How To Use The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Colour Pencil

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Colour Pencil Shades Close Up

Everyone loves a multitasker. Especially when they’re quick to react, always there when you need them and of course, they always do the job better than anyone else. That’s why I want you to meet MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Artist Colour Pencil, a new and rather revolutionary tool that can do pretty much anything it puts its mind to.

It’s made for those who want maximum impact with minimal effort; you name it, this pencil can do it. The Artist Colour Pencil can create brows, frame eyes, shape lips and it can even be used as a blusher. I’m thinking make-up bag must-have perfect for festivals, faux freckles and much, much more. How I hear you ask? I’ve been experimenting, let me show you…


MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Colour Pencil Close Up Image of Pencil

How is the Artist Colour Pencil different from any other pencil I’ve used?
It’s all in the formula! This eyes-lips-face hybrid consists of a breakthrough true colour formula that’s made from almost 20% wax (silicone, vegetal and microcrystalline), creating soft, high impact colour that blends easily but doesn’t budge.



#1 Try Something New With Your Eyes

Shade: Artist Colour Pencil in 300 – Absolute Emerald


It’s easy to go graphic with the Artist Colour Pencils, but I tend to be more classic with my daily look. I know winged liner isn’t ground-breaking, but if you’re scared to convert to colour, a vibrant cat-eye using Absolute Emerald is ever so subtly outside the box, and it looks good on brown, blue, and green eyes.

This stunning jade green glides onto your eyes without pulling or tugging, plus its creamy enough to smoke out and precise enough to create sharp lines. Not your colour? Why not a try a shade from the purple collection.

Top tip: To avoid your eyeliner transferring onto your lids, powder your eyes before applying.



#2 Faux An Instant Flush of Colour

Shade name: Artist Colour Pencil in 806 – Go Ahead Pink


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! The pink, red and coral shades in the Artist Colour Pencil collection make the perfect blushers. Best used with liquid or cream bases, their soft consistency blends effortlessly into the skin. As you can see above, Go Ahead Pink’s soft pink hue warms up the cheeks beautifully, whilst looking effortless. Use clean fingertips to blend, or choose a dense brush like the MAKE UP FOR EVER Buffer Blush Brush – 154 to gently work it in. Don’t forget! These shades can also be doubled up as a complementary lip liner too.

Top Tip: When using the Artist Colour Pencil as a blusher, apply all cream and liquid products first, blend, then use powder products (including bronzer) last to avoid different textures congealing.


#3 Maximise Your Best Assets

Shade name: Artist Colour Pencil in 800 Lava And So On


More nourishing than MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil, you won’t get any dragging or dryness with the Artist Colour Pencil. When used as a lip liner, its creaminess gently traces and colours your lip, locking in pigment for longer.

800 – Lava And So On is one of those shades that screams summer. Vibrant, but still elegant, Ceryn has used the liner all over her lips and I think you’ll agree the finish is just impressive as a high pigment lipstick. Prefer a nude instead? You can see the full range of neutral shades here.

Top Tip: Always blot! It’s a lip step that is often overlooked but is so important for keeping your colour in place for longer.


#4 Create Instant Brow Definition

Shade name: Artist Colour Pencil in 506 – Endless Cacao


The soft formula and precise tips of the Artist Colour Pencils make them ideal for emulating real brow hairs. As my brows are in-between a light and medium shade, I chose to use 506 – Endless Cacao to fill in and shape. If you look closely, you can see that I also used this shade to create the faux freckle look that everyone loves trying out for summer!

Top Tip: Always start your application in the centre, this will emphasise your arch and prevent you from putting too much product on the front. I always comb pencil through to avoid the overdone look – even if my weapon of choice is an old toothbrush!


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