Why You Need Benefit 3 Teasy Tints

Benefit Chachatint Posietint Gogotint 3 Teasy Tints Swatches Lip and Cheek

Are easy and effortless your buzz words when it comes to everyday makeup? Ours too. No one has the time to sculpt, strobe and cut crease when the 7.15am train is mere minutes away from departing without you (although, we salute those who nail it every morning – you’re our idols).

That’s why the Benefit 3 Teasy Tints Set should be firmly on your radar. Exclusive to Escentual, the trio of travel-sized lip and cheek stains is an instant saviour for the time-strapped, featuring three bestselling shades – Chachatint, Posietint and Gogotint – that suit every occasion, and every time of year.

When we say travel-sized, we mean travel-sized – you can slip one of these 4ml bad boys into your pocket for discreet touch-ups and your office mates will be none the wiser. And the best part? With this one set you’ve got a week in, week out colour update for both your cheeks and your lips. At £17.50, it’s incredible great value for a new wardrobe of fresh beauty looks.

Emma Lynham Escentual applying Benefit Chachatint - Lip and Cheek stain


If you remember Benefit’s classic dot-and-blend Benetint lip and cheek stain, then you’ll understand how these mini marvels work. The only difference here is that Chachatint, Posietint and Gogotint are slightly milkier on application, which gives you some time to apply and blend before the stain dries.

Simply dab the tint onto your cheeks with the precise little brush, blend it out with your fingers, and then repeat if you want your colour to be a bit more vibrant. It couldn’t be easier to achieve an instant hit of happy-go-lucky colour.

Here’s how the beauty team wore 3 Teasy Tints when we got their hands on them…


Chelsey Lynham wears Benefit Chachatint Lip & Cheek Stain Cha Cha Tint

Emma wears… Chachatint

“When I need a little lift, the Chachatint Mango Lip & Cheek Stain is my jam. This tropical lip and cheek stain is ideal for those who are partial to a bit of coral – it bestows the most beautiful and flattering pink-orange glow. I find that this works well for all skin tones, too.

Right now I’m as pale as pale can be, and I’m loving how it helps me to cheat my way to a fresh and energised complexion. In the summer, it’ll be my go-to for effortless, tan-enhancing colour that’s a breeze to apply and wear. There’s nothing that Chachatint can’t do to boost a lacklustre look.

My top tip is to apply it to one cheek at a time – if I dot onto both cheeks and if I’m not quick enough when blending the first one, then the stain can dry into an interesting pattern on the second. It says a lot for it’s staying power, though!”

Already love it? Find the full size Chachatint here!


Chelsey Edmunds wears Benefit Posietint Lip & Cheek Stain Posie Tint

Chelsey wears… Posietint

‘’The Posietint Poppy-Pink Lip & Cheek Stain is a nostalgic colour for me. Since trying it out again, I don’t know why I ever stopped wearing it! Being a fair blonde, I have to choose my colours wisely, but there’s something special about this milky bubblegum undertone that works wonders for my skin.

For everyday wear, I tend to use this more as a lip colour to make me look like I’ve made a bit of an effort. When I do wear this as blush, I pop it on before my foundation, then let the baby pink tint naturally flush through as I prefer my blush to look more natural. As with every Benefit tint, I love how easy it is to build. You can keep it minimal or layer it up when you’re really feeling bold.’’

Already love it? Find the full size Posietint here!


Ceryn Lawless Benefit Gogotint Lip & Cheek Stain Gogo Tint

Ceryn wears…Gogotint

“I’m having a dewy skin moment right now. I’ve pushed powders to the side and am loving everything and anything that’s going to give my skin a healthy glow, which is exactly why Gogo is my new go-to.

The Gogotint Bright Cherry Lip & Cheek Stain is the brightest of all the Benetints, but don’t worry – it’s just the right amount of vibrancy. When applied, the cherry pink hue blends beautifully into the skin, acting as the perfect complexion pick-me-up (you can easily layer up for extra intensity).

If like me you’re moving away powders for summer and want to inject some colour into your makeup routine, Gogotint is my ultimate recommendation!”

Already love it? Find the full size Gogotint here!

Over to you!

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