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Dior Homme is a fragrance line that acts as a capsule wardrobe of scents for the modern man. There’s the original, an effeminate and sensitive blend of suede, iris, and lavender made for everyday wear. In the evening, a gent can reach for the gourmand-leaning Homme Intense to get his fix of the deeply seductive and the magnetic, whilst in summer, he is catered for with Homme Cologne and Eau for Men. There isn’t an occasion when a man doesn’t have a scent to match the Dior Homme line. Here, I’m spotlighting Dior Homme Sport, the aroma that caters to the man with a love of athletic activities.

Before the review, I must let you know about Dior Homme Sport’s history; the fragrance has received a few reformulations since its launch.

2008 – launched: Dior Homme Sport was first released as a woody-aromatic fragrance for men. The Eau de Toilette was created by Dior’s in-house Perfumer-Creator, Francois Demachy.

2012 – reformulation: Four years after its initial launch, Dior Homme Sport underwent its first update; it was given a more elegant and powdery touch by the perfumer who created it, Francois Demachy.

2017 – reformulation: the 2017 edition was a reworking of the original scent. Francois Demachy was again behind the update; this sportier edition took the traditional traits of hesperidic masculine fragrances and pushed them to the extreme. The result was intensely fresh and bold. Francois Demachy spoke of “extreme fruits” and “explosive notes” for this update, creating a vibrant signature that added a chic touch to the sports genre.

2021/2022 – reformulation: A decade after its first reformulation, Dior decided that Dior Homme Sport was due another refresh. On the update, Demachy said, “I reworked the signature freshness of Dior Homme Sport to pack the punch of a boxer’s uppercut. […] It’s a decidedly new composition, revisited with a notion of carefree elegance”. The current Dior Homme Sport is spicier and more masculine than ever before; plus, its bottle has had a very subtle update. Read on for the full review…


This Fragrance Smells Like…

Dior Homme Sport smells masculine and seductive. It’s citrusy, spicy and woody all at once, which makes for a very energetic scent – you can’t ignore it, and it leaves you wanting more.

The citrus notes are bergamot and lemon, and their zing is very recognisable; the spiciness comes from pink pepper, which pairs with amber to give the aroma a warmth and charm. Unlike any previous Dior Homme Sport, this version contains frankincense, which gives the composition more depth, and elegance; it works perfectly alongside the woody base.


What’s The Story Behind This Scent?

Dior Homme Sport was first created in 2008 as part of the iconic Dior Homme range. Since its launch, there have been many versions, but the heart of the collection remains the same, catering to a man who is alluring, casual, and free.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re a Dior Homme fan, this will make an excellent addition to your collection. Even better, if you’ve loved previous versions of Dior Homme Sport, this version will undoubtedly steal your heart.


This Perfume Smells Similar To:

The Dior Homme Sport has similarities to the Dior Homme fragrance collection; the entire line-up shares the same DNA with each one having its own uniqueness, catered to a different man, mood or moment.


Is Dior Homme Sport Unisex?

Homme is ‘male’ in French, so it’s no surprise that this fragrance is marketed towards men. That said, fragrance has no real gender – at Escentual, we always recommend being led by your nose, not advertising.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Eau de Toilette fragrances tend to last around 3 hours on average. That said, Dior Homme Sport lasted considerably longer – after around 5 hours, I could still smell it.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The Dior Homme Sport bottle is in keeping with the rest of the Dior Homme line. It’s sleek and chic, but I’d expect nothing less from the House of Dior. It has a clear glass bottle, accented by sophisticated black lines and topped with a clear cap, complete with the Dior Homme logo and a red ‘sport’ on the bottle.



Dior Homme Sport is part of Dior’s sustainable development initiative, which aims to improve the House of Dior’s impact on the climate, resources, and waste.


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