DIOR Capture Youth: The Preventative Ageing Routine


When it comes to ageing prevention is better than a cure. That’s why DIOR has unveiled Capture Youth, their first age-delay skincare routine that helps to slow down the ageing process. Designed to preserve the skin’s youthful capacity, DIOR Capture Youth makes anti-ageing really simple, presenting us with a universal cream and five targeted expert serums – all you need to do is pick the serum that’s best suited to your skin, and voila, you have an anti-ageing regimen that’s bespoke to you.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading to find out why DIOR Capture Youth is unlike any other anti-ageing skincare on the market…



Your Questions Answered

DIOR Capture Youth

Most anti-ageing skincare collections are packed with next-generation ingredients that make them highly effective, and DIOR Capture Youth is no different. However, it’s often this innovation that can make anti-ageing formulas hard to digest, so I have answered some frequently asked questions below, to make shopping the Capture Youth collection a breeze…


Who is Capture Youth for?

Capture Youth formulas are designed for anyone looking to prevent future signs of ageing, as well as those conscious of the effects that stress, UV rays, tobacco and pollution, are having on their skin.


How is Capture Youth different to other anti-ageing ranges?

Most anti-ageing ranges work on the effects of oxidation when it’s too late and signs of ageing have already appeared. Capture Youth, however, boosts the skin’s antioxidant power from the inside and acts on the source of oxidation: glyoxalase. So, unlike other formulas that merely deal with the effects of oxidation, Capture Youth creates a defence system against aggressors such as UV rays and pollution, before they have a chance to age the skin.


How do I create a Capture Youth routine?

Within the Capture Youth collection, there are two steps: target and maximise. The target step is linked with a serum, so you select a serum that meets the needs of your skin. You can choose between Plump Filler, Glow Booster, Matte Maximizer, Redness Soother and Lift Sculptor.

The second step, maximise, is where the Age-Delay Advanced Creme comes in. This antioxidant cream works with the serums to boost their effectiveness while helping to strengthen the skin and fight against signs of ageing.

You can either use this routine daily or as a 1-month treatment when the skin is particularly sensitive.


How do I pick the right Capture Youth serum for me?

When choosing your Capture Youth serum, think about your main skin concern. If you’re worried about dullness, choose the Glow Booster, and likewise if your main problem is pores opt for the Matte Maximizer and so on (find out more about each serum below).



Universal Cream

DIOR Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced CremeDIOR-Capture-Youth-Age-Delay-Advanced-Creme

Star Ingredient: Antioxidant Iris

The Age-Delay Advanced Creme’s job is to keep your skin looking young and radiant for as long as possible. It does this with the help of natural origin iris florentina extract, which works with the skin’s natural antioxidant defence system to strengthen and fight against signs of ageing before they appear.

Designed to work with, and boost all of the Capture Youth Serums, you can use the cream after serum application, or mix 2 to 3 drops of serum directly in with the cream.



Plump & Rehydrate

DIOR Capture Youth Plump FillerDIOR-Capture-Youth-Plump-Filler-Serum

Star Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

Designed to moisturise and plump in one, the Plump Filler Serum is a must-have for those that want their skin to appear more supple and full. Created with naturally derived hyaluronic acid molecules of different molecular weights, the nourishing serum helps rehydrate and revitalise skin. Packed with 87% naturally derived ingredients, including antioxidant iris, the fresh textured treatment quickly absorbs into skin, providing instant freshness and leaving skin plumped, smoothed and youthful-looking.



Brighten & Even

DIOR Capture Youth Glow BoosterDIOR-Capture-Youth-Glow-Boosting-Serum

Star Ingredient: Vitamin C

The answer to lacklustre skin, the Glow Booster Serum is infused with vitamin C for an immediate dose of radiance. Designed to offer skin all the benefits of the kakadu plum, which is 100 times more concentrated in vitamin C than an orange, this serum is a one-way road to a glowing complexion. The energising fluid has an exfoliating action on the skin which combats a dull complexion, while antioxidant iris keeps the formula gentle and helps combat ageing.



Mattify & Refine

DIOR Capture Youth Matte MaximiserDIOR-Capture-Youth-Matte-Maximizer-Serum

Star Ingredient: Lactic Acid

The answer to unwanted shine, the Matte Maximizer helps to control excess shine by mattifying the skin. A combination of lactic acid, pink clay and zinc gluconate help absorb excess sebum, while antioxidant iris keeps skin fresh, comfortable and youthful. Ideal for imbalanced complexions, the mattifying treatment will help reveal perfect skin quality.



Soothe & Correct

DIOR Capture Youth Redness SootherDIOR-Capture-Youth-Redness-Soother-Serum

Star Ingredient: Peptides

The Redness Soothing Serum is the treatment to choose if your skin is sensitive or reactive. The green-tinted formula contains a blend of protective cotton peptides derived from natural sources that help to soothe the complexion. On application, the gentle antioxidant iris-rich fluid calms and refreshes skin, so that it feels comfortable and redness is reduced.



Lift & Sculpt

DIOR Capture Youth Lift SculptorDIOR-Capture-Youth-Lift-Sculptor-Serum

Star Ingredient: Polyphenols

The Lift Sculptor Serum offers an instant tightening effect thanks to the inclusion of naturally derived polyphenols. A quick and easy way to restore your skin’s youthful glow, the Lift Sculptor Serum harnesses the power of its star ingredient, polyphenols, and antioxidant iris to lift and tone the facial contours.


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