5 Ways to Enhance Your Halloween Makeup


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When you know you’re dressing up for Halloween it’s as if your sole mission in life becomes finding the best costume. We’ve all been there: scrolling Pinterest, continuously Googling and waiting for that eureka moment.

So, whether you’ve got your costume all ready to go, or you’re planning on winging it, this post is designed to help you nail Halloween this year. From beauty products that will make your skin look the best it ever has to DIY beauty hacks you can do at home, here are five ways to get you onto that best-dressed list!


Halloween Makeup - Skin

Superhuman Skin

When you’ve spent a small fortune on a costume, photos are a necessity. You wouldn’t want your efforts to go undocumented would you? Of course not!

The NIOD Photography Fluid may be the Halloween beauty essential you never knew you needed – but trust me when I say you need it. Designed to reduce the appearance of lines, pores and skin irregularities, the fluid will not only create the perfect base for your look, it will also get you camera ready in seconds. I like to pop it all over before I get started, and when I’m done work a little onto my cheekbones for a highlighting effect.

Without getting too scientific on you, the Photography Fluid uses light refraction technology to perfect the skin, giving the skin a healthy (and dare I say flawless) glow! And, if that wasn’t enough, the instant treatment offers 48-hour long hydration, which will be a lifesaver if your costume includes face paint, which can often be drying.


Halloween Makeup - Vichy

Hauntingly Good Hold

After spending hours on your makeup, the last thing you want is it to disappear before you get to the party. The solution? The Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder.

A staple in my Halloween makeup kit (and day-to-day stash), this micro-fine, fragrance-free powder provides up to 16-hour hold, which is great news if you’re sporting an intense look this year. Whether used to set your entire look or intensify the contours of the face, this translucent powder will ensure your look sticks around long enough to scare everyone.



Halloween Makeup - Eyes

Spellbinding Lashes

We all know the difference a pair of false eyelashes can make. It’s pure wizardry! So, what better time to pop some on than at Halloween, right?

The Mister Mascara False Eyelashes Full Lashes Kit is something everyone should have in their makeup collection, because you never know when you’ll want that every bit of lash volume. The kit comes with not one but two pairs of lashes (one natural and one dramatic), mini tweezers to apply them, glue to keep them in place and a case to keep them safe after use, so you can wear them more than once (great value for money)!

Whether you’re going sexy or scary this Halloween, false lashes are a great way of taking your costume to new heights, intensifying the eyes and making everything a little bit more dramatic!


Halloween Makeup - Cheekbones

Killer Cheekbones

A vampy contour is a super easy way to intensify any Halloween look. Whatever your costume, I would bet good money that a little sculpting will take your look to the next level!

Instead of your usual matte bronzer, grab a black eyeshadow. This will give your Halloween contour a sharper relief. For this contour I dipped into one of my go-to palettes, the Anna Sui Eye Color Palette, which has a great black shade that I always finding myself turning to.

Start by popping a fluffy brush into the eyeshadow, then slowly build up the colour in the hollows of the cheeks and around the parameters of the face. This will give your entire face definition and turn around the most mundane of costumes.



Halloween Makeup - Lips

 Create a Blackout

At Halloween a black eyeliner can go a long way. Whether you’re using it to add drama to the eyes, contour the cheekbones or draw a nose and some whiskers, you’ll be very thankful for owning a kohl liner come October 31st!

My holy grail eyeliner is the Guerlain The Eye Pencil in Black Jack, and it makes a wonderful tool at Halloween. The creamy texture makes it an ideal candidate for a number of things, including tracing areas of the face (ideal if you’re going as a skeleton, cat or anything similar), it’s much easier to work with than face paint!

Another way I like to add impact to my makeup at Halloween is by tracing my lips with black liner, before applying lipstick. This is a great option too if you’re ditching a costume this year in favour of some Halloween-y makeup. Just mimic what you’d do with a lip liner, and then pat some red lipstick and blend for an ombre effect.


Over to you!

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