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So, you thought Givenchy’s Christmas makeup offering was over? Think again! After the ultra-quick sell out of the Givenchy Audace L’Or Christmas look, we’re pleased (and extremely excited) to announce the launch of the Givenchy La Palette Nudes Nacres Shimmering Nudes Eye Palette, a limited edition eyeshadow palette that’s exclusive to, yes you guessed it – Escentual!

The Givenchy La Palette Nudes Nacres is for the beauty collectors, the beauty addicts and the ladies and gentlemen that know that this is far more than ‘just another eyeshadow palette’. Destined to take pride of place on your dressing table, it’s clear that Christmas has come early with Nudes Nacres and I am itching for you to see inside…



The first thing that needs to be said about this palette is: the packaging is absolutely beautiful! Dressed in golden lined fabric and finished with a signature Givenchy stud closing, it’s evident that this is no ordinary makeup item.

The best thing about this ultra luxe palette, aside from its gorgeous packaging, has to be the shade selection. With a beautiful array of wearable nudes, this palette is perfect for creating looks for both day and night. And, with an even split of mattes and shimmers, the La Palette Nudes Nacres Palette is a treasure trove of possibilities.


givenchy-nudes-nacres-shimmering-nudes-exclusive-palette-swatchesAnd here’s how the shades translate onto the skin. They’re really beautiful, with richly pigmented, textured finishes that add effortless structure and light. You can layer the shades on top of each other, wear them alone, or use them as a base for other shades – there so much choice!

From left to right we have a rich chocolate shade woven with silver and gold flecks; a matte peachy-nude, which acts as a great lid shade; a burnished gold that comes to life when applied wet; a, deep, matte brown; a pearlescent white, which wears beautiful over any eyeshadow; and last but certainly not least, a warm-toned brown, which works wonderfully as a crease/transition colour.



This palette had my name written all over it, so I jumped at the chance of using it to create a look. As it’s a harmony of beautiful neutrals I wanted to create something wearable, making use of the pigmented mattes to define the crease and irresistible shimmers to make the eyes pop. Here’s how I did it…

After priming my eyes, I applied the peachy-nude all over the lid as my base colour. Next, I took the bottom right warm-toned brown through my crease on a fluffy brush to add definition. I blended this colour upwards toward my brow bone, until there was a seamless transition. I then applied the bottom left matte brown to the outer corner of my eye, and to my lower lash-line to frame my eyes. To finish, I applied the pearlescent white half way up my eyelid and into the inner corner of my eye (this really opens up the eye area). Simple and easy, this eye look took only a few minutes to create and I think it’s a much more glamorous (and festive) take on a nude eye look!Breaker Small

Over to you!

Givenchy La Palette Nudes Nacres has jumped right to the top of my Christmas List! Is it on yours? Tweet me @EscentualCeryn or comment below.

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  • escentual

    Isn’t it beautiful, Pink Haired Princess! I cannot stop using it, it’s fast becoming my most used palette. Ceryn