10 Things We Learnt on a #NightInWithEscentual and GIVENCHY

NightInWithEscentual and GIVENCHY: At-Home Facial Workout

Everyone’s talking about working out and staying fit. But what about your facial muscles? In-keeping with the recent skincare gym trend, GIVENCHY’s Field Training Manager, Lisa Shackley showed me exactly how to recreate an awakening facial workout on a #NightInWithEscentual.

In four simple steps, Lisa’s techniques along with the incredible Ressource products de-stressed, depuffed and hydrated my skin. Her 10 years of experience with GIVENCHY shone equally as much as my skin did after we finished the workout. Scroll down to see my finished glow and find out facts you might not know about skincare and GIVENCHY!

Our topic: How to Create an At-Home Facial Workout

#1 No matter your skin type, your skin can be stressed and dehydrated

Signs include dullness, dry patches and breakouts. A weekly facial workout will help combat these signs.


#2 Skincare is the foundation of good makeup

Once your skin is glowy and hydrated, the hard work is done for you. Get your skincare right, and applying makeup will be a breeze.


#3 You’ll get the best results doing the awakening facial workout at night

The methods used in this workout prepare the skin to receive the benefits from your skincare more efficiently while relaxing your skin’s muscles and easing tension.


#4 Primers are essential in skincare routines too

A.k.a essences, or lotions – these watery skincare essentials will help to prepare your skin to better absorb the products in your routine while enriching your skin with concentrated active ingredients.


#5 Warming up products in your hands before use is essential

The heat from prepping products between your palms helps the ingredients to absorb quicker, and more effectively into the skin.


#6 Use tapping, stippling motions when applying thinner consistency products

This technique draws the blood to the surface, rejuvenating your skin ready to absorb the product.


#7 Don’t forget your decolletage

Your face doesn’t end at your chin. Take any excess product you have on your hands down to your neck to firm and tone the skin.


#8 Between the eyes, the temples and around the mouth are the places we get the most tension

Massaging these areas will help to relieve stress and tension.


#9 Lisa recommends a weekly facial workout

All you need 5-10 minutes before you go to bed to do this routine, and you’ll notice a huge difference in the texture and smoothness of the skin.


#10 Ressource is GIVENCHY’s first hydration by nature range

Each of the products Lisa used from the GIVENCHY Ressource collection is suitable for all skin types, but particularly sensitive and stressed skin, as they’re made from 96% natural origin ingredients. The products keep your skin hydrated and nourished for up to 72 hours, so you can relive that ‘comforting’ feeling day in and day out.


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