YSL Volupte Plump In Colour: The Review & Swatches

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Plump-In-Colour Lip Colour in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Yves Saint Laurent’s Volupte Plump-In-Colour Lip Colour is not just another lipstick; it’s much more than that; (I mean, look at that heart detail)! Plump In Colour is an accessory that lets you own a piece of YSL luxury, every day of the week.

Whether it’s the beautiful packaging, the black heart, or the fact that it’s YSL, Volupte Plump is an attention grabber and ticks all the boxes when it comes to high-shine lip colours. So if comfort, colour and chicness are essential criteria for your lipstick choice, read along to find out more…

✔️ Volupte Plump In Colour offers a high colour pay-off, which has the same vibrancy as the iconic Rouge Volupte Shine.

✔️ The Plump In Colour formula won’t dry out your lips, as it contains 65% oils (including natural coconut oil and pomegranate harvested from the Ysl beauty Ourika Gardens).

✔️ The infusion of natural peppermint oil stimulates circulation to make your lips look fuller.

✔️ Black pearl powder in the core is what creates its super, high shine.
YSL Volupte Plump In Colour Swatches

As you can see from the Volupte Plump In Colour swatches above, it’s a super-glossy lipstick with sheer but buildable colour. Just like the Rouge Volupte Shine, Plump In Colour glides smoothly, melting into your lips. As you apply,  you’ll instantly feel the tingly peppermint oil on your lips, and not to mention the delicious smell of mango and pomegranate!

Another common question is: “What does the black heart do?”. Don’t worry, it’s completely colour-free, and it won’t interfere with the shade of your lipstick. This adorable heart, AKA the  ‘Black Balm Plumping Core’ is what volumises your lips. According to the experts at YSL, Yves Saint Laurent used to give love cards to people close to him, and they became so iconic, that he then put a heart on his favourite model for her to lead new collections on the runways. If that attention to detail wasn’t enough, black was also Yves’ favourite colour, hence the why there are so many Black Opium flankers. Now let’s see how Volupte Plump In Colour looks on the lips…

Volupte Plump In Colour 1 Mad Nude

YSL Volupte Plump In Colour Lipstick 1 Mad Nude

1 Mad Nude is the most natural lipstick shade in this collection. More petal pink than barely there, Mad Nude will polish off any makeup look with its subtle ‘lip-like’ colour.

Undertone: Neutral
Best for: All skin tones

Volupte Plump In Colour 2 Dazzling Fuchsia

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Plump-In-Colour Lip Colour in Insane Pink

2 Dazzling Fuchsia is a hot pink lipstick that’s just one of the star shades in this line-up. Fans of ysl love this sheer, bubblegum lipstick because it makes an instant statement without trying too hard.

Undertone: Cool
Best for: All skin tones

Volupte Plump In Colour 3 Insane Pink

YSL Volupte Plump In Colour Lipstick in 3 Insane Pink

3 Insane Pink is a deeper shade of pink than 2 Dazzling Fuchsia when applied; its blue-toned raspberry hue almost looks like a pink-rose on the lips.

Undertone: Neutral
Best for: All skin tones

Volupte Plump In Colour 4 Exposing Coral

SL Volupte Plump In Colour Lipstick in 4 Exposing Coral

4 Exposing Coral is my favourite shade from the whole collection. Its subtle peachy-pink colour isn’t garish like some coral lipsticks can be, its flattering hue does a great job at warming up any complexion, even if worn alone.

Undertone: Warm
Best for: All skin tones

Volupte Plump In Colour 5 Delirious Orange

YSL Volupte Plump In Colour Lipstick in 5 Delirious Orange

5 Delirious Orange is more of a warm red than an orange lipstick, it’s one of those colours that’s perfect if you want to wear red lipsticks, but aren’t quite brave enough. If you prefer orange lipsticks, you’d be better off trying 4 Exposing Coral.

Undertone: Warm
Best for: All skin tones

Volupte Plump In Colour 6 Lunatic Red

YSL Volupte Plump In Colour Lipstick 6 Lunatic Red

6 Lunatic Red is another star shade from the range that’s huge in Asia. More cherry than scarlet, 6 Lunatic Red is the red to choose if you prefer a blue-red lipstick.

Undertone: Cool
Best for: All skin tones

Volupte Plump In Colour 7 Furious Gold

YSL Volupte Plump In Colour Lipstick 7 Furious Gold

7 Furious Gold is a limited edition lipstick that looks beautiful as a top coat over your favourite lip colour, or you can choose to wear on its own as a shimmering, golden nude lipstick shade.

Undertone: Warm
Best for: All skin tones

Volupte Plump In Colour 8 Dramatic Plum

YSL Volupte Plump In Colour Lipstick 8 Dramatic Plum

8 Dramatic Plum is another limited edition shade in the YSL Plump In Colour Lipstick collection. Its vampy, deep purple colour embodies the true YSL edge. For my personal style and colouring, I feel this shade is a little too dark for my complexion, so next time, I’ll go sheerer with the coverage for a more demure look.

Undertone: Cool
Best for: All skin tones

How does YSL’s Plump In Colour compare to other YSL lipsticks?

YSL Rouge Pur Couture is available in both matte and satin finishes with a high colour pay off; however, Volupte Shine Plump in Colour is more sheer with a melting texture that creates more of a buildable colour that plumps and softens.

YSL The Slim is very different from Plump In Colour; if you prefer a matte finish with a more couture edge, you’ll love The Slim’s square bullet design and high impact colour.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick Lip Colour and Volupte Shine Plump in Colour are very similar, but if you want your lips to look and feel plumped, opt for the Plump In Colour lipstick instead, as your lips will benefit from its volumising Black Balm Core.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-In-Balm is way more sheer than the Volupte Shine Plump in Colour Lip Colour, as it’s more of a wash of colour. However, both formulas are very nourishing, but the Volupte Plump In Colour lipstick is better if you want your lips to look naturally full.

As an avid lover of high-end lipsticks, I’m going to go as far as saying Rouge Volupte Shine Plump-In-Colour is my favourite from the whole YSL lipstick collection. Why? I’m a sucker for the black heart detail, and for spring, I’m feeling a lighter finish lipstick that looks fresh and feels weightless. After a month of wearing 4 Exposing Coral non-stop, I can confirm that this is all you’ll be seeing me wearing this summer.

What do you think of the shades? Tweet me over at @EscentualChels and let me know your favourite colour!

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