8 Shower Gels That’ll Make You Want To Stay In The Shower

Best Smelling Shower Gels 2020

People always talk about the greatness of having a bath, how it’s so relaxing and warm, and bubbly, and soothing, and fragrant, and calming. OK, so maybe baths are great but are they as amazing as a long, steamy shower? Personally, I’m a die-hard member of Team Shower, and I’m not alone. In fact, a study undertaken by Victorian Plumbing found that the majority of adults (57%) would prefer to hop in the shower than languish in the tub. But why? Well, the survey also found that people liked showers because they were quicker (who has time these days to sit in the bath for hours, honestly?) and left them feeling cleaner.

Here at Escentual, we believe that every aspect of life is enhanced by scent and seeing as so many of you are in team shower too, we wanted to share some of our favourite shower gels with you. Each one of these delightful treats brings a world of fragrance into the running water and hot steam, making an everyday (and sometimes mundane) activity completely otherworldly. Here are eight shower gels that will rock your world.


#1 The Invigorating Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Acqua di Parma Colonia Bath & Shower Gel

Smells: Fresh and zingy

We all step into the shower to get clean, right? So, it makes perfect sense that the best kind of shower gel to lather yourself with is something fresh and squeaky-clean, right? Right! A traditional cologne with tons of citrus and flowers is a good bet, and Colonia by Acqua di Parma is an absolute classic of the genre. Bursting with an entire grove’s worth of lemons, oranges and bergamot, Colonia is bracing, refreshing and almost drinkable – it’ll leave you feeling as clean as a whistle and as sunny as a Tuscan afternoon!

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#2 The Special Occasion Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Guerlain Les Delices de Bain Shower Gel

Smells: Fresh and sweet

For something fresh but not quite so fruity, Guerlain’s Les Delices de Bain takes an unconventional approach to the world of freshness. Glistening orange blossom met with the delicate greenery of almond brings a milky-velvety quality that is transparent and delicate, but also sweet and delicious. It’s also one of the fanciest shower gels we’ve ever taken into our shower.

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#3 The Energising Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Roger & Gallet Rose Mignonnerie Shower Gel

Smells: Fruity-floral

Floral notes have been the focus of perfumery for centuries, and they translate remarkably well into the shower – after all, is there any nicer feeling than showering yourself in a deluge of rose petals? There genuinely is not. Speaking of roses, one of our go-to gels in the floral category is Roger & Gallet’s beautiful Rose Mignonnerie. It’s the scent of freshly plucked roses, with delicate pink petals accented with citrus and blackcurrant, and the cool greenery of thorny stems, all whipped up in an airy breeze of musk. It’s stunning, honestly, and it feels as if it captures the first few moments of dawn.

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#4 The Night-Time Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Tisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Better Bath & Shower Wash

Smells: Floral (lavender)

If Rose Mignonnerie is good for a morning shower, then Tisserand’s Sleep Better Bath and Shower Wash is the perfect thing to enjoy just before hopping into bed. Focusing on the calming scent of lavender with jasmine and sandalwood, Sleep Better soothes you and puts you in the mood for a good night’s kip. Let’s face it; there’s nothing nicer than getting into clean sheets after a nice shower, and this shower gel leaves you smelling of lavender so you can journey off into the land of nod with ease. Ah, blissful!

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#5 The Delectable Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Mugler Angel Perfuming Shower Gel

Smells: Warm and delicious

Some people don’t just want a delicately scented shower gel that washes off and leaves only a vague trail. Instead, they long for something richer, warmer and more intense. Now, when we think of rich, warm and intense, our minds go straight to Mugler – a brand that doesn’t do anything by half. Their Angel Shower Gel is based on the iconic fragrance and allows you to shower in a silky veil of chocolate, caramel, patchouli and vanilla. It feels like an entire scent by itself, leaving your skin generously scented with none other than Angel. You’ll either love it or hate it, but you can count us in as 100% Angel lovers.

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#6 The Decadent Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Miller Harris Scherzo Body Wash

Smells: Warm and floral

If Angel is perhaps a bit too much or a little bit too divisive for you, then Miller Harris’ Scherzo may be more to your liking. Warm with candy floss and sugar flowers, juxtaposed by silvery streams of oud smoke, Scherzo is an explosion of colour that is entirely enveloping. This fragrance is unique, and it makes for a shower like no other – it’s so decadent and enjoyable you won’t want to get out!

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#7 The Classic Men’s Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male All Over Shower Gel

Smells: Clean and masculine

If freshness and flowers don’t quite cut the mustard for you and your manliness, or if you are looking for a more masculine shower gel as a treat for the man in your life, then we have you covered. An excellent place to start is with a classic Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. With cooling mint, fresh lavender and sweet vanilla, it turns the shower into a ‘barbershoppy’ experience that smells very clean, but also a bit sexy. Every guy should have a bottle!

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#8 The Modern Masculine Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels: Prada L'Homme Tonic Shower Cream

Smells: Fresh and modern

For something a little bit more modern, Prada’s L’Homme is a powdery ode to iris that has a grey, mineral quality to it. What we like about this particular shower gel is how it feels both warm and cold. On the one hand, the aroma is fresh and earthy, but on the other, it’s soft and velvety, creating a real sense of contrast. Layer it with the Prada L’Homme fragrance or use it on its own – either way, it smells great.

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