La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara Review

4 of the Best Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes

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Did you know that over 50% of women say that they suffer from sensitive eyes? If you can’t wear mascara without experiencing a weepy, or itchy reaction, this mascara round-up is for you. Gone are the days where you can’t dress your lashes in mascara loveliness, because we’ve just launched four new La Roche-Posay mascaras – and they’re experiencing a lot of love from sensitive peepers all over the world.

Tested on sensitive eyes for sensitive eyes, the La Roche-Posay Respectissime collection is a godsend for contact lens wearers and easily aggravated eyes. There’s no crumbling or itching, just definition and volume. This lash-boosting foursome is ready to show your lashes spectacular definition! Can we get a huge cheer for La Roche-Posay for finally respecting the physiology of sensitive eyes?
La Roche-Posay Respectissime Waterproof - Respectissime Volume - Respectissime Multi-Dimensions - Respectissime Extension


Things to note

• All Respectissime mascaras are hypoallergenic

• Importantly, they’re all also fragrance, paraben and preservative free

• Each formula is nickel-controlled to avoid contact dermatitis flare ups

• Every mascara has an anti-friction applicator




1) Respectissime Multi-Dimensions Mascara

Brush Style: Rubber wand, picks up each lash

Finish: Defined

If your lashes are thin and sparse, the La Roche-Posay Respectissime Multi-Dimensions Mascara is just what you need. Not your average mascara, its refortifying formula doubles up as a conditioning treatment for those whose lashes need a bit of a reboot. In fact, strengthened results start showing just after 4 weeks of use!  The most important thing to make note of here is that the mascara is made from reconstituted argan oil, shea butter and lacrimal liquid (lacrimal liquid is the water that moisturises your cornea and conjunctiva), to ensure maximum comfort during the application and removal process.




2) Respectissime Extreme Volume Intense Mascara

Brush Style: Big, densely packed, doesn’t irritate eyes or lids

Finish: Dramatic

Loved by GLAMOUR beauty director, Alex Steinherr, the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Volume Mascara helps you to achieve extreme volume without the fret of flakiness and discomfort. Boosting the volume of your lashes by 15x their natural flutter, this lightweight formula uses the powers of its micro-aerated formula to create exceptional volume. Ceramides & thickening carnauba wax formula strengthen fragile lashes too, which makes it pretty amazing for those who normally experience discomfort, from application to removal.




3) Respectissime Waterproof Mascara

Brush style: Slightly curved bristle brush to boost curl

Finish: Volumised curl

Looking for a smudge-proof formula that’s going to last? Well, here it is! The La Roche-Posay Respectissime Waterproof Mascara stays put even when you have a cry, have a shower, or when you rub your eyes. But don’t panic! It’s not tough to remove. The Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is its perfect partner. Anyway, more about the finish. Its wispy style brush allows for a more curved, separated finish, it’s simply beautiful and it’s my favourite mascara from the pack. 




4) Respectissime Extension Mascara

Brush style: compact, small, smaller at the beginning to allow for precision, evenly spaced bristles.

Finish: Lengthened

For those who love a lengthy lash, the La Roche-Posay Respectissime Extension Mascara will add dimension and separation to short, stubby lashes. What’s special about this mascara is SRP, a strengthening polymer, that holds the curl and colour in your lash for longer, whilst reconstructing your lash back to full health. Extension doesn’t just define and lengthen your lashes, it also smooths your lashes to reveal a stronger, more fortified finish.

Over to you!

Which of the above mascaras would you most like to wear? I’d love to hear your feedback! Tweet me, or comment below with your opinions!

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