Find Your Perfect GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit Vinyl Shade


If you can’t resist anything that sparkles, you’re reading the right review. Meet the new GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit Vinyl, a rainbow array of 12 glittering and luminous lip colours that are destined to dress your lips in glamour, gloss and most importantly, GIVENCHY.

There’s no better way to create a perfectly polished look than with a lick of lip gloss, whether that be on the lips or the eyes. Fresh, healthy and vibrant, GIVENCHY’s latest gloss innovation is everything a glow addict wants for an instant complexion pick-me-up. Brace yourself lip lovers, you will not be disappointed…




A reformulation hybrid of the best-selling Gloss Revelateur and Gelée D’Interdit lip glosses, Gloss Interdit Vinyl is the new GIVENCHY gloss in town.  Shinier and more radiant than ever before, its non-sticky formula is enriched with the signature GIVENCHY Vinyl Black Rose Oil to hydrate; Mother of Pearl & Polymers to add shine and AbsoluteColor Complex for boosted vibrancy and colour purity.

We all know style and GIVENCHY go hand in hand, so how cool is this? The innovative foam end of the Gloss Interdit Vinyl wand is stamped with a G to spread shine and colour evenly over the lips, reflecting light around the shape of lips to emphasize and enhance what you’ve got to work with, which is a bonus for those with smaller lips like mine!

Gloss meets lustre, the pearlescent finish of each Gloss Interdit Vinyl can be worn alone for a daily dose of shine, or you can pair them with your favourite matte or satin lipstick to add an extra dose of high-shine to your lip look.


Get to know the Gloss Interdit Vinyl shades

With 12 colours to choose from it’s easy to find a shade that suits you and your complexion. From flattering nudes to ultra-pretty pinks, take a look at each shade in more detail below…

GIVENCHY-Gloss-Interdit-Vinyl-Swatches-in- 01 - Rose Révélateur, 16 - Noir Révélateur, 03 - Electric Pink Révélateur,04 - Framboise in Trouble, 05 - Rock N Rose, 06 - Gangsta Nude, 07 - Nude Addiction, 08 - Corail Graffiti, 09 - Crazy In Rose, 10 - Overose, 11 - Bold Orange & 12 - Rouge Thriller

1 – Rose Révélateur

A clear gloss with a difference

One of my favourites in the line-up, 01 Rose Révélateur is my daily-go to shade; I can’t get enough! Its colour-adapting hue will look different on every skin tone (which is great for those who love to be unique), but for me, it gives my lips a delicate flush of colour that appears to polish off any makeup look I wear, neutral or bold. To switch up my look for nights out, I love to wear 01 Rose Révélateur is over the top of my GIVENCHY Le Rouge Mat in 110 Nude Androgyne to add a rosy freshness to its finish.

16 – Noir Révélateur

An unexpected hue that complements all

Prepare to be amazed at 16 Noir Révélateur – I was! This plum-toned black lip lustre, again colour adapts to your skin to create a made-to-measure result shade that is controlled by you, and by the powers of its glittering black magic. Richer and darker than 01 Rose Révélateur, 16 Noir Révélateur delicately enhances the depth of your lips; it’s the perfect shade for those that prefer a berry over a pink.

3 – Electric Pink Révélateur

A sparkling fuschia that oozes glamour


As you can see from above, the 03 Electric Pink Révélateur shade lights up my complexion with a subtle sprinkle of glitter. This bold fuschia shade uses its bubblegum pH adapting formula to amp the colour of your lips, whilst the infusion of blue reflective pearls create an exclusive pop of colour that will brighten up every smile.

4 – Framboise In Trouble

A deep pink hue embellished with vibrance


I am completely bowled over by the colour and finish of 04 Framboise In Trouble; its deep raspberry hue is actually pretty flattering! Slightly daring, the infusion of purple micro pearls illuminate lips, whilst its vibrant purple-pink shade immediately gives an air of sophistication.

5 – Rock n Rose

A statement shade that perks up all skin tones


How pretty is this shade? No matter your makeup style, 05 Rock n Rose is a hue you’ll always be able to rely on to upgrade your look to glamorous. More radiant than glittering, it’s perfect for impromptu meetings, date nights, and just because… it’s oh, so pretty!

6 – Gangsta Nude

The new nude to take note of


A nude with a delicate rosewood twist, 06 Gangsta Nude is actually the complete opposite of its name. Elegant, subtle and pretty, the subtle sheen of this warming lip gloss will beautifully finish off a neutral or bold makeup look, no matter your skin tone.

7 – Nude Addiction

A barely-there hue with a pop of pink magic


If you like your nudes a bit more pinky than usual, then 07 Nude Addiction is your Gloss Interdit Vinyl match. Its flattering blend of pink and beige create a universal shade that’s ready to uplift any complexion.

8 – Corail Graffiti

A subtle coral that adds a finishing touch to any look


This sunny shade will radiate a summer glow all year round. Delicate enough for fair skin, but warming enough for medium to dark skin, 08 Corail Graffiti is the shade I reach for when I want my lips to look healthy and not too vibrant.

9 – Crazy In Rose

A delicate baby pink that warms the skin


This pretty pastel shade oozes feminity with its milky pink hue and subtle injection of delicate shimmer. If you’re scared of pinks, 09 Crazy in Rose complements all with its neutral undertone.

10 – Overose

A vibrant dose of colour that instantly transforms your look


Perfect for those that like to go bold with their look, 10 Overose is a versatile shade for the lips. Fresh and vibrant, its deeper pink shade is timeless and can be worn for any occasion.

11 – Bold Orange

A warm toned red with a splash of coral


11 Bold Orange is a warmer alternative to a traditional red lip. Enriched with golden pearls to illuminate your lip shape, this vibrant shade is a fail-safe for creating a high-glamour look in seconds.

12 – Rouge Thriller

A daring red lip with a high shine twist


The Hollywood-inspired 12 Rouge Thriller shade is enriched with a cool undertone and a shimmering pearl finish to light up your look, even when you have to dash from the desk to the dancefloor.

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