The Fragrances Our Customers Wore On Their Wedding Day


The wedding I’ve been waiting for is just around the corner. No, not mine – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Without a doubt the nuptials of the year, this royal do has brought wedding season forward a month, but I’m not complaining because I adore them. I love seeing the dress style the bride chooses and hearing the first dance song, but the main thing I’m excited to hear is what fragrance the bride wore down the aisle.

Choosing a fragrance for ‘the big day’ is a big decision. It’s the scent that’ll evoke memories of the event for years to come, it’s what your husband or bride-to-be will smell as you do your vows – so, it’s not a decision to take lightly.

If you scour the web you’ll find articles predicting Meghan Markle’s chosen perfume (rumoured as Houbigant Quelques Fleurs), but what are everyday women wearing to tie the knot? Well, I’ve found out. From Shiseido to Mugler, here are 5 of our wonderful customers and the aromas they wore to say ‘I do’.



The Bride: Nadia

The Fragrance: Shiseido Ever Bloom Eau de Parfum

Nadia says: “I actually won Shiseido Ever Bloom with Escentual, which worked out perfectly as I always get overwhelmed when fragrance shopping, where do you start? And by the time you’ve tested 5, you can’t tell which is which! I really wanted a new fragrance as I felt I was too used to my trusty Coco Mademoiselle. I wanted something that would instantly take me back to that day whenever I wore it again. It ended up being the perfect match, super feminine and elegant without being too sweet, lasted all day, I still love it!”

Ceryn says: “I can say with confidence that Ever Bloom is a fragrance that makes you glow! Inspired by the beauty of a single bloom, it’s a floral perfume centred around a white bouquet of orange blossom and gardenia. If you’re looking for something timeless and classic with a youthful and enchanting twist this is it.”



The Bride: Lora
The Fragrance: Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Eau de Parfum

Lora says: “Scent evokes really strong memories with me so there was only one choice for my wedding perfume. We got engaged in Las Vegas and I had purchased Elizabeth and James Black Nirvana whilst we were out there so I couldn’t not wear it on our wedding day. Whenever I wear it now I’m instantly whisked back to a holiday of happiness and surprise, as well as a wedding day filled with love and laughter!

Ceryn says: “Nirvana Black is the perfect alternative wedding day scent. Yes, it’s sexy, but it has a creamy and comforting edge that you just want to pull close and embrace. Centred on a vanilla note, it’s made for brides that want something a little different.”

The Bride: Louise
The Fragrance: Emporio Armani SHE Eau de Parfum

Louise says: “One of my all-time favourite fragrances is Armani She. It’s somewhat of my signature scent and I was wearing it the night I met my husband and the night of our first date. Seemed only fitting that I wore it again on our wedding day. Distinctive and subtle at the same time.”

Ceryn says: “When I think of Armani She I think of the fabric, silk. Soft and feminine it is a timeless wedding day perfume. With sweet trails of mandarin and pear in the top, creamy nuances of almond in the heart and an alluring vanilla base, She strikes the perfect balance between elegance, seduction and femininity.”



The Bride: Caz

The Fragrance: Gucci Flora Eau de Toilette

Caz says: “I was first drawn to Gucci Flora due to the elegant bottle, as my wedding was abroad in the spring (may 2013) I was after a scent that complimented being outdoors. The light delicate scent of citrus with a crispy punch not only reminded me of my bridal flowers but smelt very feminine, classy and luxurious. It’s beautifully fresh with its floral notes, not overpowering, long lasting and simply perfect for the spring/summer months.”

Ceryn says: “Flora by Gucci is my kind of floral fragrance. It isn’t heavy or overpowering like many floral perfumes, instead, it has a delicate grace that is bright and inviting. Uplifting and fresh, Flora marries a romantic rose note with exotic nuances of osmanthus to create a scent that is sundrenched and graceful.”



The Bride: Sarah

The Fragrance: Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum

Sarah says: “I wore Thierry Mugler Angel on my wedding day because it has been my favourite scent since I was a young teenager. I chose it for its soft, sweet, romantic and whimsical elements and its familiarity actually helped to relax my wedding day nerves! It’s comforting, gourmand notes enveloped me in an invisible hug and now whenever I wear it or smell it on someone else I’m instantly transported back to that exciting and wonderful day.”

Ceryn says: “One of perfumery’s most famous gourmands, there’s no other place a sweet-toothed bride should look than Angel by Mugler. It’s a perfume that always prompts the question: “what fragrance are you wearing?”. The iconic composition opens with delicious red fruits, closely followed by soft caramel, honey and praline and a mouth-watering base of patchouli and vanilla.”


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