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Texture, tone? Tomato, tomahto? Don’t get it confused. The feel and the appearance of our skin is everything. It doesn’t matter if you like to apply makeup or embrace a bare-faced type of beauty, I’m sure you’ll agree that nobody has time for a flaky patch.

I know, bumpy skin texture is a bane. Whether there are spots hiding under your skin, or your skin is so parched that your face enjoys eating your foundation. We need to talk.

What are your skincare goals? Mine include a clear complexion with a silk-like touch, zero pores and no dry patches… I could seriously go on for days. If we think alike, you’re going to want to read below. Embracing only one of my suggestions underneath could change your complexion forever. Are you up for the challenge?


Ceryn - Skin Texture - Exfoliation

Instant Ways To Change Your Skin Texture

Simple skincare additions that will transform your skin’s texture, overnight! 


Please! Whatever you do, exfoliate your skin. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer an acid exfoliator (chemical) or a grainy exfoliator (physical), jus do it! Your skin renews itself every night, therefore, your cells are shedding. This can lead to blocked pores, blackheads and an unsmooth texture. Help your skin with a weekly exfoliation routine, it enhances cell turnover and we all know speedy renewal means smoother skin. It will thank you in the morning! You can learn more about which type of exfoliator suits your skin here.

Chemical Exfoliator Pick:  Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Retexturizing Pads
Physical Exfoliator Pick:  Ole Henriksen walnut complexion scrub

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2. Antioxidants

We know how important antioxidants are in our diets. But seriously, they are just as important in our skin care too! Vitamins A, C and E  in your skin care is what you need to look for. In a nutshell, they limit the damage to your skin cells from pollution, dust, cigarette smoke and the sun, thus decreasing signs of ageing, whilst smoothing over our skins texture? All hail antioxidants.

Antioxidant Product Pick: Hylamide C25 Stabilized Vitamin C Booster 

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3. Moisturise

It’s simple: thirsty skin never looks healthy. Replenishing lost water is key to keeping a silky soft complexion, even if your skin ticks the oily box. With up to 47% of customers detailing ‘dehydration’ as their main concern, we need to work together on this! Dehydrated/dry skin? Look out for ceramides (fatty acids) in skin care, they’re natural lipids that are found in the cell membranes of your skin. Problematic skin type? Take a look into retinols – this resurfacing agent will unclog pores, and rid your skin of dead skin cells. Also, if you apply your day/night cream to damp skin, you actually trap more moisture in your skin. Test it out tonight and tweet me your results in the morning!

Dehydrated/ Dry Skin Product Pick: DHC Ceramide Cream 
Problematic/ Sensitive Skin Pick: La Roche-Posay Redermic R Corrective UV SPF30


Ceryn - Skin Texture - Water

Long-Term Ways To Improve Your Skin’s Texture

The everyday struggle is real, but oh so worth it if you choose to take on an option below…


Why is it so hard to drink water? Honestly, its one of the best ways to re-balance and refine your skin’s texture. Inspired by the radiant skin of our customer service assistant, Nikki (she’s on 3 litres a day minimum), me, Emma and Ceryn have attempted a little bit of a ‘Water Challange’. Since participating, I can honestly say, my tone looks clearer and I’ve noticed that my under the skin bumps have dramatically decreased – I’m converted.

Did you know that your body is made up of 60% water? So if you’re struggling at a pint a day or less, there’s going to be problems. Start slow and work yourself up to 2 litres!

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2. Sleep

Now this is the cheapest option of the bunch! But it’s never that easy, is it? I get it, the more you think about getting your 8 hours in the harder it is to snooze. Believe it or not, sleep is crucial to your skin’s renewing process. Grey tones and sandpaper textures… they’re all part of a disrupted sleeping routine. Put your phone away an hour before you sleep and drop a little Tisserand Lavender Essential Oil into your bath – it helps!

P.s. Pre-bedtime is the best time to apply your favourite night creams and serums, as your skin is at its most active, so choose your products wisely. I love the Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel-Balm!

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3. Milk

According to trusty Google, at least 65% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. There’s proof in the pudding with this one, and it lies with me!  I found out about my intolerance the hard way. I’m talking sebaceous cysts and unwanted lumps. All I needed was a week without the white stuff to see a huge change. Even if you don’t fancy going completely tee total, try limiting your cups or switch to soya milk. It’s worth a try, I swear!


Over To You!

What are you main concerns with your skin’s texture? Have any of the above ideas helped to start your texture’s transformation this week? Comment below or tweet me over at @EscentualChels – I’d love to hear from you!

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