What do Solar Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

What do Solar Fragrances Actually Smell Like?

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Solar fragrances are a relatively new category, and as you can probably guess, they refer to perfumes that possess a sunny disposition. These are the fragrances that play with light and exude a warm brilliance that is entirely modern. I like solar fragrances because they borrow from other families (citrus, floral, woods) to create the idea of the sun and for this reason, really are quite varied in their approach.

To help you navigate this new and unchartered territory of sunny fragrances, I have picked four perfumes that show just how gorgeous and dazzling solar notes can be. From extra-terrestrial jasmines seen from space to indulgent rituals, this edit outlines the sunniest, the most golden and the chicest solar fragrances you can buy.


#1 The Original Solar

Solar Fragrance: Mugler Alien pefume

Alien was one of the first solar fragrances, and it came as a follow up to the brand’s iconic perfume Angel (those are quite some heels to fill, I’ll be honest). But Alien did not disappoint! It’s a gigantic, syrupy jasmine fragrance accented by woods and citrus, evoking the heat of the sun. I imagine it as a giant purple desert bathed in sunlight, where golden citrus sparks and the distinct resinous tones of cashmeran give the impression of intense heat radiating from the ground. There is no fragrance more brilliant.

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#2 The Shimmering Solar

Solar Fragrances: Dior J'adore In Joy perfume

If I were to describe J’Adore In Joy to you in one sentence, I would say that it perfectly captures the golden shimmer of light that dances on the crest of ocean waves during sunset. It is glittering sunlight distilled through sea spray, where flowers (heady, tropical ylang-ylang blooms) float amongst Fleur de Sel and juicy peaches. The name hits the nail on the head with this one – it really is full of joy.

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#3 The Sunkissed Solar

Solar Fragrances: Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum perfume

This one feels like a holy ritual. Rather than evoking light, this solar perfume is evocative of golden, bronzed skin. It smells like tropical blooms – of gardenia, orange blossom and magnolia – made heady by a dash of coconut and swathes of creamy vanilla; this is the scent of skin after a day spent on the beach – it feels nourished, bright and warm, with a wonderfully smooth texture. Prodigieux Le Parfum is the scent of sunkissed bliss.

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#4 The Glowing Solar

Solar Fragrances: Elie Saab Le Parfum perfume

We’ve saved the most radiant fragrance until last. Composed as an ode to light, Elie Saab takes the sunniest of flowers (orange blossom), wraps it in honey and ignites it with patchouli and woods. The ad image for this perfume sums it up perfectly: it showed a statuesque model with bronzed skin standing tall in a silk dress that moved with the breeze – lens flare cast a golden glow. That is Elie Saab Le Parfum.

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