Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil: The Review

Why do people love Nuxe oil so much? It’s simple; Huile Prodigieuse has gained its cult-favourite status because it’s one of the most multi-purpose moisturisers you’ll ever use.

My guess? The hundreds of 5-star reviews out there have brought you to this review. So in this edit, I take a look at the full Huile Prodigieuse collection, as this dry oil has bountiful benefits that are yet to be explored, until now.


What is Nuxe dry oil?

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose oil is a face, body and hair oil that repairs, protects and hydrates, but without a greasy or sticky feel. With an at least 95.5% natural origin formula and ingredient line-up of vitamin E extracts and fatty acids, this oil is one big antioxidant. It’s one of the most luxurious ways to fight against free radicals like pollution and cigarette smoke. Not to mention, re-boot, and revive your skin after UV exposure.

Free from preservatives, mineral oils and silicones, Huile Prodigieuse nourishes inside and out, giving your face, hair and body the supermodel glow you’ve always dreamed of. Intrigued? Let’s get to know HP…

Need to knows:
Each Huile Prodigieuse contains 100% botanical oils1) Tsubaki
Excellent at maintaining skin and hair’s moisture levels.

2) Argan
Essential for increasing elasticity.

3) Macadamia
Great at regenerating and repairing skin and hair.

4) Borage
Helps to restore hydration.

5) Camellia
Aids skin healing.

6) Hazelnut
High in vitamin E to improve and smooth skin texture.

7) Sweet Almond
Limits oxidative stress to the skin cells.


#1 The Original Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Spray Review
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Spray

Back in 2001, little did Nuxe founder, Aliza Jabès know that Huile Prodigieuse would become a cult-favourite; this OG dry oil is what shot the whole brand to fame.

How did it all come about? When pregnant, Jabes was looking for a natural solution to tone and nourish her skin, while helping with stretch marks. After trialling and researching, she developed this non-greasy formula enriched with botanicals and plant extracts to fill this void and boy, do the results speak for themselves. Customers loved it so much they started to use the oil on their face, body and hair.


What does the Nuxe dry oil smell like?

Huile Prodigieuse smells like summer. Notes of white flowers and vanilla give this oil a creamy floral aroma that feels warm and cosy, almost like sun cream.


How to use Nuxe dry oil?

For face: There are many ways to use the HP oil on the face. The most common way is to apply Huile Prodigieuse in place of your daily moisturiser. And the most coveted? It’s the best beard oil! Other uses include mixing it with your foundation to create a dewy finish, or if you have oily skin, a tip of mine is to use this oil overnight to help rebalance sebum production. Dehydrated skin? Mix HP with your moisturiser, or scroll down for Riche, its nourishing texture is better for thirsty complexions.

For body: To get the most out of your Huile Prodigieuse Oil, apply all over damp skin. Although it’s a dry oil, wait a minute or two before getting dressed.

For hair: Huile Prodigieuse is incredible at repairing split ends, breakage and making your hair smell incredible. To use this oil to combat frizz, apply a small amount into your hands and work through your hair from the bottom upwards. You can also use this oil as a hot oil treatment too. Start by placing the glass bottle in warm (not hot) water, and your towel on the radiator; wash your hair, then when damp, comb through the oil from lengths to ends and place your hair in a warm towel twist for 10 minutes and rinse.

Top tip: If you usually suffer from strawberry legs and rashes after shaving, this Nuxe oil and a warm bath are your new secret weapons for wet shaving, this combination will give you the smoothest finish yet.


#2 The Shimmering Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Shimmering Dry Oil Review
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Multi-Purpose Golden Dry Oil

Shimmer body oils are having a moment, but, Nuxe was way ahead of the game with Huile Prodigieuse Or. This oil has a golden tint and a grown-up glitter finish that strikes the perfect balance between statement and chic; it’s an essential ‘occasion-wear’ face and body oil – I never go without it when going bare-legged.

