Best Cica Creams For The Whole Family

The next time you’re rummaging through your beauty collection because yours or your little one’s skin has flared up, I want you to think about cica creams. Why? No matter our age, our skin is vulnerable, and cica creams are essential for healing and repairing.

What is cica cream?

Cica creams get their name from their star ingredient: Centella Asiatica, a medicinal herb found in Asia, used for over 3000 years for wound healing. Rumour has it, even tigers use (roll around in) it to heal their battle wounds, hence the nickname tiger grass.

What does cica cream do?

In short, cica restrengthens your skin’s protective barrier. They create a protective barrier around sensitive areas, without letting any irritants or nasties in.

The homeostasis health (stable equilibrium) of the skin is vital for a healthy complexion. Cuts, scrapes and minor burns are obvious signs of damaged skin; however, our lifestyle and our environment cause all kinds of sensitivity too. Even the subtlest signs of dry skin around your nose, or a red rash on your cheeks are tell-tale signs that your skin is compromised. The good news? These reactions can all be soothed with cica – consider this edit your ‘skincare first aid kit’.

Next: how to use cica creams…

Cica cream can be used for:

• Face: cheeks, around the mouth.
• Body: knees and elbows, skin folds, external intimate areas, nappy rash, hands.


Cica creams can soothe:

• Scratches.
• Insect bites.
• Traces of chickenpox.
• Redness.
• Minor burns: sunburn, chemical burns.
• Cuts and scrapes.
• Post-shave rashes.


Cica creams can prevent:

• Scarring.
• Tattoos fading or peeling.
• Itching.


Application tip:

To reap the benefits of cica cream, always apply to clean skin twice a day, every morning and evening.


4 of the best cica creams…

All of the cica creams below be used on sensitive skin and are fragrance-free.


#1 The 91% Natural Cica Cream

Best for babies and delicate skin

best cica cream for delicate skin and babies mustela cicastella


Mustela Cicastela Repairing Cream

The Essentials:

• Suitable for babies, children and adults.
• Made with 91% ingredients of natural origin.
• Fragrance-free.
• Non-greasy or sticky.
• The tube has a nozzle for easier application.

How Can This Cica Cream Help Me?

Mustela is a baby skincare brand, but no matter how old you are, Cicastella is ideal if naturality is important to you. As well as healing and repairing, this cica cream won’t sting or irritate sensitive areas; it purifies, calms and soothes.

The innovative patent, avocado perseose is a natural ingredient that works in harmony with the skin to preserve skin cells. Cicastella also supports the development of the skin’s barrier from birth onwards.

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#2 The SPF50+ Cica Cream

Best for high protection
best cica creams for family: Uriage Bariederm Cica-Cream with Copper Zinc SPF50+


Uriage Bariederm Cica Cream with Copper Zinc SPF50+

The Essentials:

• Suitable for babies, children and adults.
• Antibacterial.
• Fragrance-free.
• Water-resistant.

How Can This Cica Cream Help Me?

Uriage Bariederm Cica Cream is the upper echelon of Cica Creams. Call it a skincare bandage, this all-in-one hydrator protects, repairs and soothes with a mix of regenerative patents, copper, zinc and hyaluronic acid – all of which are essential ingredients for keeping skin healthy.

What’s different about this cica cream, is the fact it’s SPF50+. If you want to double protect your skin from environmental damage, this is the one for you. If you’ve recently had an aesthetic procedure, use skincare acids daily, or have particularly sensitive skin, add the Bariederm Cica Cream to your basket to avoid sunburn, brown and red spots.

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#3 The Anti-Itch Cica Cream

Best for dehydrated or dry skin
best cica creams for family bioderma cicabio


Bioderma Cicabio Pommade

The Essentials:

• Suitable for babies, children and adults.
• Antibacterial.
• Fragrance-free.
• Anti-scratch feature.
• Dewy finish.

How Can This Cica Cream Help Me?

If your skin is chapped, cracked or dry, Bioderma Cicabio Pommade is the one for you. Deeply hydrating, this daily ointment offers atopic skin conditions such as eczema and pityriasis alba a moment of calm. The balmy hydrator is packed with resveratrol, a plant known to fight off bacteria, and hyaluronic acid to lock-in water. Healing agents, copper and Centella Asiatica repair your skin, but Antalgicine™ is the real star, this patented ingredient quickly relieves uncomfortable sensations, while reducing the urge to scratch.

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#4 The Postbiotic Cica Cream

Best for rebalancing skin
best cica creams for family: avene cicalfate plus


Avene Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream

The Essentials:

• Suitable for babies, children and adults.
• Antibacterial.
• Fragrance-free.
• Non-sticky.
• Semi-occlusive.

How Can This Cica Cream Help Me?

Cicalfate+ can heal skin 2.5x faster than your body’s natural healing process. How? A combination of postbiotics, patents and Avene’s Thermal Spring Water. But, what makes this cica cream stand out is an ingredient called C+-Restore. As postbiotics (a by-product of probiotics) are found in this cream, and naturally, on the skin, Cicalfate+ supports the natural balance of the flora for rapid recovery. Copper and zinc work together to strengthen your skin and prohibit bacteria proliferation around weakened areas. If you like the sound of this, you’ll love Cicalfate for lips too.

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