Why Everyone’s Talking About Vichy Mineral 89

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Every once in a while a skincare product will launch and the beauty world will sound a fanfare, signaling everyone to run out and grab it. And that’s exactly what has happened with Vichy Mineral 89; a serum that’s being recommended left, right and centre.

From magazines to beauty bloggers, everyone is shouting from the rooftops about Vichy Mineral 89 Serum and I’m here to shine a light on why. Never one to miss a trick (or a good skincare product), I’ve created an edit that will answer all of your burning Mineral 89 questions. So whether you’re a French Pharmacy fanatic, or you’ve heard Mineral 89 would be good for you, let’s find out why this skin booster is causing such a stir…


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What is Mineral 89?

At first glance, you wouldn’t be foolish to think that Mineral 89 is just another hydrating serum, but, it’s more than that. The second step in your skincare routine, after cleansing, Mineral 89 is a serum that delivers your skin its daily dose of strength and hydration.

What makes Mineral 89 stand out from the crowd is that it has a multitude of skincare benefits: it hydrates and plumps skin with moisture, strengthens the skin’s barrier function and also protects skin against the harmful effects of pollution.

Why do I need it?

Pollution and fatigue are just two of the everyday things that our skin puts up with; so it’s no wonder that our complexion can often look tired and lacklustre. And just like we need our fair share of fruit and vegetables to keep our body fit and healthy, our skin also craves minerals to keep it strong and youthful. That’s where Mineral 89 comes in! Designed to fortify skin and make it more resistant to external aggressors, Mineral 89 is the one skincare product you can use (and rely on) all-year round, no matter your skin type.

Another reason many are shouting about this formula is because it has a sensitive skin friendly formula. Dermatologist and allergy-tested, the serum is free from oil, fragrance, silicones, parabens, alcohol and colourants.

How does it work?

With only 11 ingredients, Mineral 89 is simple yet effective. Hyaluronic acid is first up, a molecule that can hold 1000 times its weight in water works to plump and hydrate, which in turn helps to smooth fine lines and give the complexion a beautiful bounce. Next, rare minerals (found within Vichy Thermal Mineralizing Water) improve the skin’s overall health, strengthening the skin’s barrier function, whilst Vichy Thermal Mineralzing Water drenches the skin in radiance-enhancing moisture. The result is skin that looks and feels happy.


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How does it feel?

Ultra-refreshing! The gel formula sinks straight into the skin leaving a comfortable, shine-free and non-greasy finish.

Where does its name come from?

Mineral 89 got its name from its 89% Vichy Thermal Mineralizing Water formula. The highest concentration of Vichy Thermal Mineralizing Water in a single product, Mineral 89 truly is a one-stop shop for all of your hydration needs.

Who can use it?

Everyone! The amazing thing about Mineral 89 is that can be used by every skin type, including sensitive skin. Here’s how it’ll work for you…

Dry skin: Mineral 89 will be a dry complexions best friend. Packed with 89% Vichy Thermal Mineralizing Water, the hydrating serum will keep skin optimally hydrated and dry patches at bay.

Sensitive skin: Thanks to its calming formula, Mineral 89 will immediately soothe hypersensitive skin. Perfect if you suffer from rosacea or bouts of redness, this skin-quenching serum will bring instant relief.

Oily skin: Thanks to its shine-free, non-greasy finish Mineral 89 can also be enjoyed by those who have an oily skin type. And better yet, it’ll hydrate without clogging pores!

Normal skin: Even normal skin can suffer from dry patches or dehydration, so use Mineral 89 to keep your complexion radiant all-year round.

How do I use it?

After cleansing, apply 2 drops of the Vichy Mineral 89 Serum onto your skin and spread evenly over the face until fully absorbed. You can use Mineral 89 as the first step in your skincare routine, or as your everyday moisturiser.


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