The Best His & Her Fragrances


Buying fragrance for one person can be tough, but buying for two can be even harder. Not only do you have to find them something that they each like, but you’ve also got to think about opting for fragrances that work together nicely too. Let’s face it, when a couple is good together, you can’t go wrong with buying them fragrance gifts that compliment each other, now can you? Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy matchy-matchy scents – no couple wants to smell the same – but you can opt for fragrant pairs that have a symbiotic connection. But don’t worry if that all sounds a bit daunting and complex because Escentual has got your back this Christmas!

In this guide, I’ll be bringing you fragrance pairings for five types of couple that may be languishing on your ‘to buy’ list. They range from those that like to party all through the weekend to those timeless couples that have been together forever and a day. Whoever you are buying for, this guide has nifty ideas about complimentary fragrances for couples who want to smell good together.




The ‘Stay Out ‘Till 5am Partying’ Couple

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal and La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto

Guerlain L'Homme Ideal and La Petitie Robe Noire Black PerfectoWe all know a couple that just loves to party.  They are the life and soul of every gathering, dressing up to the nines in the showiest of threads and living their life as freely, and in as fun a manner as possible.  I think we all possibly envy them a little bit too.  I for one can’t stay out past midnight without moaning about how I really should be in bed.  But the fun-loving party couple isn’t like that – they live for the adventure of a night out and a thrill of energy that loud music, laughter and dancing brings.

But what perfumes to buy these two dancing lovebirds?  Something vibrant, energetic and excessive, that’s for sure!  You need a perfume pair that is as loud, daring and cheeky as these two and I think Guerlain may just have them covered.  Enter L’Homme Ideal for him and La Petite Robe Noire Black Perfecto for her.  Both boast cheeky gourmand notes of almond, whilst Black Perfecto drapes hers in dark rose, smoky black tea and leather boots, L’Homme Ideal pairs his with a woody, suede jacket with vanilla accents.  Both smell utterly outrageous and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The perfect gifts for that couple that just loves to have a ton of fun.




The ‘Always at the Gym’ Couple

Calvin Klein CK One and CK2


Some couples like to spend more of their time cycling than they do clubbing and that’s fair enough – who are we to argue with a healthy lifestyle? Those that frequent the gym often probably look for something refreshing and not too heavy – something that they can rock before, during and after a workout. For the couple that eats clean only a fragrance that is sparklingly cleansed will do – something that evokes a shower fresh sensibility and a minimalist aura. I think I have just the thing, or should I say ‘things’.

Calvin Klein practically invented the idea of modern cleanliness in fragrance with CK One, which presents a blindingly bright blend of flowers, herbs and musks for a timeless signature that is wonderfully active, vibrant and fresh, whilst also completely abstract. Its sequel CK2 is made very much in the same vein, modernising the style of CK One by playing with notes of wasabi, transparent woods and rain-soaked pebbles, for something clearer and more sparkling. Both are bold but refreshing fragrances that smell cool and fresh – perfect for that active couple you need to buy for. The best part? They’re totally interchangeable so regardless of gender, these scents are perfect for any couple and can be shared between partners. Sharing is caring, after all.

The perfect gifts for that couple that believes the body is a temple.




The ‘In Need of a Treat’ Couple

Miller Harris Tea Tonique and L’Eau Magnetic

Miller-Harris-Tea-Tonique-and-L'Eau-MagneticFor some people, fragrance is just another affordable, everyday accessory that they put on without thinking. For others it may not be the most accessible of luxuries and their priorities may lie elsewhere. Others may just be desperately in need of a treat – something frivolous and fancy that they may not ever go out and buy for themselves. For these couples it’s important to pick something really beautiful that is easy to fall in love with – two criteria that lead my mind to think of Miller Harris.

Miller Harris’ most recent offerings are the perfect blend of luxury and accessibility. The compositions are of the highest quality and opt to simply smell beautiful over challenging or confronting the senses. One pair of Miller Harris scents that works very nicely together is Tea Tonique and L’Eau Magnetic, both of which are fresh, revitalising fragrances with a clear structure. Tea Tonique smells like a fizzy, lemon iced tea with a deep base of green tea leaves, whilst L’Eau Magnetic is evocative of salty sea spray hitting coastal rocks, both served with a musk-driven trail that is powerful and long-lasting. I feel calm just thinking about them!

The perfect gifts for that couple that deserves a luxurious, fragrant treat.




The ‘So On Trend it Hurts’ Couple

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal and Paco Rabanne Pure XS

Paco-Rabanne-PURE-XS-and-Jean-Paul-Gaultier-ScandalDo you have that couple in your life that just has to have the latest everything? I know, I do.  They’ve always got their ear to the ground so they can have the latest fashions, cars, gadgets and of course, scents too. This couple likes to be bang on trend and who can blame them? They are always the sharpest-looking, most enviable people in the room and they always smell good too. So if you’re buying for them this Christmas, you better make sure you pick out the scents of the moment. Luckily for you, we’re on hand to help.

Two of the biggest launches this year were Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier and Pure XS by Paco Rabanne, and whilst these two scents come from different brands they make a perfect pairing because they are the stars of the moment. Scandal is a riotous white floral with a great big dollop of honey to give it an animalic sweetness, oh and it comes in a bottle fashioned with a pair of stiletto-wielding legs too (tell me that’s not enviable, I dare you). The Paco Rabanne isn’t quite so exuberant, but it is a sexy, velvet-like woody-suede scent that feels so very current. Together they make quite the fashionable pair.

The perfect gifts for the couple who are the most fashionable people you know.




The ‘Been Together Forever and a Day’ Couple

Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile and Colonia Essenza


So we’ve covered the on-trend couple, the gym bunnies and the party-goers, but what about those more classic couples on your list? Those pairings that have been together forever and a day, celebrating many anniversaries and life events along the way. They need a fragrant pair that is timeless, golden and sophisticated – three elements that are easily covered by just about anything Acqua di Parma offers, especially the two fragrance gifts we have picked out for them.

You could honestly choose anything from Acqua di Parma to celebrate this golden couple, but my favourites would be Colonia Essenza and Magnolia Nobile, two fragrances that celebrate the richness of life. The Essenza is a deeper, warmer and more formal take on Acqua di Parma’s classic Colonia, with amplified citrus notes and a suave undercurrent of patchouli. On the other hand, Magnolia Nobile is a shimmering white floral that perfectly captures the endless beauty of the magnolia, with creamy floral tones and a zingy, lemon shimmer. Together they are serious #couplegoals, complimenting each other with a refinement that is classic in every way.

The perfect gifts for the couple that have an unbreakable bond.


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