Trend & Tested: Micro-Concealing

Trend & Tested: Micro-Concealing

For this instalment of #TrendAndTested, I’ve been looking at the latest complexion beauty trend: micro-concealing.

Concealer is having a moment in 2019 and, if like us, you’ve heard about this increasingly popular spot concealing technique, but are not quite sure what it’s all about or why everyone is talking about it, then let me break it down for you. In this edit, I discover the benefits of micro-concealing, the best products to buy, plus the foolproof ways to ensure you’re using this technique properly.

I guarantee that after reading this, you’ll want to try micro-concealing out for yourself, and will be incorporating it into your everyday beauty routine, even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup!


What is Micro-Concealing?

Contrary to popular belief, micro-concealing is a method that has been used by makeup artists for some time. Recently it has been brought to light thanks to the growing popularity of barely-there makeup bases and achieving beautifully natural skin without overdoing it with makeup.

It’s time to ditch the foundation! This concealer application technique, endorsed by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, is an intricate and precise way to camouflage imperfections such as spots, pigmentation and blemishes while letting the rest of your skin breathe. The result is a nearly natural and fresh effect that doesn’t look as though you’re wearing too much product on your skin but isn’t quite as daunting as going bare-faced.

The best bit? It’s not a difficult technique to master by any means. All you need is a very thin and pointed brush, a high coverage concealer and a light hand to seamlessly conceal using a small amount of concealer (only in the areas you really need it).


How to: micro-concealing makeup technique


What is the Micro-Concealing Technique?

1) Apply a tiny amount of your chosen concealer on the brush.
2) Focus on micro-concealing specific spots that need precise coverage such as spots or areas of pigmentation. Then, using a light hand use the brush to repetitively dot the area you are trying to cover.
3) Feather out by applying as little pressure as possible to your brush.
4) Use your finger to tap the area lightly and softly set (it’s important to remember that you don’t want to move the product when you press it in, so every part of the process needs to be as light and precise as possible).


What are the Benefits of Micro-Concealing?

Micro-concealing is perfect for when you don’t want the heaviness of a full face of makeup weighing you down, or if you love the look of natural skin. If you spend time looking after your complexion, thanks to a regimental skincare routine, you’ll want to show it off rather than mask it with a layer of foundation, right?

One of the main benefits of micro-concealing is that it allows you to create an incredibly natural finish. You’re able to cover up a blemish or two without the makeup looking obvious on your face. It’s a much more precise way to apply concealer, so it looks undetectable on the skin. Everything is seamlessly blended, and because you’re using less product it offers a very natural finish that mimics your natural skin, giving that fresh-faced, no-makeup look – with a little extra help!

It’s ideal for those days when you can’t be bothered with foundation, and I personally think it would work really well for holidays, weekends or at the gym. However, if you did want to pair it with a base product, I think a glow formula would work really well.


What Products are Best for Micro-Concealing?

The fundamental rule of micro-concealing is getting the colour matching just right. So that it’s undetectable, you must match your concealer as close to your skin tone as possible; this is key. When selecting your shade, we recommend standing as close to a window as possible to be able to see your skin under natural light. It may also be worth purchasing a couple of shades if you like to use fake tan so that you can match perfectly according to your skin tone.

Micro-concealing works best with full-coverage, thicker textures as opposed to very fluid formulas. You don’t have to use a lot of product because they have a high enough opacity to cover the area and offer more longevity. Look for water-resistant and cream-to-powder formulas, as these work really well with this method. Don’t, however, make the mistake of using the same concealing products you use for your under-eye area. These won’t work for micro-concealing because they tend to be too lightweight and light-reflecting, so it’s worth keeping this in mind when selecting the perfect product.


#1 The Best Micro-Concealing Brush

how to do micro-concealing using Urban Decay UD Pro Precise Eyeliner Brush E216

Urban Decay UD Pro Precise Eyeliner Brush E216
For micro-concealing, you need a brush that has an exact and fine point to be able to place a small amount of product onto a very small area. This Urban Decay eyeliner brush works perfectly to distribute the product and works with both liquid and cream formulas.


#2 The Long-Lasting Concealer

How to Micro-Conceal: bareMinerals BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer

bareMinerals BarePro 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer
This long-wearing, full-coverage concealer will care for your skin as it covers. Great for micro-concealing spots or blemishes, it will also help with redness and improve the skin over time. It has a soft matte finish that is water-resistant, heat and humidity proof.


#3 The Full Coverage Concealer

How to micro-conceal with Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer
If you’re looking for ultimate coverage, this is it. This thick, creamy concealer is superbly pigmented and has a matte finish that lends itself perfectly to micro-concealing. You only need the tiniest amount, and it blends so easily into the skin.


#4 The Convenient Concealer

how to micro-conceal with Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer
A cream concealer that packs a punch but is extremely lightweight, it offers a flawless matte finish that seems to disappear into the skin seamlessly. Its consistency makes it ideal for micro-concealing, plus the fact you can dip the brush into the pot to pick up the smallest amount of product makes it really convenient.


My Micro-Concealing Results

I have to admit, I had my reservations about this application technique. Although I’ve been embracing a more natural look with my makeup over the last few years, I was still sceptical (and a little bit afraid!) about foregoing my beloved foundation altogether. I wondered if just adding a small amount of concealer to my complexion was really going to give the fresh-faced look it promises?

The result? I was pleasantly surprised! I tried the micro-concealing technique over a weekend and I loved how gorgeous my skin looked and felt. My scarring, pigmentation and the odd spot were perfectly camouflaged and it was a joy not to be wearing foundation. Although my skin did need a little dusting of translucent powder mid-afternoon, it looked really radiant and fresh throughout the day. With a touch of bronzer, blush, mascara and a sweep of eyeshadow, this is a makeup look I could really get into, on the regular.


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