpower your existing routine!
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4) It’s seriously handy

Darphin has thought of everything with L’Institut Facial. First of all, charging the device couldn’t be simplier. It has an ultra chic base that the brush slots into, and a USB charger for flexibility of charging options. Plus, the charge lasts for ages. I’m talking charge it once, get 90 uses. You can leave your charger at home when you’re travelling or staying away from home.

Another cool thing about the device is that it lets you know when you’ve cleansed your skin enough. It turns itself off automatically after 30 seconds, which is the amount of time Darphin recommends you take to cleanse half of your face. When that’s done, simply press the button on again, and cleanse the other half (avoiding the ultra-delicate eye area).

To switch between the cleansing brush head and the massage head, it’s as straightforward as pulling the head off, and then clicking the other one into place. Oh, and perhaps the greatest thing of all – the device is 100% waterproof. Darphin, you geniuses.


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5) It’ll transform the way you think about skincare

Darphin L’Institut Facial is a device that’s perfect for everyone. It’s easy to fit into your routine and it’s doubly useful, working to both cleanse your skin and enhance the effectiveness of your care routine. What’s not to love?

Another aspect that’s intriguing about the device is that Darphin bills it as a ‘non-invasive anti-ageing treatment’. That is, it works both at the surface and deeper in the facial tissues to improve texture, smoothness and moisture. Microcirculation and oxygenation is the name of the glow game – and Darphin L’Institut Facial delivers both in spades.


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