5 Of The Best Multi-Purpose Moisturisers

The ‘multi-purpose moisturiser’ trend has resurfaced, and this time, I know it’s here to stay. With new tech and innovative textures to note, this new wave of do-it-all creams will change the way you view your skincare, forever.

Dermatologist-approved skincare brands such as Avene, La Roche-Posay and Filorga are all getting in on this ‘streamlining’ trend. Could this be the end of the excessive skincare routine? Customer needs; new product trends (sustainability) and recent beauty articles all point towards it, even the biggest product hoarders are taking notice. Less is more, after all.

Let’s discover the best all-purpose moisturisers that do pretty much everything; hydration, pigmentation; SPF, you name it, I’ve listed it. Scroll to find your favourite…

All products featured can be used on sensitive skin.


#1 The SOS Salve

Best for: All of the family

best multi-purpose moisturiser: eucerin aquaphor
Product name: Aquaphor

Texture: It’s similar to vaseline (balmy).

What will it do?
• It’s clinically proven to moisturise the skin, preventing itching and skin flaking.
• It prevents dry, rough skin.
• It’s an anti-inflammatory that helps minor wounds heal quickly.
• It soothes skin irritations (nappy rash, minor burns, scrapes, grazes).

Where can it be used?
• Face
• Lips
• Hands
• Feet
• Body
• Babies

Works well as:
• Post-laser treatment care.
• Post chemical peel care.
• A natural makeup highlighter (Meghan Markle wore it on her wedding day).
• A makeup primer.
• An overnight moisturising face mask.

The technology:
Aquaphor acts like a skincare plaster, preventing any nasties coming in and any healing essentials getting out. How? It stops water and oxygen from leaving your skin; which is often referred to as a semi-occlusive in the skincare industry. Although it’s water-free (preservative-free), this balm keeps damaged/irritated areas of the skin moist so they can heal quicker. The combination of active ingredients bisabolol (naturally derived from chamomile), glycerin and vitamin B5 (panthenol) support your skin’s recovery.

Smells like: It’s fragrance-free so it smells like nothing.

Things to note: Aquaphor is water-free which means it has no preservatives. It should also be the final step of your skincare routine as it forms a protective layer that other skincare won’t be able to penetrate.

Insider secret use:
“Aquaphor saved my skin after a bad retinol reaction. My skin was peeling and sore to touch, but when using this as an overnight mask, and in place of my daily primer, my skin transformed in less than 24 hours.” – Elisabeth, Communications & Campaigns Assistant.


#2 The Cult-Classic Cream

Best for: Normal to combination skin types

best multi-purpose moisturiser: embryolisse
Product name: Embryolisse

Texture: It’s a creamy lotion with a lightweight feel.

What will it do?
• Keep your skin moisturised (balanced), repaired and nourished.
• Prime your skin before makeup.
• It can work as a cleanser or makeup remover even for mascara and eyeliner.

Where can it be used?
• Face
• Directly on dry patches

Works well when:
• Mixed with a foundation to create a tinted moisturiser.
• As an after-sun.
• After shaving to prevent rashes and irritation.
• In place of your night cream as an overnight sleep mask.

The technology:
Embryolisse is so multi-purpose because of its ability to strengthen the outermost layer of your skin’s natural protective layer (the hydrolipidic film). It prevents dehydration and protects against bacteria. This cream is filled with what we call film-forming actives such as shea butter, beeswax and oils. From cleansing to priming, these ingredients give your skin the necessary nutrients it needs to glow and be healthy.

Smells like: It’s slightly perfumed.

Things to note: Embryolisse is humectant-free (a moisture blocker) which is better for sensitive skin as you shouldn’t experience any stinging when applying this cream to your skin. It does also contain naturally-derived mineral oil which the dermatologists at Embryolisse say won’t clog pores.

Insider secret use:
“Whenever I have a dry patch of skin, I dab Embryolisse on to the flaky spot, leave for 1 minute, then use a cotton bud in an exfoliating motion, and the dry skin instantly disappears.” – Chelsey, Campaign Editor.


