Lancome Idole: The Bottle

If you’re looking for an innovative new perfume to ‘slot’ into your fragrance collection, Lancome Idole is a perfect choice. Especially if its bottle is anything to go by. 

Not just a modern-day rose scent, this is a perfume that encapsulates the characteristics of a woman in both the juice and the uniquely shaped flacon. Empowered and strong, we are a generation of women who are always on-the-go. Life is hectic, and we seek simplicity and practicality, but at the same time, we don’t want to compromise on style or luxury. That’s why Idole is, dare I say it, revolutionary.

Lancome Idole ultra-slim perfume bottle

Lancome Idole Eau de Parfum Spray

One thing’s for sure; this is a bottle that you definitely won’t have seen before. At just 15mm thick, it’s one of the slimmest perfume bottles in the world to date. Its sleek and purposeful design has a modern touch that fuses geometric structure with gem-like presence and chic rose gold touches. The result is an Eau de Parfum that radiates elegance and sophistication every time you spritz. Lancome wanted it to be portable, and it ticks that box for sure. Idole’s slim rectangular shape looks just like your mobile phone and will fit into the smallest of clutch bags. That means no more leaving your favourite scent at home on a night out.

Idole’s contemporary design is the brain-child of Algerian architect Chafik Gasmi, who has worked on various projects with Lancome since 2011. His vision was to create a fun, easy-to-handle bottle that would fit into the palm of a hand. An industrial designer, he envisaged being able to lay it flat, slip it into a pocket, handbag or suitcase. In a world where we are always looking for lightweight, travel-friendly options, Chafik wanted to create a design that was discreet yet chic. We think he has nailed this perfectly with this ultra-slim bottle.

For me, there’s just something so satisfying about how this perfume feels to hold. The smooth glass has a discreet indention that catches the light and sits comfortably in hand. It makes you feel complete, as though the bottle is part of you and as a result, Idole is empowering, even before you spray it. An object of beauty and functionality, just as Chafik had intended. 

Idole isn’t your average fragrance bottle. It’s different but a good different. The question is, is the rest of the industry going to follow suit? We’ll see…


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