Dior Sauvage Very Cool Spray Review

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I’m here today to tell you about something cool – very cool you might say (haha aren’t I funny?) in fact, it’s so cool I can’t stop using the word ‘cool’, which may make this an interesting article for you to read. In all seriousness, the subject of today’s article is something innovative and new from the house of Dior – a brand that made a big splash with the wild an untamed masculine fragrance Sauvage just two short years ago. Now for 2017, there’s an entirely new way to wear Sauvage – one that is fresher and dare I say it – cooler (sorry).

The Dior Sauvage Very Cool Spray is an Eau de Toilette Air Spray that allows a guy to chuck on his Sauvage wherever he is. In an unbreakable canister that is environmentally friendly due to its innovative air-powdered mister, Sauvage Very Cool Spray acts as a powering and refreshing way to wear Sauvage that highlights the original Eau de Toilette’s structure through lightness and freshness. It’s something new and different, allowing a guy to extend his use of Sauvage to wherever he fancies – whether that be before or after the gym, or just when he wants a top up. What’s known for sure is that whenever he uses it he’ll be very cool indeed! OK, I promise to stop saying ‘cool’ now… 


Dior Sauvage Very Cool Spray Fresh Eau de Toilette

The Notes

Bergamot, Sichuan Pepper and Ambroxan


How Does it Smell?

Everything about Sauvage in the Very Cool Spray feels bigger and more enhanced. It’s like experiencing the fragrance in widescreen, where all of the notes appear larger and more vivid.  Take the bergamot for example – the signature note of Sauvage.  In the Very Cool Spray, this bergamot glistens brighter but it also feels colder, revitalising the senses with a bracing freshness that is like taking a cooling splash of water to the face.

The base too is stronger, with the salty marine tones of ambroxan presenting a smoother feel than in the Eau de Toilette, adding an airy musk vibe that is complex, with hints of salted skin, ambergris and woods blending together perfectly.  But Sauvage wouldn’t be ‘Sauvage’ without a touch of wilderness and the roughness comes from Sichuan Pepper which gives the scent a rockier and more arid feel. The clash of the rough and the smooth makes for an interesting dynamic, turning Sauvage into something active and compelling to wear.

Dior’s Very Cool Spray is very cool indeed. It presents a new way to wear Sauvage – one that is entirely enveloping and refreshing. The scent is largely the same but in this version it feels more diffusive and spacious, creating the perfect compliment to Sauvage Eau de Toilette.  But it’s not just the scent that is pleasant, it’s the method of application too and there really isn’t anything else more pleasing than generously misting on a dose of this cooling spray, especially on muggy summer days.  My advice is to get one this summer, spray it on lavishly and bask in the glorious coolness of this version of Sauvage, which is very cool indeed… 


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