Why Every Man Needs A Skincare Routine

In a recent argument discussion with my boyfriend about skincare I used this analogy: “you wouldn’t go a day without brushing your teeth or washing your body, so why neglect your face?”, to which he eagerly replied: “But, I don’t wear makeup or put things (your guess is as good as mine as to what ‘things’ refers to) on my face”. And, that ladies and gentlemen is where the discussion came to a grinding halt. Why, I hear you ask? Because, even though my boyfriend isn’t applying ‘things’ to his face, the elements are!

The moment you step outside the door the environment has an open invitation to get up close and personal with your complexion, which is exactly why skincare is just as important for men as it is for women. Dust can clog pores, which then leads to blemishes, while pollution and cold weather can impact on the skin’s moisture levels, which in turn leaves skin feeling dry and flaky – and who wants that?

This is by no means me saying that every man should now adopt a Korean-inspired 10-step routine, but what everyone should at least have is some form of a routine. So, inspired by the exciting new releases from Lab Series, I have collated a routine that’s perfect for every man, and I’ve even roped in Tom, from Escentual’s Digital Marketing team to test them out!


Lab Series Cooling Shave Cream


Shaving isn’t a walk in the park for skin. In actual fact, it’s quite full on, which is exactly why using the right product/tools is so important. In a nutshell, shaving causes the skin severe stress, which in turn can leave it feeling dry and uncomfortable. But, if you use the right method and products you can avoid the discomfort and skip straight to the good bit; a clean shaven finish or beard/stubble that’s etched to perfection.

Our Pick: The Lab Series Cooling Shave Cream is a great staple for every skincare routine because it’s multi-purpose. Not only does it cushion skin against the harsh effects of a razor, but it also contains the nourishing properties of a pre-shave oil. The low-impact formula will help to minimise redness, soothe any discomfort and instantly cool, resulting in a comfortable and close shave.

Quick Tip: Once you’ve lathered up your shaving cream let it sit for 2-3 minutes on the skin, this will soften the hairs and make a one-pass shave possible.


Tom says: “You may have already noticed from the image above, but I don’t sport a clean shaven look. Instead, I use a razor and shaving cream every once in a while to tidy up the edges.  And the Lab Series Cooling Shave Cream ticked all the boxes for me, it was easy to use, mess-free and didn’t clog up my razor – no complaints here!”



Lab Series All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel


If you’ve read up until this point but you’re still on the fence about skincare, then I urge you to pay close attention to this section. Of all the steps in skincare routine, cleansing is the most important. And the reasons for why are simple; cleansing will remove daily impurities, excess sebum and keep the skin healthy and clear. Men’s skin typically has larger pores and very active sebaceous glands, so it’s crucial that balance is maintained, or the end result will be blemishes, clogged pores and blackheads.

Our Pick: The great thing about the Lab Series All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel is that it works deep down without disturbing the skin’s pH. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients too, so helps to keep the skin conditioned as well as fresh and clean.

Quick Tip: Cleanse your skin before shaving! The lubricating ingredients in the cleanser will reduce friction between the blade and skin, for a smoother glide.


Tom says: “I neglect cleansing far too often. Living in a busy city means my skin requires better maintenance than I generally provide, and the Lab Series All in one Cleansing gel is a quick and easy way to cleanse the face. The gel creates a gentle foam with a fresh scent which left my skin instantly clearer and softer. “



 Lab Series All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel


If you’re not a fan of wrinkles then you can’t afford to skip this step. Moisturising daily will help to keep skin plump and healthy, so it’s a very crucial step. However, it’s not just premature ageing that’ll have to contend with if you skip moisturising, it could  also make your skin dull, flaky and even spur on adult acne. I don’t know about you but spending 30 seconds applying moisturiser doesn’t seem all that bad now, does it?

Our Pick: The Lab Series All-In-One Hydrating Gel isn’t like every other moisturiser on the shelf, it’s specifically crafted for men that want their skincare to feel weightless on their skin. But, despite feeling like nothing, it does everything! The gel formula hydrates, soothes, calms and also contains oil-absorbing powder, which leaves skin matte and shine-free.

Quick Tip: Many people apply too much moistusier. All you need is a pea-sized amount – you’ll notice your products go much further when you make this change!


Tom says: “The first thing I noticed about the All In One Hydrating Gel is how cooling it is. The thick gel spread easily over my skin and absorbed very quickly, leaving a matte yet fresh feel. I’ll definitely continue to use this moisturiser since I found it’s cooling properties very soothing after cleansing.”



Lab Series Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask


There’s nothing quite like a face mask to completely revitalise your complexion, and why should men let women have all the fun – men deserve great-looking skin too! The reason face masks are a crucial part of a skincare routine is because they allow you to target specific concerns head-on, whether that be enlarged pores, blemishes or anything in between.

Our Pick: There’s nothing quite like a clay face mask when your skin is feeling congested, and there’s also nothing quite like the Lab Series Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask. With a bright blue colour it’s quite unique-looking on the skin, but most importantly it does a great job at drawing out impurities from deep down, to completely revitalise the complexion and keep it looking clear and matte.

Quick Tip: Face Masks should be a part of your weekly skincare routine, not your daily routine. Keep it to 1-2 a week so that you don’t overdo it!


Tom says: “There’s a time and a place for a face mask. In the changing rooms after a game of football probably isn’t one of them, but if you can find 10 minutes to yourself one evening, applying this blue mask is quite the treat. I really enjoyed applying this mask, I felt like a child again playing with face paint. Once applied, I could feel my pores being cleared of the impurities of city life, and after removing the mask my skin looked and felt much cleaner.”



Over to you!

What’s your stance on skincare now? Comment below or tweet me @EscentualCeryn!

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  • I told my boyfriend to switch to a better brand of moisturizer and he was so happy that I told him that! He said that it makes his skin feel so much more moisturized and its such better quality. I totally agree with the conversations that you’ve been having with him!


    • escentual

      Thanks, Diana! I really think skincare is important, no matter what gender you are. Glad you enjoyed the post! Ceryn