10 Things We Learnt After Spending A Night In With Avene

#ANightInWithWEscentual and Avene: Why You're Breaking Out

Are you fed up of TV and your Netflix feed? I’ve got good news. You can switch over and spend a #NightInWithEscentual.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about our new series, it’s not like all of the others out there; it’s different. Scroll down to watch the full video, and you can see what I’m talking about. For those that have been following along in the evenings, you’ll already know why it’s unique. A #NightInWithEscentual is all about you; your questions, and it gives you the chance to chat with others while learning something new.

I recently spent a night in with Melanie Black, Training and Scientific Communications Manager at Avene, and I was in awe. Melanie is a graduate in Biomedical Science and has spent the last 17 years at Avene; her wealth of knowledge is a gift for all that I was so happy to reshare. Here are 10 things we learnt from spending 60 minutes with her.


Our topic: Why You’re Breaking Out


#1 Just Because You’re Wearing Less Makeup, Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Breakout

Proper cleansing, diet, alcohol and stress all play a part too.

You can read more about stressed skin and the causes behind your reactions here.


#2 Too Much Sugar Can Increase Your Sebum Secretions

Sugar dehydrates causing your skin to create more oil.


#3 Don’t Rely On Face Mapping

Look into, but don’t rely on it. A great routine that’s adapted to your skin type and concerns will be the best fix.


#4 Commit To Atleast 2 Skin Cycles Before Giving Up On A Product

Skin cell turnover depends on how long it takes for the skin to work their way up to be sloughed away. 28 days is one normal skin cycle, but as you get older it can get longer, up to 40 days maximum. For teens, this can be between 21-28 days.


#5 If You’re Not Cleansing Properly, You’re Wasting Your Money On Skincare

Cleansing is vital.


#6 You’ll Loose 60% Of Your Night Cream If You Go To Straight To Sleep After Applying It

Wait 5 minutes before getting your head down, otherwise, the majority of the product will absorb into the pillowcase.


#7 Your Phone Could Be Dirtier Than Your Kitchen Bin

Clean it, it could be causing you to break out!


#8 Blackhead Strips Can Lead To Stretched Pores

Don’t use them, use a salicylic acid treatment instead.


#9 Your Skin Is Likely To Be Dehydrated If You See Vertical ‘Crepe Paper’ Lines

Dehydration can be reversed with the right skincare.


#10 Comedomed Reduces Blemishes On The Skin’s Surface By 45%

Avene’s latest blemish-fighting moisturiser, Comedomed contains Comedoclastin™; a plant-basted active derived from milk thistle to limit bacteria proliferation, under the skin spots and future breakouts.


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