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If you and your partner are sat there in your his ’n’ her dressing gowns, sipping tea out of your his ’n’ her mugs, then this post is for you.  You may both be thinking about treating yourself, or each other, to a brand new fragrance and because you cannot bear to make such an important decision on your lonesome, you may be looking to purchase these scents together to ensure that your choices are synchronised and on point.  For the couples that like to match, the world of perfume has plenty on offer and there’s nothing more pleasing than a perfumed power couple to scent both him and her.

Brands quite like to launch a his ’n’ hers couple – two fragrances that complement each other in theme or odour profile, and in some cases both! In this selection, I’ve brought together three perfume power couples that work together perfectly, whether they be pairings that share notes or inspirations, or in some case absolutely nothing in particular.  These power couples are icons of perfumery that work together in perfect harmony, and whilst they are meant to be together, like Romeo and Juliet, they also smell pretty fantastic in their own right.


The Clean Couple: L’Eau d’Issey & L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme

You know them, that squeaky clean couple that are perfect in every way.  They have no scandal, no rough edges and appear to have every single thing they want.  They are David and Victoria Beckham – loved and respected by the many people who want to be them!  In olfactory terms, the clean power couple is L’Eau d’Issey and L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme.  These two are a good example of a ‘his and hers’ couple that mirrors each other’s olfactory profiles, creating a sense of purity that smells similar, but is presented in a different manner for each scent.  L’Eau d’Issey, the feminine, is a fresh, aquatic floral that feels misty and starch white, whilst Pour Homme adds some robust woody notes to the mix to create a more broad-shouldered take on spotlessly clean.  Both share the melony-marine note of calone – an innovative material (in the ‘90s when the scents launched) that makes their freshness both big and bold.



The Passionate Couple: Narciso Rodriguez for Her and for Him

Narciso Rodriguez’s fragrant couple, for Her and for Him, are the complete opposite of the Issey Miyake fragrances in the sense that they don’t share much of an olfactory profile, instead they are joined together by a common theme of sensuality.  The key element that joins them together however, is musk.  For her is a naked rose, one that has the texture of pink silk pulled over nude skin and for Him is equally sans clothes, boasting a sweet furry chest of violet leaf and musk.  As a couple, I imagine these two to be the unpredictable artistic types that are either passionately feuding or furiously making up from their many fallings out.  Their relationship may be tempestuous but their shared passion of musk keeps them inextricably linked forever.



The Opposing Couple: Cartier La Panthere and L’Envol

Some couples follow the mantra that ‘opposites attract’ and one fragrant couple that captures this spirit is Cartier’s La Panthere and L’Envol.  What’s particularly interesting about these two is that are not counterparts, they are in fact, two entirely different fragrances with dissimilar inspirations, yet somehow one gets the impression that they would happily go together as a pair.   La Panthere is an eccentric, glittering gardenia – one that purrs and grows like a seductive yet subversive beauty.  L’Envol is a quietly retrospective kind of guy who has a weightless and airy blend of iris, woods and honey.  They are an opposite couple that compliments each other – she brings him out of his shell and he tames her wildness.  Together they make for a fascinating and beautiful couple, despite their differences.


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