4 Best Travel Perfumes

It is essential to take perfume away when you travel. You wouldn’t forget your flip flops, sunglasses or bikini, now would you? So it would be totally unacceptable to leave behind a fragrance or two (or ten). But packing perfume can be a bit awkward. After all, there is space, weight and breakages to contend with, so it could be very easy to say “heck, I’ll just go au natural on my 14-day vacation to The Maldives”.

No! Unacceptable! Not allowed! Aromas are so linked to our memory that it’s necessary to have a new scent for your holiday – a fragrance that when worn, takes you straight back to that beach, that city, or that retreat. So pack perfume you must and here are four easy options that will make travelling with fragrance simple, leaving you to worry about more important things like selfies, selfies and err selfies.


#1 Scherzo & Tender Eau de Parfum Duo Set by Miller Harris

Best Travel Size Perfumes: Miller Harris Scherzo and Tender Eau de Parfum Spray Duo Set

Miller Harris Scherzo and Tender Eau de Parfum Spray Duo Set

These two fragrances by Miller Harris were created in the most unusual way. The same piece of text (an excerpt from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night) was given to two perfumers, and each was asked to create a fragrance inspired by these evocative words. They are two polarising perfumes – Tender celebrates black tulips, and it smells like a lush, neon garden photographed at night, while Scherzo pulls inspiration from sugar flowers in a confectioner’s window, presenting rose-flavoured candy floss and smoke. They are two fragrances that need to be smelled together, and that’s why this set is so handy – one can throw both in your suitcase and enjoy them, whether you want candy roses or neon tulips!


#2 Black Opium Click & Go Perfume Pen by YSL

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Click & Go Perfume Pen

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Click & Go Perfume Pen

Travel isn’t all about going on holiday, though, and it can often be much more mundane. We travel to and from work, to the shops and to see our families. So a perfect scent to travel with needs to be the kind of thing you can take anywhere, whether it’s to the farthest reaches of the universe or down the road. This is why inventions like YSL’s Click & Go Perfume Pen, which contains none other than their iconic Black Opium fragrance, are so damn handy – they can be flung into any bag, purse or receptacle. It’s easy to use too – click and then paint on those delicious coffee-liquorice tones. Pop it in your bag and repeat when necessary.


#3 Si Perfumed Powder by Giorgio Armani

Best Travel Sized Perfumes: Giorgio Armani Si Perfumed Powder

Giorgio Armani Si Perfumed Powder

We pack perfumes for travel based on our destination. For example, if one were heading to the Arctic (stay with me here), it would make sense to pack a heavy perfume that would keep you warm. It would make sense then, that when headed to somewhere hot and sunny something lighter may be in order. But lighter doesn’t necessarily mean fresher; instead, it could simply mean wearing your favourite scent differently. Take the Si Perfumed Powder by Giorgio Armani, for example. This offers the same plush, floral-vanilla fragrance of the Eau de Parfum just in a light powder form allowing the wearer to enjoy Si more delicately. What’s more, it is infinitely portable, as well as delicious.


#4 Travalo Classic

Best Travel Size Fragrances: Travalo Classic Excel Spray

Travalo Classic Excel Spray

There are several reasons not to pack an actual full bottle of perfume in your suitcase. Firstly, they are heavy, and with a 20-or-so-kg weight limit on that checked luggage, you may want to fill your bags with other things. They’re also fragile and not to mention that anything over 100ml won’t make it on to the plane in your carry-on. Enter the Travalo – the solution to all of your problems. With its innovative pump-and-go design, the Travalo allows you to decant your favourite scent (65 sprays to be precise) into a hardy, portable spray that will sit comfortably in your luggage. The best part? Because they’re so small, you can take so many of them with you!


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