How To Make Your Foundation Last

How To Make Your Foundation last

If you’re finding that your carefully applied make-up isn’t even making it to lunchtime, you’re not alone. Sound the humidity alarm – we’re in prime foundation slippage season, people!

Summer often gets in the way when it comes to long-lasting make-up. The longer, busier, hotter days really take their toll on skin, and my phone has been lighting up with more advice requests than ever about how to get more mileage out of foundation.

So, what causes your make-up to migrate during the day? It’s a mixture of both internal and external influences; your skin might be oily or very dry, and external elements like the weather and touching your face too work to move everything around, too. Because there are so many differentiating factors, there’s no one perfect answer to everlasting make-up success – but I can arm you with some tried-and-tested secret weapons that will help all skin types to get the most out of their look.

Let’s get that base sorted, shall we?      

Before you begin, invest in your skin!

Admittedly, this probably isn’t the snazzy, instant-fix sort of tip that you came here for (those are below), but it will make an enormous difference to how long your make-up lasts. When your skin’s texture is patchy and uneven, everything that sits on top of it will be, too. That goes for everyone, no matter which end of the skincare spectrum you sit on. If you’ve got a barrier that prevents your foundation from adhering to your skin – from dead skin cells to excess oil – then your make-up just won’t last.

Exfoliate (aim for the night before if you’ve got reactive skin like me), and then cleanse, apply serum and moisturise (oily skin types, look for oil-free formulas) to combat your skin’s major concerns. It’s a good idea to wait for your final step to absorb before getting started with your make-up – everything that goes on afterwards will adhere much better.


#1 How To Make Makeup Last On Oily Skin

The daily struggle of keeping oily skin matte is not to be taken lightly. For those dealing with excess sebum, entire looks are made and broken in relation to how long-lasting the products are! Aside from constant blotting and making sure products are oil-free, how can oily skin types get their make-up to do the unthinkable… and just stay where it’s supposed to?

The key is to build your base in thin layers; more isn’t always more, especially when it comes to a naturally-looking yet flawless finish. Begin with a thin layer of primer (smoothing silicone-based ones are great for oily skin, they’ll blur pores beautifully), then apply your favourite foundation. Finish with a dusting of powder, keep blotting papers with you for discrete mopping-up sessions at lunchtime, and you’re set. Pro tip: cream blushes and eyeshadows aren’t off the table for oily skin, but they should be topped up with powder after application to prevent your colour from slipping!

Your Secret Weapon for Oily Skin:
Vichy Dermablend Covermatte Foundation Powder SPF25

“I never leave the house without my Dermablend Covermatte Foundation Powder  (I use the shade 25 – Nude) as touch-ups are imperative when you have shiny skin. What I love about this powder is the fact that it instantly mattifies your skin, whilst replacing any areas of foundation that you may have lost throughout the day. So if you’re running from work to meet with friends for dinner, you can always rely on this powder to have your back.

P.S. Instead of a moisturising cream, I use moisturising lotion daily and then opt for a foundation with a matte finish and a dry touch. I always, always, always use the evening to replenish and rehydrate, giving my skin a head start the next day. Right now, my skin is loving the La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum and Moisturiser combination to really plump and even out my canvas – foundation or powder doesn’t cling to my skin and my pores are slowly starting to disappear!”

– Chelsey, Social and Content Executive


#2 How To Make Makeup Last On Combination Skin

To balance combination skin, it’s all about remembering that one size doesn’t fit all. There are some bits of your face that will be oily, and then there will be some dry bits that need moisture – you’ll have to do some zoning to make sure that each area finds its zen.

A classic combination situation is an oily T-zone, which is normally an excess of sebum on your forehead, nose and chin. When the oil starts to appear around midday, reach for oil blotting products that will refresh the area rather than mattifying it to the max.

Your Secret Weapon for Combination Skin:
MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix Make-Up Setting Spray

“My combination skin is pretty temperamental. I never know how it’s going to be from one day to the next so I like products that are multi-purpose, that way I don’t have to keep buying new things to suit. If like me you yo-yo from oily to dry like there’s no tomorrow then I recommend you try the Mist & Fix Make-Up Setting Spray from MAKE UP FOR EVER, it’s so easy to use but so effective! The lightweight, anti-pollution setting spray works to hydrate, refresh and lock your makeup in place. It’s perfect for the lazy… I mean efficient.”

– Ceryn, Influencer and Content Executive

#3 How To Make Make-up Last On Dry Skin

Daily management of dry and dehydrated skin could be my Mastermind subject; my skin has been dry for as long as I can remember, but it’s become especially tight, flaky and inflamed after having a baby last year. Blame it on the lack of sleep!

The most important thing for dry types to remember when trying to get your makeup to last is… moisture is your friend. Yep, it’s not a particularly groundbreaking revelation, but it’s really important – keeping your skin’s thirst sated will curb it from drinking up your base in its search for moisture throughout the day.

Your Secret Weapon for Dry Skin:
The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

“My biggest tip for those with dry skin is to mix a drop of squalane into their base. This super-fluid hydrator feels and acts like an oil, but is stable and doesn’t run the risk of oxidising like some oils. Squalane instantly transforms your favourite foundation into a more moisturising base without feeling heavy or greasy; because why shouldn’t your foundation give you that same cushy and comfortable feeling that you get from your moisturiser?

My tried-and-tested perfect ratio is a single drop of 100% Plant-Derived Squalane from The Ordinary with a single pump of foundation. Mix them together with a blending sponge and press onto skin to create a light and dewy base that actually stays put for the majority of the day. I can even wear a dusting of powder (MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder, always) on top of this magic mix without my skin looking chalky, which is unheard of for me.”

– Emma, Editor

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