Dior Skyline Autumn Makeup Swatches

Dior Skyline Autumn Makeup Look

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Stop everything – autumn has officially arrived in the beauty world.

The first off the mark is Dior, whose new seasonal look Skyline is a sculptural dream. Think architectural influences, plenty of on-trend brown, and metallic embellishments that are a vision of autumn spent in the City of Light.

For this collection Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, Peter Philips blends timeless beauty with trend in a masterful way. Dior Skyline is all about creating structure, with contouring, a nod to colour correcting, and more highlighters than you can shake a stick at. And at the heart of it all, autumnal hues of brown, oxblood and nude make for a rich palette full of elegant drama.

In other words, this collection has every major trend covered for autumn/winter 2016 (and starts a few of its own). And, because it’s Dior, each one is nailed in the most plush and luxurious way. Take a look at the Dior Skyline look and its swatches below, and immerse yourself in a daring season of light and shade…

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Dior Skyline - Dior 5 Couleurs Skyline in 506 Parisian Sky and 906 Capital of Light

Dior 5 Couleurs Skyline

in 506 Parisian Sky and 806 Capital of Light

Peter Philips’ architectural vision is perfectly captured in the limited edition 5 Couleurs Skyline eyeshadow compact, the star of the Dior Skyline collection. It’s comprised of 5 supremely soft and harmonious eyeshadows, each one embossed with the latticework of Paris’ most iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

5 Couleurs Skyline is available in two elegant colourways. Each one captures the endless magic of the Parisian landscape, from the bright blue skies of the city by day, to its constellation of twinkling lights after dark.

506 Parisian Sky is bright and breezy with shades of shimmering beige, sand, silver, turquoise and chocolate brown.
806 Capital of Light is a daring tribute to the city by night with shimmering pewter-brown, ivory, rose, gold and amethyst.


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Dior Skyline - Dior Light and Contour - 001 Soft Contour - 002 Medium Contour - 003 Intense Contour
Diorblush Light & Contour

in 001 Soft Contour, 002 Medium Contour and 003 Intense Contour

Carrying on the sculpted, urbane feel, Skyline sees the launch of Dior’s first ever contour-specific product, Diorblush Light & Contour. This dual-ended contour and highlighting stick has a luxuriously creamy formula, while the portable stick format makes it unexpectedly handy. It’s an elegant essential.

Light & Contour is available in three different colourways. I’ve heavily swatched them here to give a better impression of the shades, but when they’re buffed out they offer a very natural-looking look. The cream-to-powder finish is non-patchy, easily workable and very flattering indeed. Dior has made contouring so easy!

001 Soft Contour pairs its soft brown contour with a champagne-hued highlight.
002 Medium Contour has a slightly deeper contour shade with a peachy gold highlight.
003 Intense Contour has a rich brown contour and an antique gold highlight.


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Dior Skyline - Dior Fix It Colour - 100 Blue - 200 Apricot - 300 Yellow - 400 Green

Dior Fix It Colour

in 100 Blue, 200 Apricot, 300 Yellow and 400 Green

Speaking of trends made easy, these fun-filled Dior Fix It Colour correcting concealers will change the way you think about neutralising high colour. Dior describes these new concealers as colour filters, blurring skin imperfections and correcting colour irregularities in a single step.

Each shade has a specific objective, from concealing redness to knocking out yellowy tones, and is to be used before applying foundation to create a more even-toned base. The combination of highly pigmented colour with a core of soft-focus ingredients makes the application and finish so impeccably smooth.

100 Blue neutralises yellow tones, bringing a boost of radiance to tired-looking skin.
200 Apricot brings warmth while toning down olive-toned dark circles and hyperpigmentation.
300 Yellow helps to conceal blue-tinged dark circles.
400 Green is perfect for neutralising redness and blemishes.


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Dior Skyline - Dior Flash Luminizer in 500 Pearly Vanilla and 800 Pearly Pink
Dior Flash Luminizer

in 500 Pearly Vanilla and 800 Pearly Pink

The Dior Flash Luminizer is another way to bring pure light to the skin. Its click-to-release mechanism and the integrated brush makes it the epitome of handbag-friendly – use it underneath eyes and around the nose to add instant freshness to skin on-the-go. The new collection includes five new fatigue-fighting shades: the satiny shades 001 Rose, 002 Ivory and 003 Apricot, and the two pearlescent shades above, 500 Pearly Vanilla and 800 Pearly Pink.

These pearlescent shades add an extra dimension to the Flash Luminizer’s brightening finish. They bring instant light to shadowy areas of the face, embellishing cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the lip contour with a touch of radiance.

500 Pearly Vanilla brings a diffused, warm champagne gold finish.
800 Pearly Pink kisses the high points of the face with a cool rose.


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Dior Skyline - Dior Addict Lipstick - 777 Sensational - 927 Sophisticated - 951 Too Much

Dior Addict Lipstick

in 777 Sensational, 927 Sophisticated and 951 Too Much

For the Dior Skyline look, lips are sculpted with sheer yet buildable colour. Each brand new shade of Dior Addict Lipstick is rich in colour, but tempered with a moisturising feel and a more subtle finish that makes them very easy to wear. Apply one layer for a balmy finish, or apply more heavily for a pop of striking colour.

777 Sensational is a chic fuchsia pink with a fine silver shimmer.
927 Sophisticated is a new take on autumnal red-brown with an almost metallic finish.
951 Too Much is the perfect muted blue-toned red.

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Dior Skyline - Dior Vernis in 112 Minimal - 522 Abstract - 818 Obscure - 848 Skyline
Dior Vernis

in 112 Minimal, 522 Abstract, 818 Obscure and 848 Skyline

To finish off the Dior Skyline look, a dream manicure of nudes and browns. These halftone hues make for complete 90s nostalgia – with a chic Dior twist, of course. The classic Dior Vernis nail varnish has a luxurious formula with a gel-like, lacquered finish and plenty of high shine. No matter your predilection, this new edit will have the brown for you.

112 Minimal is a sophisticated pop of milky peach-nude.
522 Abstract transforms nails with a camel hue reminiscent of a chic autumnal trench coat.
818 Obscure is deep chocolate brown that presents a fresher take on seasonal black.
848 Skyline is a statement reddened brown, and the crowning glory of the collection.


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Over To You!

What do you think of the Dior Skyline autumn makeup look?

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  • jazzypom

    The oxblood coloured nail polish is on my fall list!

    • escentual

      It’s an incredible shade! The deep hue is more brown than red, which gives it a great 90s twist – Emma

  • Argh, Dior just make everything so beautiful. What an interesting collection with all these contour/colour correcting items as well as the regular special edition colour component. I’m glad to see contour/highlighter sticks coming on the market, because for years it’s always bamboozled me as to why someone hadn’t come up with it. It’s so much simpler, quicker and easier to apply than powder products. Being very pale, I struggle to find highlighters light enough to show up when h&c’ing. I wish for a true strong white highlight and nobody ever seems to do that (and I suspect at the opposite end of the spectrum, dark skins struggle to find a dark enough contour), though I’m still interested in giving this one a go. The Luminizer pen (in pink) actually looks like it might be a better (lighter) fit for me in this case. All the nail polishes look gorgeous, I like the look of the Sophisticated lipstick and as usual the eye palettes are TDF. Loving the Eiffel Tower effect on those. Thanks for all the useful swatches and photos x

    • escentual

      You’re welcome! It’s an immensely wearable collection, isn’t it? Dior are doing such interesting things at the moment. I agree about the palettes – in fact, my favourite piece in the collection is the 5 Couleurs Palette in City of Light – so, so buttery and pigmented – Emma