Which Roger & Gallet Fragrance Is For Me?

Which Roger & Gallet Fragrance Is For Me

When you think Roger & Gallet, you can’t help but think of happy, feel-good fragrance. Each one of its famous Wellbeing Fragrant Waters scents every aspect of your day with 100% distilled precious essences chosen for their mood-boosting properties. From creating a moment of relaxation to delivering a blast of energy before you work out, they’re meant to be sprayed liberally and enjoyed to the full!

Although taking care of your wellbeing with fragrance feels like a fairly modern thing, the practice is actually centuries old. Roger & Gallet’s very first cologne, Jean Marie Farina, was inspired by a scented water called Aqua Mirabilis – which was itself created in the 13th century. Incredible, eh? So, while taking care of your body and mind through the use of scented water isn’t anything new, Roger & Gallet has seriously perfected the art with its comprehensive line-up.

If you’re ready to fill your life with some fragrant colour, then you’re in the right place.


Each Roger & Gallet Fragrant Wellbeing Water has a distinctive mood, fresh energising to romantic. Simply choose whichever mood takes your fancy, or take a look at the key notes to see if you spot any favourites in the mix!


The Fresh Fragrances

Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne Spray 100ml

Jean Marie Farina

The timeless, iconic cologne

This is where the wellbeing story begins. The Jean Marie Farine Eau de Cologne was born in 1806 when the heir to the first ever eau de cologne, Jean Marie Farina, created his own fragrance inspired by the aromatic scent of an Italian garden. Worn by the royal courts, favoured by Napoleon (he carried the fragrance in his boot!) and then inherited by Roger & Gallet in 1862, the aroma soon became world-renowned – and its formula has remained a closely guarded secret ever since. Its instantly recognisable medley of citrus, flowers and herbs still has a cult following; spray it on to enjoy instant refreshment at any time of day.

Wear when you want to feel:


Key Notes:

Lemon, Neroli, Myrtle


Roger & Gallet Cedrat Wellbeing Fragrant Water Spray


A wake-up call for the senses

Far from being an eye-watering zesty fragrance, Cedrat (also known as Citron) is a mellower take on a citrus fragrance that still feels so refreshing. Capturing the picture-perfect scene of an Italian getaway, Cedrat smells like just-squeezed still lemonade garnished with a cooling twang of mint, which is smoothed out by woods in the base. Wear this one to bring back memories of summer whenever you need them most.

Wear when you want to feel:


Key Notes:

Cedrat (citron), Mint, Cedar


The Floral Fragrances

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Wellbeing Fragrant Water Spray

Fleur de Figuier

A sun-drenched journey to the Mediterranean coast

From a dewy green garden, to the sun-soaked shores of the Med. Fleur de Figuier takes the same inspiration of the fig tree as Feuille de Figuier, but this time the tree is located in Esterel on the sunny French Riviera, where the terrain is natural and free. Focussing upon the soft sensuality of fig fruit and flowers, Fleur de Figuier is truly mouthwatering; it’s milky, fruity and solar, with an almost gourmand personality that is tempting but never too sweet.

Wear when you want to feel:


Key Notes:

Fig Leaves, Fig Pulp, Fig Milk


Roger & Gallet Fleur d'Osmanthus Wellbeing Fragrant Water Spray

Fleur d’Osmanthus

The euphoric scent of paradise

The fruitiest entry in the Roger & Gallet fragrance collection is Fleur d’Osmanthus, the scent of euphoria. The vibrant aroma takes its inspiration from the Guilin Valley in China, a region often referred to as a modern-day Eden thanks to its paradisiac landscape. It’s on the valley’s sloping hills that osmanthus flowers grow in wild abandon, releasing their joy-inducing aroma into the air. You don’t have to add China to your bucket list in order to experience their blissful, intoxicating scent, though – Fleur d’Osmanthus captures it beautifully.

Wear when you want to feel:


Key Notes:

Mandarin, Osmanthus, Tonka Bean


Roger & Gallet Rose Gentle Fragrant Water Spray


The gentle side of the perfumers’ favourite flower

Rose may be one of the most-explored notes in perfumery, but this unexpectedly tender Rose from Roger & Gallet smells so contemporary and fresh. Their vision of the timeless bloom is a soft melody of plush Nepalese rose petals paired with peony, almost to an equal degree, which makes it slightly sweeter than your average tribute to the Queen of Flowers. This romantic pairing is rounded out by the addition of a tempting almond milk note, which lends a light-as-air softness to the dry down. It’s such an enjoyable, feminine scent – I think it could change the way you think about rose fragrances!

Wear when you want to feel:


Key Notes:

Nepalese Rose, Peony, Almond Milk


The Sensual Fragrances

Roger & Gallet Bois d'Orange Wellbeing Fragrant Water Spray

Bois d’Orange

A siesta under the shade of orange trees

If you prefer your fragrances on the warmer end of the scale, take a trip to the heart of Andalusia in Spain with my favourite Roger & Gallet fragrance, Bois d’Orange. The laidback, sun-dappled scent is inspired by a midday stroll through the tree-lined avenues of the Alhambra palace, as the mesmerising aroma of orange blossom and mandarin fills the summer air. The combination of bright fruits, sundrenched flowers and smooth, sensual woods accented with amber have an almost hypnotising effect.

Wear when you want to feel:


Key Notes:

Basil-Verbena, Orange Blossom, Palissander

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Fragrant Wellbeing Water Spray

Gingembre Rouge

A tasty love letter to a vibrant island

The lighter, more fun-loving sister to Ginger is Gingembre Rouge, a colourful scent that pairs ginger and jewel-like fruits. Created by master perfumers, Alberto Morillas and Amandine Clerc-Marie, this fragrance is inspired by the carefree allure of the island of Zanzibar in East Africa. It presents its core ginger note in three ways (fresh ginger, ginger flower, crystallised ginger), and enhances this trio with with luscious notes of pomegranate, lychee flower and orange blossom to add a colourful flourish to the edible aroma.

Wear when you want to feel:


Key Notes:

Fresh Ginger, Pomegranate Pulp, Lychee Flower

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