Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation: The Swatches and Review


Clarins fans, your beloved Skin Illusion Foundation has returned. Re-invigorated with an innovative serum texture and a skincare-friendly formula to match, Skin Illusion is back and more inclusive than ever.

Best Clarins Foundation To Match Clarins Skincare Regime

For those new to Skin Illusion, this cult-favourite Clarins foundation is famed for its natural, dewy finish and its ability to create the ‘illusion’ of perfect skin; but for those that are looking to discover if the new version lives up to the standard of the old formula. Here, I talk you through the finish, the shade range and explain why you won’t be disappointed with its new and improved formulation…


What’s different about the new Skin Illusion Foundation?

Firstly, the new Skin Illusion Foundation feels a little more fluid compared to the original. That’s down to its new and improved serum style texture that combines the perfect amount of non-greasy oils and pigments. This allows you to build your base much more easily to create a second skin finish that never looks cakey.

New bottle
Similar to the packaging of Clarins’ sought-after facial oils, Skin Illusion’s dropper style bottle is pretty gorgeous. What’s even better is the fact it’s made from eco-friendly recycled glass and its pipette has been tried and tested to dispense enough foundation to cover your full face in one go.

Where the previous Skin Illusion Foundation offered an SPF of 10, this new formulation gives enhanced protection with a SPF15 (don’t forget to use your regular SPF for even more protection).

New ingredients
So the Skin Illusion formula has had an update. We now welcome signature organic leaf of life extract with its super hydrating properties that keeps your skin moisturised for 24 hours, plus red jania extract, which helps to delicately refine skin and encourage a clearer complexion. You’ll still find the same HD Light Optimising Complex from the old formula to give skin a subtle dewiness and the new inclusion of soft focus powders is what really makes your skin look fresh and smooth.

What I love (and all commuters will love) about this formula is its Anti-Pollution Complex. This works to fight off pesky free radicals like cigarette smoke and petrol particles that set out to make skin dull by interfering with your skin’s natural renewal process.

Within Skin Illusion, you’ll find silicones to aid the smoothness of application, and you’ll also find the fresh, cucumber scent you know and love still exists too! You can click here to see the full ingredients list.


Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation Swatches and Review

Which Skin Illusion shade is for me?

The fair to light shades
• *NEW* 100.5 Cream is a fair shade with a warm undertone.
• *NEW* 101 Linen is a fair to light shade with a warm undertone
• 102.5 Porcelain is a fair to light shade with a cool, pink undertone.
• 103 Ivory is a fair to light shade with a warm, yellow undertone.
• 105 Nude is a fair to light shade with a neutral undertone
• *NEW* 106 Vanilla is a light shade with a neutral undertone.
• 107 Beige is a light shade with a cool undertone.
• 108 Sand is a light shade with a warm undertone.

The medium shades
• *NEW* 108.3 Organza is a light to medium shade with a warm undertone.
• *NEW* 108.5  Cashew is a light to medium shade with a neutral undertone.
• 109 Wheat is a medium shade with a cool undertone.
• 110 Honey is a medium shade with a warm, golden undertone.
• *NEW* 111 Auburn is a medium shade with a cool, pink undertone.
• 112 Amber is a medium shade with a neutral undertone.
• *NEW* 112.3 Sandalwood is a medium to deep shade with a neutral undertone.

The dark shades
• 113 Chestnut is a medium to deep skin shade with a cool undertone.
• 114 Cappuccino is a medium to deep shade with warm, yellow undertones.
• *NEW* 115 Cognac is a dark shade with cool undertones.
• *NEW* 116.5 Coffee is a dark shade with neutral undertones.
• *NEW* 117 Hazelnut is a deep shade with cool undertones.
• *NEW* 118 Sienna is a deep shade with warm, olive undertones.
• *NEW* 118.5 Chocolate is the darkest shade with warm, red undertones.



How does Skin Illusion look and last on the skin?

Normal skin: “Luckily my skin is not too dry and not too oily, so foundation tends to last pretty well on me and Skin Illusion was no different! If I apply it first thing in the morning (around 7am) my skin stays fresh all day. I only need to touch-up the areas around my chin and my nose around 4-5pm.” – Ceryn, Content Executive.

Dehydrated Skin: “My skin is notorious for eating up foundation –  having dry and dehydrated is tricky to manage! Saying that, I get a full 8 hours’ worth of perfect wear from Skin Illusion before it starts to look a little faded around the edges. On really parched days, I mix this with a few drops of my favourite Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil for a completely seamless base.” – Emma, Editor.

Oily Skin: “I can’t believe I nearly wrote this foundation off. Being a full coverage girl, I’ve always tricked myself into believing my skin could only hold up with matte finishes, but Skin Illusion definitely gives a healthy kind of radiance that builds beautifully and lasts well. For me, it’s perfect for work. I did need to powder and layer up my concealer when heading on a night out, but that’s just my coverage comfort blanket. Oily skins that hate heavy foundations will absolutely love this.” – Chelsey, Content Executive.




How does Skin Illusion compare to other Clarins foundations?

Everlasting Foundation
Unlike the radiant finish of the Skin Illusion foundation, the Clarins Everlasting Foundation has a matte finish and lasts for up to 18 hours on the skin. Its thicker texture and higher coverage level make this foundation a better option for combination skin types that want longevity from their base. The Everlasting Foundation still has the signature Anti-Pollution Complex, but instead of moisturising and light reflecting ingredients, it uses mattifying and purifying bamboo and quinoa extracts.

Extra-Firming Foundation
When compared to Skin Illusion, the Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation is more tailored to a mature skin type that wants their foundation to smooth wrinkles and enhance radiance. Thicker in texture and higher in coverage, this age-defying foundation creates the appearance of younger looking skin; whereas Skin Illusion creates a second skin effect that looks natural.

True Radiance Foundation
Skin Illusion’s dewy finish isn’t as glowy as the now discontinued Clarins True Radiance Foundation. Although its more barely-there than beaming, Skin Illusion is the best alternative for anyone looking for a similar foundation match.

Pore-Perfecting Mattifying Foundation
The Pore-Perfecting Mattifying Foundation is the ideal match for an oily to combination skin type that wants to get rid of shine. Although Skin Illusion looks beautiful on oily skin types, the shine-free finish of this foundation will be the better option for anyone who wants to manage oiliness throughout the day.



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