GIVENCHY Superstellar Autumn Makeup Swatches

Givenchy Superstellar Autumn Makeup Look

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I have another new makeup collection to share with you today and I’m giving you fair warning, guys: you’ll want everything. Rarely is an autumn look quite this much fun!

The GIVENCHY Superstellar look takes its inspiration from the world of superheroines. Forgoing the usual neutral hues of the season, Superstellar sets itself apart with supercharged, statement colour that’s all about breaking free of the norm. Think flashes of Supergirl-esque red and blue, star motifs and touches of embellishment that’ll add a little bit of oomph to your everyday look.

Eyes and lips are the core of the collection. There’s a brand new Le Prisme eyeshadow compact, bold liquid eyeliners, colour-saturated lipsticks and a green (yes, green!) mascara. Finally, a touch of electric blue for nails completes the GIVENCHY Superstellar look beautifully.

So, let’s take a look at the swatches…


Givenchy Le Prisme Superstellar - Superstellar Makeup Look

GIVENCHY Le Prisme Superstellar

The star product of the GIVENCHY Superstellar collection is the ultra-collectable Le Prisme Superstellar eyeshadow compact. It’s such an easy product to love. From the buttery soft formula of each eye colour to the gorgeous star design, it’s as wearable as it is beautiful to look at.

The largest of the three shadows is a glistening silver frost, which creates a wash of metallic shimmer. You can either wear it alone or on top of other colours to add dimension. The second star is a satin coral hue with a smattering of very fine gold glimmer, and the final shade is a metallic grape purple. It’s an unusual harmony of colours, but they work!


Givenchy Le Rouge in 212 Heroic Pink and 321 Heroic Red - Superstellar Makeup Look


in 212 Heroic Pink and 321 Heroic Red

I adore Le Rouge. It’s the epitome of lipstick luxury with its leather packaging and on-point shade selection. And that nourishing, demi-matte finish? Oh my.

We’re being treated to two brand new power shades in the Superstellar collection: 212 Heroic Pink, a muted fuchsia, and 321 Heroic Red, a luscious tomato shade. They’re statement colours that are executed in an elegant way, with just a hint of your natural lips showing through (note my freckles making themselves known!). Le Rouge has a formula that’s perfect for layering and blending out – above I’ve applied a dense layer of colour, but you could easily dab and blend for a muted stain. Le Rouge doesn’t just add colour to your lips, it actually makes them look perfected.



Givenchy Liner VInyl in 2 Heroic Blue and 3 Heroic Silver - Superstellar Makeup Look

GIVENCHY Liner Vinyl

in 2 Heroic Blue and 3 Heroic Silver

These brand new Liner Vinyl shades are an eyeliner lover’s dream. Pigmented, smooth and longlasting, they provide an ultra-precise line that will elevate your everyday liner look beyond your usual black cat eye flick.

2 Heroic Blue brings a pop of cobalt blue that looks incredible when tightlined across the lid. It’s the sort of shade that makes brown eyes look hypnotising, but it’ll also make blue and green eyes pop. In addition, 3 Heroic Silver adorns eyes with a lightening bolt of ornamental silver. Use it alone to brighten eyes, or use it as a double line above your usual black liner to give everyday eyes an embellished twist.


Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes in 4 Heroic Green - Superstellar Makeup Look

GIVENCHY Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

in 4 Heroic Green

Of all of the colourful GIVENCHY Superstellar products, the new Phenomen’Eyes Mascara was the one I was most intimidated by. I mean, the mascara is green. How could I make it work?

Well, the first thing to take into account is the depth of the hue. 4 Heroic Green is by no means Kermit green. It’s not even emerald. Instead, it’s a deep hunter green that gives an intriguing tint and plenty of depth to lashes that are already dark, as above. If your eyelashes are fairer, or if you use a white primer first, you’d be able to play around with a more vivid green hue. The famous curling and defining action of GIVENCHY Phenomen’Eyes creates a beautiful, wide-awake effect that draws even more attention to your eyes. I’ve been well and truly converted to coloured mascara.


Givenchy Le Vernis in 30 Heroic Blue - Superstellar Makeup Look


in 30 Heroic Blue

Finally, a touch of electric superhero blue for the nails. This ultra-shiny cobalt is an irreverent yet elegant shade that’ll satisfy your craving for dark autumnal nail colour, but with a saturated hue that’s still true to the collection. It’s a complete compliment-magnet.

GIVENCHY Le Vernis is an A-grade nail varnish that offers a sleek, glossy manicure with chip-resistant wear. I really need to give GIVENCHY a shout-out for the Le Vernis brush. It’s one of the best in the business, with a short and wide head that allows you to cover your entire nail in a single stroke. It’s pretty genius, especially when you’re constantly short on time.


Over to you!

So, what do you think of the GIVENCHY Superstellar collection?

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  • Not totally my colours, so finding it hard to drool over everything (like Dior), however that star eyeshadow palette is so gorgeous. Love the presentation of it and though I’m not fussed about the peachy shade, the other two are awesome. The lip colours really aren’t my thing, but they look like fabulous finishes and generally nice lipsticks. The surprise for me was the silver liner, I think a sleek flick of this would look really cute, especially come (dare I say) Christmas party season.

    • escentual

      Givenchy are definitely going against the nude/neutral grain with this collection – I love the boldness of it all! That silver liner is a revelation… it’s not a bitty shimmer, but more of a solid metallic line. There’s some definite fun to be had with it – Emma

  • jazzypom

    The blue is lovely!