MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Palette

MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Palette Product Shot

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Palette has finally launched and it’s set to seriously up the ante of your eye looks.

So, enough with the teasing… it’s time to reveal the palette in all of its intergalactic glory! The MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Palette is a one-stop-shop for intensely pigmented and buttery soft eyeshadow, with textures inspired by the night sky and beyond. Inside the sturdy case you’ll find luminous mattes, glimmering metals and sparkling chromes in an array of neutral and bold hues that tick every box from low key glam to high octane drama. Let’s see more…


The Concept

MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Palette Close Up Of Shades

There’s a showstopping variety of colour in the 18 shade-strong MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Palette, with inspiration ranging from the pale beauty of the Milky Way to the complete black-out of a total Eclipse. In between you’ll find jewel-like hues including bronze, sapphire and amethyst, and a tempting variety of both cool and warm tones.

Setting aside its sumptuous looks for a second, there’s a cool side note to the Star Lit Palette that sets it apart: it’s on a mission to make pairing different eyeshadow colours and textures together completely foolproof. It does this in a really simple and really clever way; by creating mini harmony ‘triangles’ comprised of one matte, one metallic and one chrome shade, you can group complementary shades at a glance. Included with the Star Lit Palette are some handy overlays that you place on top of the colours, with cutouts that reveal the shades that you need to create each specific look. Genius!


The Swatches

MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Palette Swatches of Milky Way, Stellar, Light, Meteor, Moon, Dust, Comet, Shooting, Star, Astral, Zodiac, Sign, Asteroid, Dark, Halo, Eclipse, Heavenly and Vault

Perfect for laidback weekends, work and subtle glam

Milky Way – Pearl with a pink undertone, the perfect highlight (luminous matte)
Stellar – Cool pewter, ideal for a low key daytime smoke-out (glimmering metal)
Light – Pale champagne, a beautiful shade that layers on for starstruck shine (sparkling chrome)

Meteor – Cool and crisp taupe, the ideal shade for a daytime cut crease (luminous matte)
Moon – Rose gold, a warm shade that gilds eyes with molten metal (glimmering metal)
Dust – Warm rosy copper, adds fresh and glittering warmth (sparkling chrome)

Comet – Neutral medium brown, the perfect shade to add dimension (luminous matte)
Shooting – Burnt russet, a warm take on a smokey eye (glimmering metal)
Star – Bronze, enhances brown eyes with its shimmering warmth (sparkling chrome)

Make a statement in a flash with these pigment-rich hues

Astral – Rosewood brown, adds depth to eyes with its warm hue (luminous matte)
Zodiac – Aubergine purple-brown, a chocolatey shade with a twist (glimmering metal)
Sign – Deep amethyst, a jewelled tone that makes green eyes shine (sparkling chrome)

Asteroid – Slate grey-blue, a moody shade that frames blue eyes (luminous matte)
Dark – Deep grey-blue, reminiscent of the sky at night (glimmering metal)
Halo – Denim blue with silver, a multifaceted shimmer for statement eyes (sparkling chrome)

Eclipse – Blacker-than-black, the deepest hue for lining and defining (luminous matte)
Heavenly – Muted mid-brown, a cool brown for a cool gaze (glimmering metal)
Vault – Blue-black with silver, layer it up to create a galaxy on your lids (sparkling chrome)



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