4 Essential Makeup Brushes You Need For Flawless Application

First, I’m going to bust the myth that you need stacks of brushes to create an incredible base – it’s just not true! All you need are staple brushes that go the extra mile in your makeup routine. Think, multi-purpose, high-quality handles, easy-to-clean synthetic bristles (that don’t shed) and affordable.

And, as luck would have it, all of those incredible qualities exist in one brush brand: Real Techniques. The world-famous brushes are the brainchild of professional makeup artist duo, Sam and Nic, (also known as Youtuber duo Pixiwoo). The sisters are also recognised in the beauty world for their high-profile work on the runway, and in magazines – so there is no one I’d rather trust my face with.

But with so many brushes to choose from, a flawless complexion may seem like a million miles away. But, it’s not; because in this edit I’ve chosen four tools that I consider essential when I’m aiming to ace my base. From beginners to pro, this high-performance brush squad will stand up to every makeup level. The brushes work together on their own, and cover every stage of your regime. Read on to uncover all my makeup brush secrets…

All brushes featured are cruelty-free and vegan.

#1 The Foundation All-Rounder 

Image of Real Techniques Custom Complexion Brush

Great-looking makeup starts with a good base. But how you apply it can make all the difference. That’s where the Custom Complexion Brush comes in. The 3-in-1 brush applies makeup flawlessly. But, how is it different from the average foundation brush? It has an adjustable coverage intensity, which means that with a slide of a button, you can switch the density of the bristles to adjust the finish of your base. You can choose between full and fluffy for a sheer effect or densely packed for fuller coverage. It’s perfect if you’re the type to flit between finishes depending on how you feel, or what your skin needs.

Whether you’re looking to level-up your brush collection or streamline, the Custom Complexion is ideal. It makes finding the tool you’re looking for in the morning easy, and there will be no need to carry ten different brushes in your bag. There’s also the hygiene factor too – the retractable head is excellent on-the-go, whether it’s your handbag or at the bottom of your makeup drawer at home.

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#2 The Face and Body Sponge

Image of Real Techniques Miracle Face and Body Sponge

If you haven’t used anything Real Techniques before; their Miracle Complexion Sponge is considered a keystone in many beauty regimes. So, what’s better than this? A super-sized version, of course! The Miracle Face and Body Sponge is at least double the size of the iconic Real Techniques face sponge. For me, this under-the-radar hero is something that every beauty lover needs in their makeup bag. It delivers the same results as the smaller version, but faster. The bigger size allows you to cover larger surface areas easily. And, it’s 3-sided applicator (curved, flat and pointed sides) moulds to the contours and curves of your face and body, which means an expertly blended finish every time.

What finish does it give? Well, it depends on how you use it; days you want a full-coverage finish you can use it dry, and for a more dewy glow use it damp – you’ll be amazed at the size difference when it’s wet, it inflates to double in size.

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#3 The Multi-Purpose Setting Brush

Image of Real Techniques Setting Brush
A flawless base is all in the detail; finishing touches like setting and concealing can make a huge difference.. In times like these, I turn to the micro setting brush – finishing touches are its strong point. The ultra-precise brush can deal with creams and powders, and highlight, cover or set small areas of the face with expert control.

Whether you want to quickly dust off eyeshadow fall-out or you’re into baking your under-eyes – this micro fluffy brush is perfect for you! The small size means it’s precise and you won’t over-apply powder. But it isn’t just good for the eye area, its dome-shaped bristles are designed to fit into the contours of the face, including cheekbones, and around the nose and mouth. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the easy to control head is excellent for applying highlighter to the high points of your face.

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#4 The Blush Brush

Image of Real Techniques Blush Brush

When it comes to finishing off a look, nothing does it better than a quick pop of colour! For me, the allure of a rosy complexion is something I’ve always associated with looking healthy. A few well-placed brush strokes over the apples of the cheeks never fails to liven up a complexion. So, that’s why I consider a blush brush a staple tool within every makeup collection.

I’m not alone when I say that I consider the Real Techniques fluffy blush brush a cornerstone for makeup application. One of their best-selling brushes, it’s loved for its silky synthetic bristles that pick-up, apply and blend bronzer and blush seamlessly. But it doesn’t end there. Its domed, full-bodied head design is also well-suited to applying setting powder. It’s curved bristles easily cover larger areas of your face such as your forehead, nose and chin.

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