Black Magic: Discovering Givenchy Le Soin Noir Skincare

When it comes to the discussion of luxury skincare, I instinctively separate Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir collection into its own super stellar league.

Why? Because Le Soin Noir is the absolute pinnacle of Givenchy’s already-impressive skincare offering. It showcases the most up-to-date expertise, innovation and ingredients in a seriously high-performance range of products. It’s also one of those wonderous skincare collections that doesn’t compromise on its end goal: it uses everything in its arsenal to make your complexion look visibly regenerated.

To achieve this, Le Soin Noir doesn’t just dabble in line smoothing or brightening areas of dullness; it offers a global action against the skin’s main issues as it matures, specifically targeting a lack of firmness, reduced density, prominent wrinkles, excessive dryness and diminished radiance.

Simply put, it’s the sort of collection that surpasses all of your expectations of what skincare could, and should be.


What’s So Special About Le Soin Noir?

As is the case with all skincare ranges worth their salt, the specialness of Le Soin Noir lies in its pioneering technology. In this instance, it’s the fancily-named “Sovereign Alliance of Life Algae” that sets Le Soin Noir apart, a complex that features two types of algae (black sap and golden sap) derived from the darkest depths of the ocean. The result of 10 years of research, the complex works to regenerate the skin and support cells throughout their entire life cycle in the same way that algae resists attack and regenerates itself, even when faced with the most hostile conditions.

This complex is at the core of every Le Soin Noir product in the collection, often paired with other skin-boosting marine ingredients like Vital Marine Water, which is rich in manganese and silica, or Black Pearl Powder to eliminate toxins and boost microcirculation.

Another thing I should mention about Le Soin Noir is its most defining characteristic: each formula in the range, no matter whether it’s a cleanser or a moisturiser, is pitch black. It’s a fairly minor detail, but it creates a surprisingly impactful application experience; massaging the black cream onto your skin and watching it disappear into an invisible film is like performing a little bit of alchemy at your dressing table.


How Do I Build a Le Soin Noir Ritual?

Despite the complicated technology and incredible expertise piled into every product, building your ideal routine is refreshingly straightforward. There are essentially four steps: the first is to cleanse, the second is to prepare the skin, the third is to treat it with the most concentrated products in the collection, and the final step is to protect skin against environment aggressions. The routine is completely customisable; you can use all of the products together to reap the full effects of Le Soin Noir, or cherry pick aspects to supplement your existing routine.

For the perfect introduction to Le Soin Noir try the Le Soin Noir Travel Kit, which features the Le Soin Noir Cleanser, the Le Soin Noir Cream and Le Soin Noir Eyes. To choose your own routine, read on…

Step 1: Cleanse

Le Soin Noir Rituel de Nettoyage Cleanser

This is a very cool cleanser indeed. The black gel-cream transforms into a rich foam that boosts microcirculation and improves the texture of the skin, resulting in a smoother and more luminous complexion after use. Remove the cleanser with the included konjac sponge for added exfoliation.

Step 2: Prepare

Le Soin Noir Lotion Essence

Essences are known as the cushioning step between cleansers and treatments, with a primary purpose of boosting the effectiveness of every product that’s applied afterwards. This gel-like lotion has the added benefit of hydrating and refreshing the skin, bringing with it improved luminosity.

Step 3: Treat

Le Soin Noir Serum or Le Soin Noir & Blanc Essential Oils

The most potent step in the routine is the step just before moisturiser. In the Le Soin Noir routine there are two options: the Le Soin Noir Serum, which contains the highest concentration of the age-defying Sovereign Alliance of Algae Complex, or the new Le Soin Noir & Blanc Essential Oils, a sensorial oil duo that has the added benefit of brightening pigmentation and dark spots.

Step 4: Protect

Le Soin Noir Eyes

This melting formula is all you need for the eye area as it offers an all-in-one solution, working to smooth and decongest the skin while lifting the lids and giving a more luminous look to the eyes.


Le Soin Noir Cream or Le Soin Noir Cream Leger

And finally, your moisturiser. There are two versions to choose from here: the original Le Soin Noir Cream, which has a slightly richer texture that’s perfect for normal to dry skin types, or Le Soin Noir Creme Leger which offers a lighter touch for those with combination or sensitive skin. The pioneering technology within both formulas remains exactly the same, working to regenerate and rejuvenate the complexion when used both day and night.


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