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Many people can’t leave the house without a few coats of mascara, or a swipe of lipstick, but for me, it’s all about the blush. There’s something magical about what a pop of blush can do to a woman’s complexion, taking you from gaunt to glowing in a sweep of the brush.

However, despite its miracle-working ability, blush remains the one product many women are afraid to experiment with. But not anymore! To celebrate the release of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new Artist Face Colors I have created a guide to mastering blush. Whether you have a question about finding your perfect shade or the art of application, find it answered below…



MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Face Color Blush in (L-R) B202 Blue Pink, B206 Peachy Pink, B308 Coral, B306 Shimmery Mandarin, B402 Vermillon, B500 Plum Swatches
1. Pick a suitable shade

When it comes to blush, shade choice is everything. Get it right and you’ll give your complexion a radiant, healthy glow; get it wrong and it can have the opposite effect. The most important thing to bear in mind when picking a blush is that the colour should mimic the natural flush of your cheeks. A tip for discovering this perfect hue is by looking at the inside of your lip or at the colour of your fingertips.

Need a little extra help? Here are some shade recommendations from the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Face Color blush range, to help you find your blush match…

Fair to Light

Fair and light skin will look the best when sporting a pink, however, the type of pink depends completely on your undertone. Those with a pink undertone will suit a more blue-toned blush, so shade B202 – Blue Pink will be the perfect option. If you have fair or light skin with more of a yellow undertone, opt for something that’s a little warmer. The coral hue of shade B206 – Peachy Pink couldn’t be a better fit as it’ll complement the warmth of your complexion.

Olive to Medium 
Most medium and olive skin tones have a natural radiance to their complexion, so their blush choice need not be dramatic. However, that being said most medium skin tones can wear almost any blush shade they like (lucky things)! Avoid shades that are dulling or cold, instead choose between warm peachy hues like B-308 Coral, or the orange tone of B-306 – Shimmery Mandarin.
Dark skin tones can go bold when it comes to blush! But, there’s one important thing to remember when picking a blush for a deep complexion: stay warm. Picking a shade that is too cool will result in a rather ashy looking complexion. Terracotta, tangerine, and purple hues are the ones to look out for as they’re beautiful when paired with a darker complexion. Try a burnt red like B402 – Vermillon or mauve-toned purple like B500 – Plum.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Face Color Blush in B206 Peachy Pink

2. Apply it right

Where you apply your blush will have a huge effect on your finished result. Apply it too low and it’ll look as if your skin is sagging; apply it too high and you’ll get a china doll style finish. But how do you ensure the perfect application? Easy, just follow these tips…

• Smile! When you smile the apples of your cheek become more prominent. However, remember not to go too low, because the apples of your cheeks will drop when you’re not smiling!

• Place two fingers on the side of your nose, your blush should start from there and outward.

• Don’t go lower than your cheekbones! Applying blush just above the cheekbone will lift the features.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Brushes in L-R 158, 156, 150

3. Choose the perfect tool

If you’re looking to master blush, using a suitable tool is a must. If your brush is too large you’ll end up covering too much surface area, and likewise, if it’s too small and densely packed you could end up applying too much. I recommend going for a small to medium size brush, with soft and most importantly fluffy bristles that help you achieve the perfect blend. Here are a few brushes that make applying blush a walk in the park…

MAKE UP FOR EVER Double Ended Sculpting Brush 158 – The one to choose if you’re tight on space, the Double Ended Sculpting Brush is ideal for blush, highlight, and bronzer application.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Round Blush Brush 156 – Perfect for all types of blush application, the Flat Round Blush Brush 156 has soft, fluffy bristles that work great with loose and compact powders.

• MAKE UP FOR EVER Precision Blush Brush 150 – A little more firm than the others listed, the Precision Blush Brush 150 will allow you to apply with more accuracy.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Face Color Blush and Artist Color Paint in M82 Matt Fuschia

4. Find a texture that suits you

The most popular blush texture is powder, but that’s not to say it’s the best option for everyone. If you’re prone to blemishes or have oily skin then definitely stick to a powder formula, however, those with relatively blemish-free or dark skin may like the result of a creamier texture. Here are a couple of my favourite non-powder formulas…

• MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Color Paint – Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product? The Aqua XL Color Paints make for high-pigment blushers, which are waterproof too!

• Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blusher  – A cult product through and through, the Watercolor Blushers by Daniel Sandler are silicone-based, which allows for easy application and a formula that lasts all-day.


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