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  1. (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions.


  1. food such as grass or hay for horses and cattle; fodder.
  2. a wide search over an area to obtain something, especially food of provisions.


As lovers of perfume, we are explorers of the realm of scent. We forage the natural and synthetic world for olfactory experiences that please, beguile and stupefy us. We want the new and the exciting – we want scent that tells us stories and long for perfumes that evoke emotions in us, transporting us to places new and old. Perfume is transportive – it’s a vessel by which we can be taken anywhere the mind can imagine, all through molecules and materials. We are but foragers on a mission for beautiful olfactory experiences.

Miller Harris has done lots of exploring in their time, whether that be globetrotting to certain places, or traversing through certain materials, or even pieces of literature. They are olfactory adventurers and their most recent collection looks closer to home with a three-piece series that scours the high and low of the urban landscape. Forage is a collection of fragrances inspired by the city and how the natural and urban exist in harmony. Miller Harris has looked to the rooftops, the parks and the city streets to bring us three exciting fragrances that celebrate the beauty of the space we inhabit. It takes the aspects that we may overlook and reminds us of the lush nature around us. Let’s explore…


Miller Harris Hidden On The Rooftops Eau de Parfum

Miller Harris Hidden on the Rooftops Eau de Parfum Spray

Hidden asks us to look up towards the sky and the bustling, thriving life found in our skylines. But it is not the buildings themselves that inspire this fragrance, nor is it the beautifully landscaped roof gardens, no, it is the honey bees that work furiously throughout the city that Hidden wishes to celebrate. The results of this celebration are a truly fascinating fragrance that feels like it could very much be the in thing this summer.

The focus of Hidden is, rather unsurprisingly, honey, but it’s not just about the work product of honey bees, it’s also about the raw materials and the centre point sees the honey paired with a bevy of beautiful, fragrant flowers (honeysuckle, rose etc) that beg to be pollinated by the bees, in addition to the pollen itself. What could smell rich and heavy is actually a delightfully sheer sweet floral accented by crisp citrus and soft greenery. It’s remarkably beautifully and somewhat bohemian.



Miller Harris Wander Through the Parks Eau de Parfum Spray

Wander takes us on a journey through one of London’s many parks – giant spaces with waves of greenery. But it is not the vibrant blades of grass, nor the leafy trees and shrubs found in these parks that Wander takes inspiration from, no, instead it is a plant that holds firm in our memories, evoking both good and bad experiences. I am of course referring to the humble stinging nettle. Once again, Miller Harris offers a twist and a turn with this collection.

If you’re worried, you’ll be pleased to note that, thankfully, there is no sting in the fragrance! Wander is a fusion of spiky green notes and juicy fruit notes. Mandarin, blackcurrant and grapefruit soften the greenery of galbanum at the heart, rounding off some of the dry and bitter facets of this bold material. Violet leaf extends the greenery but also brings a mineral, aqueous vibe that provides perfect contrast. Smelling Wander, one gets the impression of a winding stone path that cuts through a lush and overgrown park. It’s my favourite of the three!



Miller Harris Lost in the City Eau de Parfum Spray

Lost is a fragrance about the contrasts found within modern cities. It’s a fragrance of juxtapositions, where the vivid colour of plants pops against the neutral tones of contrast – where nature stands out against a backdrop of things man-made. Lost captures the wonder of the city and that ever-evolving tussle between mankind and nature, presenting a vibrant fragrance based on the duality of urban spaces.

At its heart, Lost is a beautiful rose fragrance. Up top it is enhanced by sparkling bergamot, creating a gorgeously vivid Earl Grey tea accord. Blackcurrant and rhubarb bring the vivid pops of colour – two great big splashes of red and purple like graffiti tags on the city’s concrete walls with sharpness and tang creating an exciting rush. The rose at the heart is a pastel rose painted in watercolour shades of pink and it floats on a dreamy breeze of musk and amber, creating an easygoing air that is so gentle and calm. It really isn’t so bad getting lost, you never know what you might discover…


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