5 Ways To Stick To Your Routine When Things Aren’t Normal

Sometimes we can all feel a bit out of sync, mainly when our everyday life or daily routine changes drastically. When things change, it’s human nature to feel a little uneasy and even a little bit lost.

Routine gives us comfort, and when it disappears, it can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable and anxious. It’s okay to be confused about how you’re feeling right now. My advice? Try to find new ways to enjoy the things that you love doing; until things are a little more, well, ‘normal’ again. Here are five alternatives that are working for me right now.


#1 If you’re missing your morning routine

Image of white alarm clock with hand hovering over it.


Many of us are missing our drive or train ride to work. The habit of grabbing a coffee on the way and scrolling through the daily news every morning is an everyday luxury that we often take for granted.


My advice

Create a morning routine that’s as close to your usual one as it can be. Get up at the same time as you usually would; get yourself ready for the day (if that includes makeup, don’t skip it!). When it comes to your attire, get dressed in clothes that you’re comfortable in but equally don’t feel too ‘relaxed’. The current trend for working from home is to don a hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and your favourite fluffy slippers. But, speaking from experience, this has the potential to have an adverse effect. Getting yourself in the mindset for work means wearing clothes that feel ‘work appropriate’.

Take yourself down to the kitchen and make that coffee you would usually purchase on the way to work. With the money you’re saving, you could buy some extra fancy coffee to make the experience more realistic!

Then while you eat your breakfast (at a more leisurely pace!), do what you would typically do when you travel to work; this could be listening to a podcast, music or scrolling through Instagram. When you’ve finished, it’s time to start work!


#2 Meals out are now meals in

Many of us enjoy going out for food, but while that’s not an option, what are the alternatives? A meal-out is usually a treat. For now, try to simulate the experience from the comfort of your own home.


My advice

Go all-out on with your favourite takeaway and dare I say it, over-indulge! Many of your favourite restaurants are now offering delivery menus. It’s worth checking websites and apps like Deliveroo, Uber-eats or Just-Eat. It’s great to be supporting local businesses through such a challenging time.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending some time in the kitchen, plan an extra special meal with all your favourite ingredients. Pull out all of the stops; purchase a great bottle of wine and set the table – restaurant style. My top tip: Leave the washing-up until tomorrow for an authentic restaurant experience!


#3 The gym is closed

Image of running shoe being tied

I’ll let you into a secret, the day my gym closed down, I shed a tear (dramatic I know), but exercise is a massive part of my life. I wondered how I was going to maintain my physical fitness without being able to use the gym facilities. It really got to me.


My advice

I’ve managed to adapt my routine by rediscovering running. It’s a great way to get me out of the house while enjoying some fresh air. I’ve downloaded numerous apps (my favourite at the moment is the Nike Training App) and purchased some basic equipment to workout at home. These have all been useful:
• Dumbbells
• Kettlebells
• Fitness mat
• Skipping rope

If you’re not looking to spend extra, many exercise routines involve using your own body weight to train. If you need any tips, ask me over on Twitter @EscentualLis – I’d be more than happy to help!

Instagram is another great source to find targeted workouts. Fitness experts such as @aliceliveing and @kayla_itsines are currently posting full body, upper body, legs and HIIT routines daily. No gym, no problem!


#4 I want to see my friends

Image of model using iphone to facetime a friend

Does your weekend usually begin when work finishes and you meet your friends for a few drinks and a catch-up? A global lockdown has really made us realise what we took for granted, myself included. We miss being able to smile, laugh and joke with our friends because it helps us to relax and unwind after a busy week. But, just because all the bars, pubs, clubs and coffee shops are closed, and you’re confined to your home, doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends.


My advice

Apps such as Houseparty and Zoom are helping to recreate the social gatherings we’re all craving for by allowing us to use video to talk to and see our friends. So grab a few cocktail ingredients in your next shop, set a specific time and have those after-work drinks virtually!


#5 I’m itching to have a browse on the high street

For some people shopping is therapeutic. Perusing what’s new on the high street, proceeding to take half the shop to the dressing room (only to be told we’re limited to 6 items!) is something a lot of us love to do. Especially when it also involves grabbing a coffee then revisiting that shop for the third time to finally pull the trigger on any all-important purchases.

My advice

With the shops closed, now is the time to become an online shopping expert. For me, I already hold an accolade in this subject (my DPD driver knows me well enough to wave at me when he sees me out and about). Plus, the beauty of online shopping is that you’re not limited to just 6 items, and the dressing room is our social channels! Join us daily at 11:00am on Instagram for #BeautyBreak, a chance to discuss swatches, scents and much more.


Over To You

What have you been doing that has been really helping you to adjust during this difficult time? Join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #StayingInWithEscentual.