10 Things We Learnt After Spending A Night In With Clarins

#NightInWithEscentual and Clarins for Double Cleansing

You’re in for a treat in this week’s blog instalment of #NightInWithEscentual! I was lucky enough to spend a night in with Rebecca Jones, one of Clarins’ Beauty Coaches, who has worked for Clarins for over eight years; after being in the beauty industry for over 11 years I know she’s a real expert!

For an hour, we talked about cleansing, toning and what happens when you don’t cleanse. I picked up tips that I’ll carry with me forever, and I can guarantee there will be something below that will change the way you cleanse forever. Read on to learn something new that will improve your skin!

Our Topic: How To Remove SPF and Makeup Properly


#1 Every Time You Don’t Remove Your Makeup at Night, Your Skin Ages 5 Days

Imagine how many days you’re adding on to your skin’s life? There’s only one solution: cleanse properly!


#2 If You Don’t Cleanse Your Skin Before Applying a Product, You’re Wasting Money

You’re not allowing your skin to absorb and benefit from what your product is supposed to be doing.


#3 Cleansing is a Time for Self-Care

It’s not a chore; it’s a time to look after your skin.


#3 The Best Way to Make Your Skin Glow is with Cleansing

Refer to tip 2.


#4 Even if You Don’t Wear Makeup or SPF, You Still Need To Cleanse

Impurities and free radical damage from pollution, fried foods, cigarette smoke all need to be removed.


#5 Your Skin Goes Through 13 Thermic Shocks a Day

Thermic shocks are environmental stresses and temperature changes that can lead to skin dehydration. It’s essential to use a quenching moisturiser and SPF to avoid your skill feeling these effects.


#6 Avoid SPFs in Your Nighttime Routine

It’s simple: they’re pointless because your skin doesn’t need protection.


#7 An Oil-Based Cleanser is Essential for Removing Makeup and SPF

Oils attract oils, so they’re the quickest and easiest way to dissolve impurities.


#8 Always Work Your Cleanser and Toners Outwards

Use gentle sweeping motions in downwards and outwards to increase drainage.


#9 The Clarins ‘Suction Cleanse’ is One of the Best Techniques for Deep Cleansing

You don’t need any tools; you just use your hands in lifting motions to re-create this salon technique at home. Click play on the below video to follow along!


#10 Toners Are Important to Help Rebalance Your Skin’s pH Levels After Cleansing

Alcohol-free toners are essential for maintaining your skin’s natural protective layer and for removing any excess makeup or SPF.


Over To You!

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