How To Scent Your Body Without Spraying Fragrance

Are you a spritzer or a dabber? Do you like to bathe yourself in 10 too many sprays of your signature scent (FYI – there’s no such thing as “too many sprays” in my book) or do you prefer a few precise dabs of your favourite on important parts of the body? Personally, I’m a go big or go home sprayer, but there are times when a well-placed dab can lead to a new found enjoyment of a scent.

But actually, spritzing and dabbing are not our only application options when it comes to perfume. Plot twist, am I right? Many brands are now looking at new and intriguing ways that for us to apply our scent, whether that be technical innovations as to how we put on our perfume or adding to our scenting ritual with fragranced body products that allow us to layer, or just enjoy our favourite fragrances in a new form.

Here are a few ways for you to scent your body without spraying (or dabbing, if that’s your thing – no judgement here).



#1 Shower Gel

Roger & Gallet Tubereuse Hedonie Shower Gel

Roger & Gallet Tubereuse Hedonie Shower Gel

I don’t know about you, but I love a good shower. Turn the water on full and hot, and shower the stresses of everyday life away. Of course, any shower is enhanced by the addition of scent and a fragranced shower gel is not only a great way to scent your body but it’s also a fantastic way to enjoy fragrance, with all that steam creating a beautifully scented environment. The light and airy white floral fragrance has been reinterpreted as a refreshing and cleansing gel that is richly scented, allowing you to start, or end your day in a hazy mist of fresh cut flowers. What’s more, this shower gel, which smells as luxe as they come, is less than £10! It sounds like a no-brainer to me.



#2 Perfumed Powder

Giorgio Armani Si Perfumed Powder

Giorgio Armani Si Perfumed Powder

Perfumed powders are nothing new, but it is the delivery system of Giorgio Armani’s Si Perfumed Powder that feels particularly neat. Rather than a big pot of powder with a puff, this limited edition product is a solid compact that simply requires the wearer to take a little bit of the powder on their fingers and rub across their pulse points. By doing so, the heady, oriental vanilla scent of Si is delicately applied to the body, creating a more intimate experience that favours a more subtle approach. This product is light, soft and easy, and it feels like the kind of thing one would use on days when a spritz would feel like too much.



#3 Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse Florale Multi-Purpose Dry Oil - Face, Body and Hair

Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse Florale Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

Nuxe is definitely most famous for their Huile Prodigeuse, a multi-purpose oil for the skin and hair. Many love the oil for its moisturising properties while others adore it for the scent that it leaves on the skin. With Huile Prodigeuse Florale, Nuxe brings us all of that was good and great about their iconic dry oil with a brand a new fragrance. Hidden within the rose-coloured bottle is, you guessed it, a beautifully floral scented oil that euphorically fragrances with vibrant orange blossom, creamy magnolia, and cool, airy musks. It really is a thing of beauty and allows one to enjoy their favourite oil in an entirely new way.



#4 Perfumed Pen

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Click & Go Perfume Pen

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Click and Go Pen

Finally, we have the electric Black Opium from YSL in a handy and ever-so-clickable perfumed pen. Perfumed pens are great for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are really cool. Secondly, they’re incredibly portable and are much more ‘chuck-in-the-bag-able’ than a heavy bottle of perfume. This one delivers on both of those things and allows one to paint on the sweet, coffee-floral notes of Black Opium wherever and whenever they damn, please. It’s literally as simple as the name suggests: just click and go!


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