GIVENCHY Point d’Encrage Spring Look

Givenchy Point d'Encrage Spring Look

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Deep breaths everyone, the limited edition Givenchy Point d’Encrage Spring Makeup collection is here! And, unsurprisingly, it’s just as beautiful as the last spring look. Some would say maybe even more beautiful, but I’ll leave that for you to decide…

When you think Givenchy Point d’Encrage, think ink! Nicolas Degennes, Givenchy’s Makeup Artistic Director, was inspired by the surprising nature of ink for this seasonal edit, specifically its lightweight texture and the varying pigmentation and intensities, which mingle and dilute each other to create new, exciting colours. A collection doused with creativity, Point d’Encrage is an ode to reinvention.

Givenchy Point d’Encrage is an opportunity to fall in love with makeup all over again. The textures, the colours and most importantly the opportunity to get creative. Prepare to want everything…



Highlighter Memoire De Forme – SOLD OUT!

in 01 Pink InkGivenchy Memoire de Forme Highlighter in Pink Ink

Let’s kick things off with my favourite piece from this collection, Highlighter Memoire De Forme. A radiance-enhancing highlighter gel, Highlighter Memoire De Forme is ideal for spring/summer as it promises to leave skin with a natural fresh glow.

Continuing the theme of ink, Highlighter Memoire De Forme contains 72% water and feels comfortable, lightweight and ultra refreshing on the skin. Infused with a pearly shimmer, the luxurious gel is destined to add luminosity to the high points of the face and will be the perfect tool for a creating a strobe-like effect.

Best applied with the fingertips, Highlighter Memoire De Forme will leave skin looking youthful and radiant – a springtime makeup essential I think you’ll agree!


Huile Irresistible Pour Les Levres – SOLD OUT!

in Fuchsia InkGivenchy Huile Irresistible Lip Oil in Fuchsia Ink

As soon as I saw the Huile Irresistible Pour Les Levres Lip Oil it was love at first sight! But don’t let the vibrant fuchsia liquid put you off, this nourishing lip oil applies sheer, with a subtle pink tint that would be perfect for everyday.

Made up of 38% oils, including five plant oils that are rich in fatty acids, the lip oil will plump, soften and hydrate – what more could you want! The ideal size for your handbag, Huile Irresistible Pour Les Levres has a bigger applicator than normal applicator, which makes application super quick and easy.

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Le Vernis

in Purple InkGivenchy Le Vernis in Purple Ink

For spring 2017, Givenchy have created products that allow you to create the finish you like. And, the Le Vernis Nail Lacquer in 31 Purple Ink is no different. The translucent, violet-hued lacquer intensifies with each application, allowing you to pick your result.

Whether you like a subtle wash of colour or a more intense wash of purple pigment, this modern nail lacquer will give a natural and elegant result. The Le Vernis Lacquer in 31 Purple Ink can also be used as a top coat over your favourite shades, giving them a new look and added shine.

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Encre A Cils

in Blue InkGivenchy Encre a Cils in Blue Ink

Encre A Cils in Blue Ink is one of those products you didn’t know you needed until it’s in your hands. A pearlised blue mascara top coat, Encre A Cils in Blue Ink allows you to colour your lashes to whatever intensity you like. Whether you lightly colour the ends or go all out from root to tips, the Encre A Cils in Blue Ink will add something a little different to your everyday look.

After application, my brown eyes really popped, especially paired with the Vinyl Liner in Black Blue Ink. And if you don’t wear mascara? Don’t worry, Encre A Cils can also be used as an eyeliner too!

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Liner Vinyl

in Black Blue InkGivenchy Liner Vinyl in Blue Black Ink

I have tried and tested a fair few eyeliners in my time, but I have never worn a blue eyeliner before, and all I can say is: I have been missing out! Liner Vinyl in Black Blue Ink is a welcome change to the black I usually adorn.

A bluish-black with a high concentration of blue shimmer, Liner Vinyl in Black Blue Ink is beautifully subtle, and does wonders for making eye colours really pop. Liner Vinyl applies like a dream too, the slimline wand is excellent for achieving a precise, clean line.

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Prisme Libre Travel

in 01 Mousseline Pastel Givenchy Prisme Libre Travel

The iconic Prime Libre Powder has been re-imagined for spring 2017, and I couldn’t love it anymore! Suitable for all skin tones, this purple-hued loose powder will leave skin matte and luminous. Ideal for on-the-go, the lightweight powder comes with a practical powder puff, which will make touching up easy and effortless. And if the packaging couldn’t be any more beautiful, the lid is decorated with a buckle inspired by Givenchy’s Obsedia line of accessories – yes, please!


Over to you!

What do you have your eye on? Tweet us here, or comment below! But whatever you do, don’t miss out – this collection is set to be a sell-out!

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  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love the look of both the Highlighter and of course the Lip Oil, a product I am still obsessed with from last year! What a lovely collection x

    • escentual

      It’s been flying off the Escentual shelves, Beautyqueenuk! The highlighter was one of my favourites, along with the Vinyl Liner! Ceryn