Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude: The Review & Swatches

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation Swatches and Review

It’s not often that a ‘lightweight foundation’ piques my interest, but thanks to the new Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude, the ‘term less is more’ has never looked more beautiful. With ‘no makeup-makeup’ searches soaring and the desire to find the perfect long-wearing foundation neverending; Lancome transformed their cult-favourite Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation into a makeup base that’s more accessible, and comfortable than ever and I’m here for it.

After 20 years of growing success of the Teint Idole foundation franchise, Lancome knows their stuff when it comes to creating a successful liquid foundation. For Teint Idole Nude, I’m particularly impressed with the fact that they’ve launched with 40 shades (this is rare in our industry), they’ve created a breathable texture that lets you easily control coverage (that lasts) and finally, the nomadic packaging is perfect for those on the go, I always get scared of travelling with glass bottles!

So what can this foundation do for your skin? Here are some quick facts that make the new Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation stand out from the crowd…

#1 Its easy-to-build texture will even out your complexion in seconds.

#2 The soft matte finish will keep your skin looking healthy, fresh and natural.

#3 Its long-wearing formula will limit your top-ups by offering you up to 24-hour wear.

#4 Teint Idole Nude lets your skin breath with its weightless liquid formulation.

#5 Choosing your colour is easy, as the 40 shades that have been specifically tailored to match most skin tones.

So if that’s not enough to tempt you to scroll, this new foundation launch hasn’t just got my seal of approval. It also got rave reviews from some of our favourite Cardiff bloggers who recently came to HQ to help me swatch and test it out. Here they are wearing only the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude foundation and the iconic Lancome Hypnose Mascara


Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Swatches


Ellie, Influencer

”I can’t believe how easy it is to apply!” 

Before & After Lancome Teint Idole Nude Foundation in 010 Beige Porcelaine

Ellie‘s perfect match is 010 Beige Porcelaine in Teint Idole Nude.


Nikki, Fitness Influencer

”I love the way it makes my skin look!” 

Before & After Image of Lancome Teint Idole Nude Foundation in 032 Beige Cendre

During winter, Nikki wears 032 Beige Cendre in Teint Idole Nude. When summer comes, Nikki’s perfect match will be 038 Beige Cuivre.


Lily, Escentual Mandarin Business Development Intern

”’This foundation makes my skin look so smooth and flawless!”

Before & After Using Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation in 008 Beige Opale

Lily prefers to wear her foundation one shade lighter to unify her complexion. Here she’s wearing 008 Beige Opale to brighten her skin.


Natasha, Travel Blogger

”There are so many shades to choose from – it was easy to find my match!”Before & After Using Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation in 08 Caramel

Natasha found it very easy to pick her Teint Idole match. Here she wears 08 Caramel for a seamless fit.


Mima, Fashion Blogger

”I absolutely love this foundation!”

Before & After Using Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation in 10 Praline

10 Praline from the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude foundation range was Mima’s ideal shade – it balanced her skin out beautifully.



How should I apply the Teint Idole Nude Foundation?

Due to its fluid texture, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude can be applied in many ways. For fuller coverage, stipple your application with the Lancome Multi-Function Foundation Brush; its angled head makes it the best at blending and reaching difficult areas, like around the nose. Although Teint Idole Nude allows you to build, using a buffing brush like this will give you the maximum level of coverage achievable.

No matter how you apply, you’ll always get a natural finish with this foundation; but for those who prefer a sheer look, you can apply Teint Idole Nude with your fingertips or with a damp sponge.


How does the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation last?

Teint Idole Nude will differ with various skin tones. Although this makeup base promises 24-hour wear, oilier complexions may need to use the Teint Idole Ultra Compact Powder Foundation to set and stop shine after 8 hours.

For those with dry patches and dry skin, I recommend priming before applying this foundation. This will prolong its wear, thus preventing your makeup to disperse around lunchtime due to dehydration – Genifique is a great priming option!


Is the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation best suited to a specific skin type?

Teint Idole Nude will complement all skin types. If you want a long-lasting foundation that also lets your skin breathe, you’ve met your match with Teint Idole Nude, even if you have sensitive, dry or blemish-prone skin.


How does Teint Idole Nude compare to other foundations?

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude is a matte finish foundation that lasts up to 24 hours on the skin. It’s not full coverage, but I like the fact you can layer and build its lightweight liquid easily to create a better coverage. Although the original Teint Idole Foundation offers 24-hour wear and full coverage,  its consistency of that foundation is much thicker, so it’s better suited to someone who prefers to cover more. Teint Idole Nude is channelling a more natural kind of full coverage!

When comparing Teint Idole Nude and Lancome Teint Miracle, there’s a substantial difference. Teint Miracle is all about the glow; it’s dewy skin finish promises 12-hour wear, whereas Teint Idole Nude is shine-free and lasts longer. If longevity is important to you, choose Teint Idole Nude, but mix it with the Custom Strobing Drops for a radiant finish.


For one weekend only, we’ve got five chances to win the new Teint Idole Ultra Wear Nude Foundation over on Instagram. Would you like to win one to try? Keep an eye out for our gorgeous model’s selfies on our grid and comment with the name of the shade they’re wearing to win!

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