Givenchy Prisme Visage: The Ultimate Face Powder

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The ultimate face powder has been reimagined. 27 years after its first introduction, GIVENCHY Prisme Visage has returned with sleek new packaging, new colour ways and a fresh new formula that aims to make the very best of your complexion. Sure, Prisme Visage is a face powder – but just not as you know it.

Prisme Visage’s secret weapon is the “Les Séparables” concept, also seen in the iconic Prisme Libre Loose Powder. This genius idea offers four harmonious shades in the same palette, which can be used separately to brighten and add structure to the face, or swirled together to unify the skin. The result is really fresh and natural, but with imperceptible, added dimension that magnifies your features. It’s a little bit of complexion magic.

So whether you’d like to colour correct, set makeup, add depth or even out the complexion, Prisme Visage will be your all-in-one hero.

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Givenchy Prisme Visage Silky Face Powder Quartet - Closer Look

The Low Down

It’s fair to say that Prisme Visage is a bit of an overachiever. Its four-way split allows for multitasking the likes of which you’ve probably never achieved with your face powder. Each colour way allows you to subtly highlight, contour, unify and set your makeup for complete makeup bliss. In creating these harmonies, Artistic Director, Nicolas Degennes, wanted each powder to adapt to the complexion year-round – and they really do.


“The palette of colours is such that, from winter to summer, a single skin tone can be compatible with all the shades.” 

Nicolas Degennes


Within you’ll find a luminous shade infused with mica in the upper left corner of each palette, which gives skin a pearly, lit-from-within glow. The other three shades are more pigmented to provide all-over face colour, while the darkest shade is the perfect contour. Each shade is ultra-smooth thanks to an infusion of silk protein, an idea that Nicolas borrowed from the world of couture. Its softness is unreal; it adheres to the complexion like a second skin and wears evenly and lastingly.

The packaging deserves a mention too – it’s so sleek! This new black lacquered iteration is less bulky than the original and presented in a more handbag-friendly size. Added embellishment in the form of the raised quadruple ‘G’ logo and a single studded clasp enhance the luxurious vibe (a nod to the fashion side of Maison GIVENCHY), while an added slimline brush makes touch-ups easy.


Givenchy Prisme Visage Silky Face Powder Quartet - The Shades

The Shades

Prisme Visage is presented in seven luminous colour ways with an option for most complexions:

01 Mousseline Pastel – Brightening and colour correction for all tones (learn about colour correcting here)
02 Satin Ivoire – A fair-cool powder with a white highlight
• 03 Popeline Rose – A fair-neutral powder with a pink highlight
• 04 Dentelle Beige – A medium-neutral powder with a pink highlight
• 05 Soie Abricot – A medium-warm powder with a peachy highlight
• 06 Organza Miel – A honeyed palette with a peachy highlight
• 07 Taffetas Caramel – A deeper combination of shades with a peach-brown highlight



How To Wear Prisme Visage

To begin, Ceryn buffed all four shades over her entire complexion to mattify and set her makeup. She then added shape and definition to her cheekbones, jawline and hairline with the darkest shades. Finally, a dusting of the sheer pink glow enhancer over the high points of her face rounded off the look beautifully.

The completed look is subtle and effortless, yet polished – and it took just a minute to achieve! If you’re feeling more low-key, opt for the translucent, brightening effect of 1 Mousseline Pastel. For a sun-kissed glow, 5 Soie Apricot is just glorious.


Over To You!

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  • I used the pastel one years ago & remember how lovely it was for a very perfected look. Not sure whether to go for the same again or one of the other light shades?

    Nic x

    • escentual

      Hi Nic! It would depend on whether you need the extra coverage I think. If you’re looking for something that’ll add a bit of unifying colour during midday touch-ups, opt for 02 Satin Ivoire (or perhaps 03 Popeline Rose). If you want something that’ll invisibly set and perfect, go for Mousseline Pastel again 🙂 The formula of these new powders is much softer than the previous incarnation, I think you’ll love them. Emma x

      • Thanks Emma, think I’ll go for 1 or 2. Still hooked on my Le Prisme blush & used it all Summer – has reminded me how much I love this brand! x