#3 The Healing Cream with SPF

Best for: Reactive skin types

best multipurpose moisturiser: Cicaplast Baume B5 Soothing Repairing Balm SPF50
Product name: Cicaplast Balm SPF50

Texture: It’s a fluid-cream hybrid.

What will it do?
• Protect your skin with SPF 50.
• Heal and soothe any skin irritations with vitamin B5 (5% panthenol).
• Prevent brown spots/scarring from acne.
• Create a smooth, long-lasting base for makeup.

Where can it be used?
• Face
• Body
• Lips
• Children over three years old
• Neck
• Hands

Works well for:
• Rosacea.
• Pigmentation.
• Tattoo healing.
• Post-surgery scarring.
• Post-invasive facial surgery moisturiser.

The technology:
This healing cream uses ingredients that heal and speed skin repair while protecting your skin with SPF. The combination of 5% panthenol and madecassoside: an active ingredient that reduces any itching sensations, prevents redness and helps to heal damaged skin. A patented protein, procerad works to prevent brown spots from forming; copper and zinc are anti-inflammatories with healing benefits, and finally, 5% panthenol (vitamin B5) soothes the skin and accelerates the regeneration of skin tissues.

Smells like: a light floral fragrance that resembles SPF but doesn’t linger.

Things to note: Cicaplast is also available in an array of different formats. There are options for lips, hands and without an SPF. Top tip: to avoid white cast, don’t rub Cicaplast in or upwards, apply it in a downwards motion.

Insider secret use:
“I’ve heard a lot about how good it is at healing things, so I put some on my spots, and it cleared my skin much quicker than anything else that I’ve tried My boyfriend now steals it for his eczema and swears by it!” – Beth, Photographer.


#4 The Hidden Hydration Hero

Best for: Ageing skin types

best multipurpose moisturiser: Filorga Universal Cream
Product name: Filorga Universal Cream

Texture: It’s a lightweight cream.

What will it do?
• Keep your skin hydrated.
• Replenish lost nutrients in your skin.
• Protect your skin from daily aggressors.

Where can it be used?
• Face
• Hands
• Neck
• Decollete

Works well as:
• A daily hand cream.
• Post-shave care.
• A moisturiser for children over the age of three.
• A premature ageing day cream.

The technology:
Filorga’s Universal Cream has a 3 ‘in’1 mechanism that hydrates, protects and repairs the skin. This cream includes their signature HA + NCEF patent which contains hyaluronic acid and at least 12 vitamins, 23 amino, six coenzymes, six minerals, five nucleic and two antioxidants for optimum skin health. Filorga have added urea to help regulate your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, which has specific exfoliating (keratolytic) benefits that discreetly dissolve the bonds between dead cells for a smooth result.

Smells like: It has a subtle fresh-floral fragrance. If you’re familiar with Filorga products, it smells exactly like the others.

Things to note: Filorga’s Universal Cream can be used on children, but because of the fragrance, I would advise this for children over the age of three.

Insider secret use:
“I apply this cream to my pulse points before I spray my fragrance; it makes all of my perfumes last longer.” – Chelsey, Campaign Editor.


#5 The Future Favourite Gel

Best for: Dehydrated skin types

best multipupose moisturiser: Avene Hydrance Aqua Gel
Product name: Avene Aqua Gel

Texture: It’s a bouncy gel texture.

What will it do?
• Moisturise your skin.
• Soothe your skin.
• Detoxify your skin.

Where can it be used?
• Face
• Eyes
• Neck

Works well as:
• An overnight face mask.
• An eye cream.

The technology:
Inspired by Japan, but made in France, Aqua Gel’s innovative ‘splash of water’ texture harnesses the power of a patented complex called Cohderm that took Avene and Stanford University seven years to develop. Cohederm tops up and restores your skin’s natural hydration levels much longer than hyaluronic acid will.

Smells like: It smells like soap, without being too overpowering.

Things to note: This water cream moisturiser is also made from 75% Avene Thermal Water, an age-old skincare secret that heals and soothes skin; find out more about its formulation, here.

Insider secret use:
“I keep my Aqua Gel in the fridge for when my eyes are tired, puffy and sore from hayfever, it’s my fail-safe eye cream for soothing stingy eyes.” – Chelsey, Campaign Editor.


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