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QV is an unsung hero that everyone needs to know about. Dermatologists recommend it, and the QV Cream is Australia’s No.1 moisturiser for dry skin; their medically-prescribed formulas are a life-line for people that suffer from long-term skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. But despite selling over 50 million units worldwide, it remains relatively under-the-radar. Not anymore! After chatting with experts from the brand, I wanted to share their amazing story and no-frills formulas with you. Here’s everything you need to know, plus answers to your most-asked questions.

#1 The Soap-Free Shower Gel

For All Levels Of DrynessImage of QV Gentle Wash Soap Alternative for Dry Skin Conditions

Everyone who struggles with dry skin knows there is nothing worse than a clinical smelling body wash with no lather. Well, the Gentle Wash Soap Alternative is neither of those things!

You’ll be happy to hear that it has a foamy lather and is infused with 15% hydrating glycerol. And, not like regular soap, it isn’t high in alkaline, so it doesn’t strip away your skin’s natural oils – instead, it maintains them.

It’s also multi-purpose and can be used on your hair (not coloured), skin, private areas, and on skin irritations, including nappy rash, eczema and psoriasis on the scalp. And, multi-use lovers, it doubles as a soothing makeup remover!

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#2 The Non-Greasy Bath Oil

For All Levels Of DrynessImage of QV Bath Oil For Dry Itching Skin Conditions

The Bath Oil is QV’s first-ever product. It was created because there was a lack of effective emollients available for one of the QV team’s family members who suffered from a skin condition.

A few caps of the oil-to-milk swirled into a bath makes for a comfortable bathe that will instantly soothe red, itching and cracked skin – with zero greasiness! Whether you have atopic dermatitis, eczema or just dry skin, the 85% liquid paraffin formula works for everyone! It’s also a great no tear treatment for your little one’s dry skin, and its no-slip texture is perfect for the elderly. My favourite fact, however, is that it doesn’t leave any annoying residue in the bath after you finish – calm skin and no extra cleaning, it’s a win, win!

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#3 The Non-Sticky Lotion

For Dry SkinImage of QV Skin Lotion For Dry Skin Conditions

The QV Lotion has the lightest formula of the three moisturisers, featuring the lowest concentration of 5% glycerol and 5% white paraffin. The major plus point of this lotion is how it feels on your skin – light, fresh and no stickiness! Who’s it for? It’s a perfect choice for anyone with dry or sensitive skin who doesn’t like the feeling of heavy creams.

What makes this emollient lotion different to other moisturisers is its hero ingredient, dimethicone, which acts like a stick-on plaster to lock in moisture after showering.

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#4 The Best-Selling Moisturiser

For Very Dry SkinImage of QV Cream For Dry Skin Conditions

The QV Cream is the most popular in the range, and the one I mentioned is a best-seller in Australia. Its rich yet fast-absorbing formula isn’t heavy despite containing a hydrating dose of 10% hydrating glycerol, 10% light liquid paraffin and 5% soft white paraffin – the second-highest concentration they offer.

I can’t talk about this cream without mentioning its innovative, conical design. The pointed bottom of the bottle makes sure that you use every last bit of the formula easily. And, you may not realise but the pump top also keeps the formula hygienic and uncontaminated – which is essential for anyone with a skin condition!

Tip: For extra cooling relief pop your QV Cream in the fridge.

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#5 The Intense Ointment

For Chronically Dry SkinImage of QV Intensive Ointment For Very Dry Skin Conditions

The Intensive Ointment is a no-nonsense option for anyone struggling with chronically dry skin, soreness, skin-breakages or bleeding. It’s the one to choose when your skin requires immediate TLC with the highest emollient concentration of the three QV moisturisers – 50.5% light liquid paraffin and 20% soft white paraffin. The balmy texture is a little greasy, which is why it’s best when used at night. But greasiness is worth it, the results are incredible, and it’s preservative and water-free, so there is be absolutely no stinging.

Top tip: Tie-up your hair when applying the ointment to avoid making your hair greasy.

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QV Skincare: 5 Fast Facts


#1 QV is an Australian made and owned skincare brand. It was founded in 1953 by Chemist, Gerald Oppenhemin.

#2 In 1975 QV created its first emollient (now known as the Bath Oil) for Queen Victoria Hospital in Australia, which is also where their name came from.

#3 QV’s emollients are stocked in pharmacies, prescribed by NHS GPs and used as a long-term solution for people struggling with skin conditions worldwide.

#4 QV prides themselves on their sensitive skin-friendly formulas which are all free from SLS, fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol.

#5 The Gentle Wash was the first-ever soap alternative released in Australia.

Your Questions Answered


Is QV for all skin types?
Yes! They have cleansers and moisturises to suit three grades: dry, very dry and chronically dry skin. Their formulas are particularly excellent for treating specific conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Is QV for babies?
QV is ideal for all ages, including babies, children and the elderly. My top pick for little ones is their Bath Oil because a cap full in the bath offers all-over relief without causing any stress.

Does QV sting?
No, QV’s soothing formulas are tailored to your skin’s sensitivity, so there is absolutely no stinging – even for chronically dry skin types! Plus, QV’s water-less ointment ensures that there’s no pain even when treating sores, cuts and broken skin caused by dryness or the itch and scratch cycle.

Can you use QV on your face?
Yes, all of QV’s formulas are suitable to use all-over, including your face! So much so that their Gentle Wash doubles as a make-up remover; it’s perfect for those suffering from dryness or a skin condition.

Is QV approved by the NHS?
Yes! And an interesting fact about QV is that all their formulas are medically prescribed by GPs both in the UK and Australia as a treatment for dryness and an array of skin conditions – so, you know it can be trusted!

Are all the products non-comedogenic?
Yes! Not only is it non-comedogenic, but it’s also pH-balanced, dermatologically-tested, low-irritant, and lanolin, propylene glycol, fragrance, soap and colour free.

What’s QV’s 2-step routine?
QV is split into a 2-step emollient regime. It promotes choosing a cleanser and moisturiser (available for three levels of skin dryness) to help repair and rehydrate skin around the clock. You can find your ideal 2-step below…

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