Call this a liquid re-toucher, OR’s subtle tint lightly airbrushes the appearance of your body and limbs with mini shimmering mineral particles, but fear not, the finish is subtle; the more you layer, the more of a statement you can create.


What does the Nuxe shimmer dry oil smell like?

Huile Prodigieuse Or smells the same as the original dry oil. The only difference with this formula is its subtle shimmer and golden tint.


How to use Nuxe shimmer dry oil?

For face: Or is very versatile. Create a glowy day cream by mixing this in with your moisturiser, or squirt a few drops into your foundation to make more of a dewy finish – this works particularly well during summer. I also like dabbing any excess where I would apply my highlighter.

For body: The application method for OR is very similar to that of the original. Focus on using this oil on areas that you want to enhance, such as the centre of your legs, decolletage and arms. Make sure you wait a while before getting dressed to avoid its glittery contents transferring onto clothes.

For hair: This shimmering oil adds a mirror-like shine to hair while repairing any damaged areas over time. One for a night out rather than a pampering mask – brunettes will love it!

Top tip: Depending on your skin type, try using the HP shimmer after your primer and before your foundation. Why? It creates a demure luminescence that delicately shines through your coverage, faking a natural glow that resembles that of the cult-favourite and now discontinued, Dior Glow Maximiser, but with a more nourishing feel.


#3 The Rich Dry Oil

Review of Nuxe Huile Riche Dry Oil
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Riche Multi-Purpose Nourishing Oil Spray

Riche joined the Huile Prodigieuse range back in 2018; it’s the perfect match for skin and hair that needs an intensive moisture boost, or as a seasonal switch up during winter. Full of nutrients and more replenishing botanicals (30% more macadamia oil to be precise), this dry oil’s texture is less runny and more emollient than the original.

An excellent pregnancy oil, hair mask, and replenishing overnight skincare step, the benefits of Riche are endless.


How to use Nuxe Riche Dry Oil?

For face: Riche is better suited to dehydrated skin. For an intensive moisture boost, mix with your day cream, or night cream.

For body: For anyone with dry patches on their arms, legs or torso, Riche will apply more nourishment to those areas – don’t forget to apply to damp skin to increase the moisture absorption!

For hair: Huile Prodigieuse Riche is excellent at repairing breakage, split ends and making your blow-dry look instantly sleeker. Again, apply a little bit to your ends and comb through. Use sparingly as a little bit goes a long way with this oil. Curly hair type? Instead of using a hair mask, you can use this oil to tame and define your curls.

Top tip: You can also use Huile Prodigieuse Riche to stop a dry, flaky scalp. Make sure your hair is damp, then apply a little bit to the affected areas overnight, and if needed, shampoo out in the morning.


#4 The Floral Dry Oil

Review of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Florale Dry Oil
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Florale Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

The newest member of the pack is Huile Prodigieuse Florale, and it’s completely different to everything else in the HP lineup. How? Firstly, its tinted-pink bottle is the biggest giveaway, but its musky-floral scent is the most significant change to take note of. Rest assured, it’s made from 96.9% natural origin ingredients, and the moisturising formula you know and love still feels same.


What does Nuxe Florale smell like?

You instantly get hit with citruses from grapefruit as you first spray Florale, but as the oil blends into the skin, creamy florals start to prevail. Finally drying down with warm wafts of smooth white musk.


How to use Nuxe Florale dry oil?

For face: As mentioned above, you can mix this floral dry oil with your foundation, day or night cream for extra hydration.
For body: In addition to using this on damp skin, you can also spritz this oil into running bath water in place of bath oil.

For hair: My favourite way to use this Huile Prodigiuse oil is to de-frizz my hair after heat-styling. To make my hair smell freshly washed, I spray a small onto my brush and brush from lengths downwards.

Top tip: As this dry oil is naturally scented, it also works as an excellent non-photosensitizing fragrance, that’s ideal to use on holiday, or if you’re very reactive to sunlight.


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