Jimmy Choo Urban Hero: The Review

The spotlight is on our #MyEscentual Fragrance Blind Trial line-up! Now that the results are out The Candy Perfume is sharing why they made it into our ‘Best Fragrances of 2019’.

There is much of the weird and the wonderful on offer in the world of perfume. One can find fragrances inspired by literature and fragrances evocative of bodily fluids – it’s a broad church, to say the least. Being a massive fan of perfume, I am all for this obviously. Still, the main consideration for me is not whether a fragrance moves me or whether it innovates (although these are important things to think about in the right context), no, my main thought when I smell a perfume is “does it smell good?” shortly followed by “would I want to wear it?”. It’s that simple, and sometimes I crave something that simply smells good. Enter Urban Hero by Jimmy Choo.

Now, Jimmy Choo are very much a mass-market fragrance brand, meaning that they seek to have a broad appeal. So it’s no surprise that their offerings are easy and accessible olfactory outings that are in line with modern trends. Let’s be real – there really is nowt wrong with that! Urban Hero, which is their latest masculine offering, is no different but for me, it’s easily the most, well, easy to wear of their fragrances. Modernising the classic fougere, Urban Hero is a thrilling, contrasting fragrance that moves from bracing freshness to smoky sexiness through an energising transformation.

Image of Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Eau de Parfum Spray

What are the notes in Jimmy Choo Urban Hero?

Top Notes: Lemon Caviar, Black Pepper.
Heart Notes: Rosewood, Vetiver.
Base Notes: Grey Amber, Leather Accord.


How Does Jimmy Choo Urban Hero Smell?

Urban Hero opens with a flash of marine notes. It instantly feels refreshing and cool, with dewy drops of lemon and the crackling spice of black pepper coming together to create a silvery stream that is evocative of expansive panes of glass and metallic structures. This is a fragrance created for the city – for the urban spaces where modern materials reflect the energetic spirit of life in 2019.

Things do warm up with time. Rosewood, which you may be surprised to know has nothing to do with roses, and does not smell like them, brings a rich, sweet character that is warming and intense. Stripes of rooty vetiver add a refreshing, green quality that is evocative of classic fougeres. In the base, cooling grey amber, which boasts a resinous, mineral feel intertwines with deep black leather to create a plume of metallic smoke that wafts gently through the fragrance. It smells as good as it sounds!

Urban Hero is the first Jimmy Choo fragrance I’ve smelled and thought “I want to wear that”. I really enjoy how it takes the classic markers (the fougere signature, the hip flask bottle) but twists them into a modern setting, creating an urban, industrial aesthetic that is cohesive in both the fragrance and bottle. Urban Hero is suave and stylish, but it’s also carefree and easy. This is not a black-tie fragrance; it’s a scent for everyday wear – a smooth, effortless and attractive fragrance for the cool, modern guy of today.


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