The Low Down On Effaclar Duo [+] Unifiant

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + Unifiant

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The La Roche-Posay Effaclar range is a slice of skincare cake everyone will want to take a bite of. Because, let’s admit, we can all get a little spotty sometimes.

Since its first launch, Effaclar Duo has changed lives. Think I’m exaggerating? You can read people’s stories here. The blemish-busting treatment is more than a skincare product to many, offering them hope and the results they crave so badly.

Following on from the success of the original Effaclar Duo in 2009, La Roche-Posay brought us the reformulated Effaclar Duo [+] in 2014 – and let’s just say it flew off the shelves, with one being sold around the world every 5 seconds. Why? For a very simple reason. It really works! And now, after two years of unwavering Duo [+] love, La Roche-Posay are bringing us a new skincare hero to fall for, Effaclar Duo + Unifiant. Whether this is the first time you’ve heard about Duo [+] or you’re a serial re-purchaser, Effaclar Duo [+] Unifiant is a product you’ll want to know about…


The Technology

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + Unifiant - Light and Medium

The first thing to clear up is that Effaclar Duo [+] Unifiant has all the same award-winning ingredients as Duo [+]. Because why change something that works, eh? The difference is that Duo [+] Unifiant contains mineral pigments, which give the formula a tint that evens and smoothes the complexion. Those of us that are prone to imperfections can now enjoy the skin-loving benefits of Duo [+], whilst evening out our skin’s tone and texture. The last thing people with blemish-prone skin want to do is overload their already congested complexion, so, Duo [+] Unifiant is a multi-tasking miracle in my eyes! 

Duo [+] Unifiant, in simple terms, is a spot treatment and BB cream in one that works to reduce blemishes in 24 hours. I have no doubt this will be a must-have for those that already use and love Duo [+], but, if Duo [+] is news to you, then here’s an overview of its blemish busting ingredients…

Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory active ingredient that offers an intense soothing effect, which is perfect for sensitive and congested skin!

Piroctone Olamine combats bacterial infections, which is ideal for those with acne-prone skin.

LHA’s are incluced for their keratolytic action, which speed up the rate skin cells renew.

Linoleic Acid helps to regulate excess sebum, which will be a welcomed ingredient for those with oily skin.

Procerad is a multi-tasker, diffusing inflammation within one day, whilst preventing and treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.



The Results

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + Before and After

I was a fan of Duo and Duo [+], but what do I think of Duo [+] Unifiant? Let’s find out…

On first application Duo [+] Unifiant feels very lightweight and soothing, it applies smoothly, blending out with minimal effort (great if you’ve got skin that’s easily irritated). Two dollops of product was enough to cover my entire face and I could instantly see that any redness was minimised and my skin’s tone was evened.

Looking at the before and after above it’s apparent that Duo+ Unifiant does exactly what it says on the tin – it unifies! My skin looked so much healthier after application, any marks or imperfections were minimised and my skin looked a lot smoother. At first I was concerned that the finish was a little too dewy for my liking, but after a few moments it settled down to a beautiful semi-matte finish. Despite its sheer coverage claim I was really pleased with the coverage it offered and I would be more than happy to wear it alone. But, for those who may like something a bit more heavy-duty, Duo [+] Unifiant would also make the perfect under makeup primer.

I haven’t got a single bad thing to say about Duo [+] Unifiant. It ticks all the boxes. It’s comfortable to wear, it makes my skin look great and it provides skincare benefits all day long  – what’s not to love?


Over to you!

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  • Su

    ooh this looks fab! Definitely want to try it out. Great review! thanks

    • escentual

      Hi Su, It really is lovely, the perfect multi-tasker I think! Do pop back and let me know your thoughts once you try it! Ceryn

  • Ana Margarida Guilherme

    Does this have SPF?

  • Freya Engels

    I have a really pale skin… Do you think I can use the light one without having the ‘mask’effect?

    • escentual

      Hi Freya, I think the light shade would definitely work on your complexion. I have seen a few light complexions test this out and it adapts really well. The coverage is quite light too, so you shouldn’t get the ‘mask’ effect you’re worried about. I hope this helps, Ceryn.

  • escentual

    Hi Ellora, This is designed for daily use due to the added coverage. You would use the Effaclar Duo [+] Unifiant in place of foundation in the morning (or as a primer if you prefer heavier coverage). I hope this helps, Ceryn.

  • Hasan Şenel

    thanks for this good review. should I clean it before sleeping ?

  • Melinda Ly

    How would I apply sunscreen ? Would this be a moisturiser then top it up with sunscreen?

    • escentual

      Hi Melinda, As this has a tint I would recommend you apply your sunscreen first, then if you want extra hydration follow with a moisturiser and then Unifiant. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions. Ceryn